Guangzhou Huali Science and Technology Vocational College

Guangzhou Huali Science and Technology Vocational College


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Introduction to Guangzhou Huali Science and Technology Vocational College

Guangzhou Huali Science and Technology Vocational College (广州华立科技职业学院, website) is a full-time general vocational college approved by the Guangdong Provincial Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. Established in June 1999, the school is a full-time private higher vocational college with a history of 20 years. There are two campuses in Guangzhou and Yunfu. The Guangzhou campus is located in the Zengcheng district of the top 100 investment potential nationwide and the top 100 national science and technology innovation district. It is across the road from the well-known BAIC Group South China Base, with convenient transportation and easy access; the Yunfu campus Located in the Yunfu High-tech Development Zone, it has the natural advantage of docking industries.

Guangzhou Huali Science and Technology Vocational College covers a total area of 938 acres, with a total value of more than 110 million yuan in teaching equipment and a collection of 1.2 million paper books. There are more than 14,000 full-time students, including 9 colleges in the School of Electricity and Intelligent Manufacturing, School of Computer and Information Engineering, School of Urban Construction, School of Arts and Media, School of Management, School of International Economics and Foreign Languages, School of Accounting, School of Health, and School of Marxism Level colleges, offering 32 majors covering engineering, economics and management, literature, art, medicine, education and other disciplines. The school has a moderately sized, reasonably structured, high quality, full-time and part-time faculty. Among the full-time teachers, more than 35% have senior titles, 45% have doctoral or master’s degrees, and more than 40% have dual-teacher teachers. Hire industry senior experts, professional technicians and well-known scholars to deeply participate in professional construction and teaching. The school’s training room is equipped with advanced equipment, including a new engineering experiment building, a large commercial experiment building, and a public basic experiment building. It has built five major projects including electrical engineering and automation, mechanical design and manufacturing, automation, intelligent construction, big data and intelligent computing, and intelligent logistics. Experimental training center and two major public training centers of business, digital media art.

Guangzhou Huali Science and Technology Vocational College is oriented towards employment and entrepreneurship, and aims at student success. It has established a talent training model based on quality training and core competence training. Philosophy, engineering, artificial intelligence, business, aesthetic education / art In order to lead the reform of the six classes of physical education and physical education, we have pioneered the “PAMEAP Core Literacy Enhancement Curriculum System” of “four must two choices” and promoted the second transcript system for students. The school has actively connected strategic emerging industries, created five key professional groups such as electric power and industrial automation, architectural art and engineering technology, information technology, big business and art design and media, and has delivered more than 40,000 high-quality professionals to various industries in the society. Professional skills and technical personnel. Connotation construction has begun to bear fruit. There are 1 provincial key specialty, 2 provincial key training bases, 2 provincial excellent courses, and 78 provincial teaching research and reform projects. The school has built 16 professional skills competition platforms on campus, and holds professional skills festivals every year. Over the past five years, more than 12,000 students have participated in the competition. Students have won more than 300 prizes in provincial-level skills competitions, including 29 first prizes and 83 second prizes. item. Graduates have strong adaptability, strong hands-on ability, and high comprehensive quality. In the past five years, the average employment rate of schools has exceeded 97%. They have consistently ranked among the top universities in the province, and the employer satisfaction rate has exceeded 97%.

Guangzhou Huali Science and Technology Vocational College actively explores the collaborative education mechanism of “industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation”. The professional chain actively connects the industrial chain. The school and enterprise have built more than 300 off-campus internship bases, and successively cooperated with Alibaba, BYD, and China. Everbright, Xunfang, Foxconn, GAC, BAIC Group and more than 100 well-known domestic companies have carried out in-depth cooperation and opened more than 20 special classes such as “order classes”, “modern apprenticeships”, and “experimental classes”.

The school attaches importance to scientific research, actively introduces high-level talents, and strives to create a “project + platform + team + results” scientific research team model. It has established 15 research platforms such as the Big Data Application Research Institute under the cloud computing platform and intelligent manufacturing, civil engineering, etc. 9 innovation teams. As of June 2019, it has obtained 4 projects from the Ministry of Education’s Industry-University-Research Innovation Fund. Teachers have published more than 520 papers. They have applied for 186 national patents and obtained 135 authorizations, including 71 utility model patents.

Guangzhou Huali Science and Technology Vocational College encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. The building area of the School of Entrepreneurship is more than 10,000 square meters. A team of 100 entrepreneurial mentors has been formed to provide general education in innovation and entrepreneurship for all students, and precise training in innovation and entrepreneurship for elite students. 80 was selected. The remaining project teams settled in and successfully incubated 32 industrial and commercial registered companies. The Pioneer Park was awarded the titles of “Guangzhou Zhongchuang Space” and “Guangdong Province University E-commerce Talents Incubation Base”. In 2016, the school was awarded the “National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Culture Construction Award”.

The school has extensively carried out external exchanges and cooperation, and has established links with more than 30 well-known universities around the world. It has now signed cooperation agreements with 14 universities, such as Chinese and Western State University in the United States, Northampton University in the United Kingdom, and City University of Malaysia, and has set up overseas study bases. , Joint training, mutual recognition of credits, Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, teacher training, and other forms of communication and cooperation have promoted the quality of talent training and the degree of internationalization.

Guangzhou Huali Science and Technology Vocational College has continued to make progress in recent years, and has achieved encouraging results in running the school. “Privately run colleges and universities” and many other honors. In 2018, it ranked 5th in Guangdong’s private higher vocational colleges in the competitiveness ranking of higher vocational colleges in China, and ranked 350th among 1,386 higher vocational colleges in the country. In 2017, the school promotion plan was successfully incorporated into Guangdong’s “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” for setting up colleges and universities. Driven by the strategy of upgrading undergraduates, the second phase of the school’s construction project has been fully launched, and 74 projects have been planned, including library reconstruction, laboratory construction, campus culture construction, office environment improvement, and campus environment improvement. All of them have now entered the acceptance and use stage. It has laid a solid foundation for improving the conditions for running schools and meeting the hardware requirements for upgrading.

Guangzhou Huali Science and Technology Vocational College adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC. “Quality is the highest” school-running philosophy, adhere to the “market-oriented, teaching according to their aptitude, career-oriented” school policy and “rooted in vocational education, deepen the integration of production and education, and create entrepreneurial characteristics,” the school’s thinking, focusing on innovation and strong school project The hand is driven by the application for vocational undergraduate education. It is based on the situation, moves with the situation, acts with the situation, work together, focus on the connotation, point to the quality improvement, find the entry point and focus of the work, and work hard in the implementation and promotion. Promote school undertakings to a new level.


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