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Guangzhou International Economics College


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Introduction to Guangzhou International Economics College

Guangzhou International Economics College (广州涉外经济职业技术学院, website) is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, next to Guangzhou Nanhu Tourist Park. It is located on the foothills of the beautiful Baiyun Mountain. The air is fresh, the geographical position is superior, and the transportation is extremely convenient. In March 2004, after being approved by the Guangdong Provincial Government and filed by the Ministry of Education, it was officially named Guangzhou Vocational College of Foreign Economics, becoming a provincial full-time private higher vocational college of finance and economics. In March 2009, the Education and Work Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China approved the establishment of the Guangzhou Foreign Economic and Vocational College Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Guangzhou International Economics College covers an area of 1096 acres, with a construction area of more than 200,000 square meters. The library has more than 930,000 volumes of books. The value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 50.552 million yuan. There are 93 training rooms in the school, 208 multimedia classrooms, and voice rooms. 9 There is an advanced network center adapted to the era of network information, and an independent high-speed Internet port is provided in the student dormitory.

Guangzhou International Economics College has 10 secondary colleges, including foreign language college, college of finance and economics, college of commerce, college of information engineering, school of design, rehabilitation medical college, college of Chinese and international education, college of education, college of Marxism and school of music and dance, secondary vocational school unit. This school year offers 40 majors. The school currently has 485 full-time teachers, including 153 senior titles, 3 provincial-level private teachers, 7 outstanding teachers from Nanyue, 40 professional leaders, 243 backbone teachers, and 13 foreign teachers. A professional teaching team with a combination of expertise and expertise.

The school attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ foreign language ability. In order to highlight the characteristics of “foreign-related” school running, bilingual teaching is carried out in multiple majors, and we strive to have bilingual courses in nearly half of the majors in the next 5 years. The school has opened the way for students and even the school to go global with short-term overseas study tours, exchange student programs, overseas summer courses, and study abroad programs. The school has established friendly and cooperative relationships with nearly 20 universities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries and regions, and has successfully launched multi-level and multi-form foreign exchange projects.

In order to adapt to the new pattern and changes in the international economy, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the strategic concept of the “Belt and Road” initiative, which, while expanding China ’s influence, is conducive to the formation of new Eurasian trade channels and economic development belts. In this situation, Chinese education is particularly important. Therefore, the school solidly promotes Chinese education. At present, Guangzhou International Economics College Chinese Language and Culture College has recruited students overseas in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Germany, Portugal, and some Middle Eastern and African countries.

Guangzhou International Economics College has been widely recognized by its superiors and the society. In recent years, it has been awarded the “Top Ten Competitiveness of Guangdong Higher Education (Private) Institutions in 2013”, “The Most Characteristic Private Higher Vocational Colleges in 2014”, “2014 National Demonstration Institutions of Vocational Education and Education with Integrated Features of Vocational Education”, “2017 Guangdong Advanced Collaborative Group for Foreign Exchange and Cooperation”, “2017 National Education Reform and Innovation Demonstration (Institute) School”, “2018 Guangdong “Provincial advanced units for vocational capacity building”, “Guangdong Higher Education Institutions (Higher Vocational Colleges) 2018 New Media Influence”, “Guangdong Contemporary High-quality Private Schools in 2019” and other awards and honors. In 2015, it was appraised as “Guangdong Provincial Social Organization Grade A Unit” by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, and the school won the “Excellent” level in the employment supervision of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education.


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