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Guangxi Vocational and Technical College


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Introduction to Guangxi Vocational and Technical College

The predecessor of Guangxi Vocational and Technical College (广西职业技术学院, website) was Guangxi Labor University, which was established in 1965. It has passed through the historical stages of Guangxi Agricultural College Tropical Crops Branch (Undergraduate), Guangxi Nongken Workers College, Guangxi Agricultural Vocational College. Approved by the Ministry of Education in 1998, it became the first batch of publicly-owned higher vocational colleges in Guangxi. The school practises the service concept of “service, cooperation and openness”, adhering to the school motto of “building people with virtue and technology”, insisting on “serving the professional success and comprehensive development of learners, serving industry companies and the economic and social development of Guangxi The quality policy is committed to creating high-level vocational schools with Chinese characteristics and achieving outstanding results. It has been rated as the national advanced unit of vocational education, the Ministry of Education’s high-level vocational training of talents, and the outstanding universities and national model backbones. Excellent institutions of higher vocational college construction (the only one in Guangxi), National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education integration of production and education development project units, the country ’s first batch of 100 pilot units of modern apprenticeship system for higher vocational education, Guangxi ’s first batch of pilot institutions for comprehensive reform of higher vocational education, The charming campus of vocational colleges across the country, the first batch of exemplary vocational education groups in the autonomous region, the safe and civilized campus in the autonomous region, the civilized unit in the autonomous region, and the ecological garden unit in Nanning have won the honorary title of “Advanced Collective for Graduate Employment in the Region” for 16 consecutive years. In 2018, the college won the “National Typical Experience in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Top 50 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Universities)”, and is the only vocational college in Guangxi to receive this award.

Guangxi Vocational and Technical College is located in the Airport Economic Zone of Nanning City. The campus has beautiful scenery and a strong cultural atmosphere. There are currently 14,800 full-time students at school, and nearly 200 full-time international students and exchange students from ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Malaysia.

The school adheres to the school-oriented orientation of agricultural development and the coordinated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. It actively connects regional economic pillar industries and strategic emerging industries to adjust and optimize the professional structure. It has a school of agriculture and environmental engineering, a school of food and biotechnology, School of Information Engineering, School of Art Media and Architectural Engineering, School of Management, School of Economics and Trade, and Teaching and Research Department of Ideological and Political Theory Course, with 50 enrollment majors, 17 high-quality majors in the autonomous region, 9 major specialty in Guangxi, There are 19 excellent courses in the autonomous region, 8 national key construction majors, 4 national excellent courses, 2 national excellent resource sharing courses, 2 national vocational education resource bank alternatives, and autonomous region model higher vocational education training 10 bases, 6 autonomous region demonstration specialty professional and training base projects, 1 autonomous region university student entrepreneurship demonstration base, 3 national vocational education demonstration training bases supported by the central government, and central financial support to enhance professional service industry development capacity projects 2 Won two second prizes of national vocational education teaching achievement awards, autonomous region level 18 teaching achievement awards (including 2 special awards).

Guangxi Vocational and Technical College has a dual-professional team composed of teaching masters and big country craftsmen as the leading figures. There is one national teaching master of “Ten Thousand Talents Program”, four autonomous region teaching masters, and the first Guangxi University Outstanding Technology 1 talented person, 2 thousand young and middle-aged backbone teachers of autonomous regions, 2 cultivated objects, 8 national and autonomous national cultural heritages, 8 masters of technical skills, 5 autonomous region-level excellent teaching teams, 1 Guangxi university high-level innovation team, Guangxi 1 high-level innovative and outstanding scholar in universities. The school currently has 596 part-time teachers, 692 faculty members and staff, including 418 full-time teachers.

The school continues to innovate and diversify the cooperative school-running system and mechanism, deepen school-enterprise cooperation, and industry-education integration. It has led the formation of a school council composed of 128 domestic and foreign banks, enterprises, schools, and research institutes, China Tea Vocational Education Group, and Guangxi Tea Industry. Educational Group, Guangxi Logistics Vocational Education Group, China-ASEAN Frontier Vocational Education Alliance, and China Agricultural Reclamation Vocational Education Alliance’s substantive operation of the production-education integration platform, with the “project + talent + technology” interest chain as the link, and jointly build a mixed ownership system Industrial colleges and technical service centers with special characteristics have carried out more than 50 projects in personnel training, technical services, social services, etc., giving full play to the role of the “one association, three groups, and two alliances” in integrating social resources to run schools and promoting cooperation in educating people. School-enterprise community.

Guangxi Vocational and Technical College continuously innovates the service platform, actively enhances the development capacity and level of service areas, and relies on the resource advantages of the agricultural reclamation system to integrate the resources of Guangxi Sugar, Cassava and other 100 billion yuan R & D centers and tea, animal husbandry (pig) and other autonomous region-level engineering centers. , Formed a “packaged” service mechanism of cross-professional clusters; built an autonomous region-level engineering technology center, six city hall-level engineering technology centers; high-value processing of agricultural products and other centers to solve key technological and technological innovation issues in regional industrial development More than 60 items; completed the provincial and ministerial-level information technology service projects such as the agricultural product quality traceability system of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Guangxi Sugar Factory Agricultural Information Service System, which were promoted and applied in more than 40 enterprises, and achieved nearly 100 million yuan in efficiency gains. In the past three years, teachers have carried out more than 90 horizontal technical service projects in enterprises and achieved an output value of over 280 million yuan. In addition, the school has won 3 Guangxi Social Science Achievement Awards, 17 provincial (ministry-level) scientific and technological progress awards, 1 technological invention award, 1 important technical standard award, 1 agricultural, animal husbandry and fishery harvest award, and municipal (department) science and technology awards. There are 18 progress awards, 51 authorized invention patents, and 266 utility model and appearance patents.

Guangxi Vocational and Technical College actively participates in the construction of the “Belt and Road” and international vocational education services. Relying on the advantages of the China-ASEAN Expo platform, it has taken the lead in setting up the China-ASEAN Border Vocational Education Alliance, absorbing 10 vocational colleges in ASEAN countries and 56 domestic provinces and regions Vocational colleges and enterprises have carried out substantive operation projects such as the construction of a China-ASEAN curriculum sharing platform and student exchange. The China-ASEAN Border Vocational Education Forum is held every year, and the Alliance trains more than 2,000 international students, exchange students, and language students. It exports 5 teaching standards to vocational colleges in ASEAN countries and shares 40 courses, which has strongly promoted the vocational schools in ASEAN countries. development of.


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