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Guangxi Vocational Normal University

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Introduction to Guangxi Vocational Normal University

Guangxi Vocational Normal University (广西职业师范学院, website) is directly under the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and headed by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangxi Province. Guangxi is the only vocational teacher-oriented normal undergraduate school set up to serve modern vocational education and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

The university shoulders the mission of “dedicating to serve the economic construction of Guangxi”, is closely linked to the process of economic construction in Guangxi, and makes a significant contribution to the economic development of Guangxi. The school was born with the liberation of Guangxi. Its predecessor was the Guangxi Provincial Administrative Cadre Training Course, which was founded in May 1951. Since then, in order to meet the needs of economic construction in different historical periods, the school has undergone the historical evolution of Guangxi People’s Revolutionary University, Guangxi Provincial People’s Government Administrative Cadre School, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Economic Cadre School, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Economic Management Cadre College. Approved by the Ministry of Education in June as “Guangxi Vocational Teachers College”. In the different historical periods such as the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, reform and opening up, the new century and the new era, the school did not forget the school’s original intention and bravely assumed the mission of running a school. Social impact.
After a long-term school running practice, the school has become an undergraduate school with abundant school resources, distinctive school characteristics, and strong school running strength. The school has rich industry school running resources and a good external development environment. In recent years, relying on the advantages of industry school running, guided by market demand and guided by the integration of production and education, it has continuously highlighted “service industry companies, school-industry collaborative innovation, pre-employment The characteristics of running a school “. At present, there are 315 full-time teachers, including 191 senior titles (54 senior titles), 254 masters and doctors (including 19 doctors), and many of them are experts from the State Council special allowances, Guangxi outstanding experts, Guangxi’s “hundred thousand” Talents, second-level professors, doctoral tutors, master tutors, leaders of high-level innovation teams in Guangxi universities and other leading talents. Among the full-time teachers, there are 168 “dual-teacher” teachers, and 90 excellent professional and technical personnel, management personnel and high-skilled personnel from industry companies are employed as part-time teachers. It has 2 key (construction) research bases for humanities and social sciences in Guangxi universities, 1 science and technology service platform in Guangxi universities, and 2 high-level innovation teams in Guangxi universities.

In the past five years, GuangXi Vocational Normal University has won 191 scientific research projects at or above the departmental level, including 9 national, 39 provincial and ministerial levels, and 143 provincial and ministerial levels. It has received 63 scientific research awards at various levels, including provincial 21 scientific research awards (10 second prizes and 11 third prizes). There are many internal and external internship training bases such as the National Internet of Things Technology Application Professionals Training Base, and the National Rural Informationization Professionals Training Base. Once known as the “Guangxi Economic Management Talent Base and the Cradle of Entrepreneurs”, it has been rated as “National Excellent College of Business Administration Training Quality”, “Guangxi Excellent Adult Higher Education Evaluation School”, “Autonomous Region Civilized Unit”, “Autonomous Region Harmonious Unit” And other honorary titles.

GuangXi Vocational Normal University currently has 9 teaching departments, 6 general undergraduate majors, 51 higher vocational majors, 18 adult undergraduate majors, and 18 specialized majors, which are distributed in multiple disciplines such as management, economics, and engineering. It has one autonomous region-level collaborative education platform, one autonomous region-level high-quality specialty, three characteristic majors and integrated curriculum construction projects in Guangxi colleges and universities, and three autonomous-level quality courses. In the past two selections of teaching achievements, he has won 1 second prize of national vocational education teaching achievements, 9 autonomous region-level teaching achievement awards (among them: 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes, 4 third prizes). Among them, 41 projects have been approved by the Ministry of Education and Teaching Reform, of which 28 projects have been approved by the provincial and ministerial education reform projects. In recent years, taking the building of the “Integrated Practice Teaching” brand as the starting point, and strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship education as the lead, comprehensively promoting the comprehensive integration of the supply-side and industrial development demand-side structural elements of talent training, the quality of application-oriented talent training has been steadily improved and widely accepted. Recognized, it has been continuously rated as the advanced collective of employment work and outstanding unit of employment and entrepreneurship of ordinary college graduates in Guangxi.

GuangXi Vocational Normal University takes proactive service to Guangxi’s economic construction as its position, comprehensively expands service channels and space, and systematically builds service mechanisms and platforms. Since 2010, it has successively won six major research and bidding projects for the Guangxi Party Committee and Government, highlighting the characteristics and advantages of serving Guangxi. Presided over the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, “Research on Key Directions and Path Measures to Promote the High-Quality Development of Guangxi’s Economy,” and the “Industrial and Information Technology Department of the Autonomous Region” and other departments, “Guangxi Industry and Information Technology Talent Team Construction Plan”, “Guangxi Industrial Innovation Development Outline”, “Guangxi New Energy Vehicle Monitoring Platform “and many other topics. Cooperated with Guangxi Cassia Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the “Iron Sugar Internet of Things Platform”, sugar industry Beidou terminal and transportation terminal, co-established “Guangxi Ship Networking Engineering Technology Research Center” with Guangxi Xijiang Development Investment Group, and jointly developed “Golden Waterway Shipping Beidou” “Systems,” Beidou key technology of BeiDou “, and the establishment of a” Internet of Things “school-enterprise collaborative innovation platform with China-ASEAN Information Port Co., Ltd. The school is also a training base for various economic management cadres at all levels in Guangxi, a training base for business management personnel, and a contractor for training programs for business management personnel for SMEs in Guangxi. It has trained a large number of high-quality party and government economic management cadres and business management personnel.

GuangXi Vocational Normal University is committed to training high-quality application-oriented, technical-skilled talents and vocational education teachers, and strives to make the school a high-level vocational normal undergraduate school with outstanding industry background, distinctive vocational education characteristics, and outstanding reputation.


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