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Guangzhou Medical University


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Introduction to Guangzhou Medical University

Guangzhou Medical University (广州医科大学, website) was founded in 1958. It is a high-level university in Guangdong Province that has developed doctoral, master, and undergraduate talents. According to the comprehensive ranking of the four most authoritative international universities in 2018 (USNews, ARWU, THE, and QS), Guangzhou Medical University ranks 1285th in the world for comprehensive strength and 107th in universities across the country.

Guangzhou Medical University has 21 colleges, 7 directly-affiliated hospitals and 10 non-directly-affiliated hospitals, 22 research institutions, 1 national clinical medical research center, 1 national key laboratory for respiratory diseases, 9 provincial and ministerial-level key Laboratories, 22 municipal (department) level key laboratories. The school has 1 national key discipline, 9 national clinical key specialties, and a group of provincial key disciplines and key specialties, among which the respiratory medicine ranks first in the country, the allergy ranks third in the country, the thoracic surgery ranks fifth in the country, and the critical care The department ranks 10th in the country, and clinical medicine, pharmacology and toxicology enter the top 1% of the ESI ranking globally, and the comprehensive ESI ranking of the entire discipline ranks among the top 100 universities in the country.

Guangzhou Medical University adheres to the “talent school” strategy, bringing together academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yangtze River scholars, winners of the National Natural Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scientists, national candidates for talent projects in the new century, national teaching masters, and experts with outstanding contributions Wait for a group of outstanding teachers. There are 419 doctoral supervisors and 1044 master supervisors.

Guangzhou Medical University is the first batch of pilot universities in the “Outstanding Doctor Education and Training Program”, dedicated to training high-quality talents with humanistic sentiment, international perspective, innovative spirit and practical ability. 20 undergraduate enrollment programs were established, covering 5 disciplines including medicine, science, management, engineering, and law. Has 2 national specialty construction majors, 8 provincial comprehensive reform pilot majors, 3 provincial brand-name majors, 4 provincial specialty construction majors, 3 provincial key majors, 2 provincial specialty majors, of which 5 The professional ranking has entered the top 20 nationwide. There are 1 national quality resource sharing course, 1 national quality video public course, 1 national bilingual teaching demonstration course, 27 provincial quality resource sharing courses, 11 provincial quality video public courses, and provincial online 5 open courses; 1 national clinical teaching training demonstration center, 1 national virtual simulation experimental teaching center, 1 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching demonstration center, 11 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 3 provincial pilot colleges .

Guangzhou Medical University has established a first-level postdoctoral mobile station, two first-level doctoral authorization points, eight first-level masters authorization points, five master’s degrees, and one independent second-level masters authorization point. The school currently has about 11,000 full-time undergraduate and graduate students. In the past five years, the overall employment rate of graduates has exceeded 97%, ranking the forefront of similar institutions in the province.

In the past five years (2014-2018), Guangzhou Medical University has undertaken more than 2,500 vertical scientific research projects at the municipal (department) level or above, of which the National Natural Science Foundation of China has ranked among the top 100 in the country for six consecutive years; it has been awarded national science and technology award 2 and more than 20 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards; published more than 6,500 SCI papers in world-renowned magazines including Nature Medicine, New Eng J Med, and Lancet, of which the number of SCI papers published in 2018 ranks domestically 80th in universities. Professor Ran Xinxin’s team on the “Early Intervention of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” project was awarded the 2017 Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress in Chinese Universities (the only project in the medical field). Medical Technology News. Professor Liu Jianqiao’s team’s research results on gene editing-“The first demonstration of the effectiveness of CRISPR editing of human embryos” was selected as the top ten domestic science and technology news in 2017 by Science and Technology Daily.

Guangzhou Medical University has extensively carried out foreign academic and educational exchanges and cooperation. It is a pilot unit for the reform of internationalization of undergraduate education in Guangdong Province. Universities and colleges in Macao and other countries and regions have established stable cooperative exchanges. The school cooperated with French Nobel Prize winner Professor Jules Huffman to establish the Sino-French Huffman Immunology Institute.

For more than half a century, Guangzhou Medical University has gradually formed a broad medical spirit of “hard work, down-to-earth, pioneering and enterprising”, and has established a school of “ethics and morals, medical and cultural integration, teacher-student-oriented” idea. In the new historical period, the school will base itself on Guangzhou, serve Guangdong, face the whole country, and look at the world. It will actively promote the three strategies of “talent-based school, discipline-based school, and characteristic school”. Strive to build the school into a high-level teaching and research medical university that ranks among the top independent medical institutions in the country, and strive to make greater contributions in personnel training, scientific research, medical and health services, cultural heritage and innovation!


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