Guangxi Vocational University of Science and Technology

Guangxi Vocational University of Science and Technology


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Introduction to Guangxi Vocational University of Science and Technology

Guangxi Vocational University of Science and Technology (广西科技职业学院, website) is located in Nanning Airport Economic Zone, the capital of Guangxi, in the half-hour economic circle of Nanning. It is close to Nanning Wusong International Airport, facing the Sino-Vietnamese border, and has direct access to the North Sea. Blended into one, the ecological garden-like campus environment embodies the characteristics of a modern science and technology campus and an ecological humanities campus.

In June 2012, the college was awarded the “Entrepreneurship University Construction Experimental Zone” by the Chinese Teacher Development Foundation of the Ministry of Education. The school aims at “cultivating application-oriented, entrepreneurial and technical talents, creating a large number of small and micro-entrepreneurs, and serving to lead socio-economic development”. It has a deep disciplinary foundation and provides training for knowledge-skilled talents with sustainable development potential. The cornerstone. Relying on the advantages of disciplines such as engineering construction, electronics research and development, information services, and energy development, the college integrates science, education, technology, and scientific research into one to adapt to the development trend of socioeconomic globalization and informatization. It is a high-tech for the country and the Pearl River Delta and the Northwest Gulf of Guangxi. Develop economic zones, China-ASEAN Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, China-ASEAN Youth Industrial Park, and Guangxi high-tech industry services, and cultivate innovative talents who combine theory, practice and innovation.

Guangxi Vocational University of Science and Technology keeps abreast of social development trends. In order to make up for the lack of medical schools and medical care professions in the urban area of the region, the college recently hosted a medical school and set up an affiliated hospital in Nanning City-Nanning Yudong Hospital. Nanning Yudong Hospital is a national second-level general hospital that has been practicing for more than 20 years. It integrates medical treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, and teaching. It is the main force of medical security for the Liangqing District Government of Nanning City. The 120 First Aid Center Network Hospital of Nanning City, District and city medical insurance designated medical institutions.

The college has a sound education and teaching management system and excellent teaching staff to ensure the quality of education and teaching, and complete teaching hardware facilities to ensure the development of high-skilled teaching and training. Based on market demand, the college pays attention to the training process, adheres to the educating policy of “one specialist, multiple abilities and innovative education”, focuses on improving students’ core competitiveness, builds an employment platform for school-enterprise cooperation and order training, and builds a science and technology industry supporting the development of the college Employment channels, interaction in “industry, study, research”, adhere to open cooperative training, ensure the smooth flow of talent output channels, and build our college into the most dynamic and attractive entrepreneurial university in the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone.

Guangxi Vocational University of Science and Technology currently has 18 popular majors in 10 categories including finance and commerce, electronic information, culture and arts, civil construction, transportation, equipment manufacturing, tourism, public management and services, education and sports, and medical and health. Cultivation direction, with energy development, engineering construction, and scientific and technological research as the professional orientation. The establishment covers disciplines such as arts, sciences, engineering, and economic management. It aims to create first-class disciplines, keep up with the forefront of world science and technology development, and revitalize China’s new technology industry , And gradually lead to the growth and healthy development of vocational education.


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