Guangzhou Maritime University

Guangzhou Maritime University

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Introduction to Guangzhou Maritime University

Guangzhou Maritime University (广州航海学院) is a provincial public undergraduate college and the only independent maritime undergraduate college in South China. Its predecessor was the Guangzhou Maritime School, which was established in 1964 by the Guangzhou Maritime Administration of the Ministry of Transport; Approved, Guangzhou Maritime School merged with Guangzhou Water Transport Industry School to form Guangzhou Maritime School directly under the Ministry of Transportation; in 1992, with the approval of the State Education Commission, Guangzhou Maritime School merged with Guangzhou Maritime Branch of Wuhan Institute of Water Transport Engineering to form a Guangzhou Maritime College directly under the Ministry of Transport In 1998, it was transferred to the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government for management; in 2002, it was approved by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, and Guangzhou Navigation Engineering School was merged into Guangzhou Navigation Technical College; in 2013, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Guangzhou Navigation Technical College was upgraded to a regular college Revise and change to the current name.

Guangzhou Maritime University has 13 institutes (departments), offering navigation technology, marine engineering, marine electrical engineering, transportation, logistics engineering, port and channel engineering, computer science and technology, business English, marine and marine engineering, Electrical engineering and its automation, communication engineering, engineering management, energy and power engineering, international commerce, transportation management, maritime management, e-commerce, digital media art, civil engineering, electronic information engineering, financial management, mechanical engineering, finance, There are more than 40 majors such as law, tourism management, international economics and trade, and it recruits students from 25 provinces and cities across the country. There are nearly 13,000 full-time students.

Guangzhou Maritime University attaches great importance to the construction of teaching staff, and has a strong teaching force. The school currently has 602 full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 218 professional and technical positions (including 55 professors), accounting for 36% of the full-time teachers; 256 graduate teachers, accounting for 44% of the full-time teachers; 412 people with a master’s degree or above (including doctors 90 degree), accounting for 68% of full-time teachers. Each public course, professional basic course, professional course is equipped with a teacher with a senior title.

Guangzhou Maritime University has always been committed to serving the national shipping industry and regional economic development, and has delivered nearly 60,000 people of all types to the society. A large number of graduates have held leadership positions and business backbones in shipping, waterway, maritime, customs, maritime rescue, and salvage departments in South China. The employment rate of graduates has always been among the top universities in the same level in the province. The graduates’ good professional quality and professionalism have been highly affirmed and widely praised by employers.

Guangzhou Maritime University is based in Guangdong, relying on the industry, facing South China, radiating overseas, and serving the front line. It adheres to the “professionalism as the leader, disciplines as the support, industry as the basis, application as the direction, service as the purpose, and closely integrated with regional economic development. Need, highlight the characteristics of the industry, train high-quality application-oriented senior talents, “follow the international, normative and national requirements of maritime education, and focus on the coordinated development of scale, structure, quality and efficiency.

According to the national and Guangdong economic and social development strategies, Guangzhou Maritime University will make full use of its own professional characteristics and discipline advantages in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Guangdong Province, seize opportunities, advance with the times and scientific development, and strive to make the school a maritime A well-known maritime university at home and abroad.


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