Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Communications

Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Communications


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Introduction to Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Communications

Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Communications (广西交通职业技术学院, website) is located in Nanning, the capital of the beautiful Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The college is affiliated to the Transportation Department of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It was formerly known as the Guangxi Transportation School, a national key secondary technical college founded in 1958. It is the only college in Guangxi that trains transportation professionals. Leader has more than 60 years of experience. The college has cultivated nearly 100,000 outstanding talents for the national transportation industry and the economic and social development of Guangxi. It has become a national model college for transportation vocational education, a model higher vocational college in Guangxi, and a high quality vocational college in Guangxi. Schools, the first batch of colleges and universities in Guangxi with characteristics, the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot universities in the country, the pilot universities for international exchange and cooperation in Guangxi higher vocational colleges, the only training station in Guangxi’s only military non-commissioned officers, the Guangxi Training Base for National Transportation Strategy, and Guangxi Transportation Leading unit of cadre training platform, among the top vocational colleges in the western region.

Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Communications currently has 3 campuses in Kunlun, Yuanhu and Xiangsi Lake, covering a total area of 1305 acres, and currently has 16,000 full-time students. There are 773 faculty members, 368 part-time teachers in the enterprise; 257 senior titles, 308 intermediate titles, and 266 graduates and above. The college has one national teaching team, four autonomous region teaching teams, two Guangxi innovative talent training teaching teams, one national teaching teacher, four Guangxi university teaching teachers, and one national transportation vocational education teaching teacher. The Ministry of Transport has two young science and technology talents, three Wu Fu-Zhenhua outstanding teachers from the Ministry of Transport, and one energy conservation and emission reduction expert from the Ministry of Transport. There are 8 teaching departments including road and bridge engineering department, automobile engineering department, management department, information engineering department, construction engineering department, nautical engineering department, general education department, ideological and political theory teaching department, and other road and bridge engineering technology, automobiles. 43 majors (directions) including inspection and maintenance technology, logistics management, electronic information engineering technology, ship engineering technology, and municipal engineering technology. There are 4 school-run enterprises including Guangxi Jiaotong Academy Driving School Training Co., Ltd., and 1 vocational skills appraisal office in the transportation industry.

Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Communications took the lead in setting up a co-operative development council in Guangxi higher vocational colleges. In 2016, it became the secretary-general unit of the Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee of Guangxi Transportation Industry. In 2018, the Guangxi Transportation Vocational Education Group led by the college became Guangxi. The first batch of exemplary vocational education groups invited “political schools and enterprises” to participate in the entire process of talent training. The school-enterprise jointly established eight industry-academia-enterprise entities including the Automotive Mechatronics Collaborative Innovation Center and Road Construction Materials Engineering Research Center, with an average annual output value of 51 million yuan; cooperated with industry companies to build 6 types of shared campus teaching workshops and form construction standards. Cooperate with leading international companies such as Beibu Gulf Investment Group and 24 internationally renowned companies such as German Volkswagen and Finnish KONE to run schools to educate people.

Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Communications is closely connected with the development of the transportation industry, and has created six major transportation professional groups with distinctive industry characteristics such as roads and bridges, automobiles, logistics, traffic information, rails, ports and shipping, and has become a demonstration specialty and training base in Guangxi. The two majors, road and bridge, have won the National Vocational College Demonstration Program and the Guangxi Vocational Education Professional Development Research Base. The country’s first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot projects passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Education in 2018, and was selected into the “National Typical Case Collection” in higher vocational education nationwide. Institutional promotion and application. The college has 4 national-level demonstration training bases supported by central finance, 2 demonstration training bases of the Ministry of Transport, 8 autonomous region-level demonstration training bases, and more than 200 off-campus internships and training bases. High-quality technical and skilled personnel services that meet the needs of production, construction, management, and service. The college has been rated as the advanced collective of graduate employment in Guangxi colleges and universities by the Education Department of the autonomous region for 16 consecutive years. In the past three years, the college has won 107 national achievements and honors, including the National Teaching Achievement Award, teaching team, teaching teacher, and first prize in skill competition.

Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Communications, as the vice-chairman unit of the China-ASEAN Transportation Vocational Education Alliance and the first batch of international (regional) exchange and cooperation pilot colleges in Guangxi, the college actively responds to the “Belt and Road” initiative and adheres to the traffic, service, Guangxi and ASEAN’s positioning of school services has been vigorously carried out in international (regional) exchanges and cooperation. At present, it has jointly carried out talent training and project co-construction with 18 universities and enterprises in 15 countries including Germany, Britain, Canada, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Taiwan. Established a Sino-German automotive electromechanical vocational skills training center; established a “Belt and Road” innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base in Indonesia to export “Chinese standards” for transportation construction and vocational education in ASEAN countries; carried out Sino-Canadian and Chinese-English dual diploma cooperation in running schools; innovation in China In order to cultivate high-quality technical and technical talents with international competitiveness, we have co-organized “professional designated classes” with Taiwan universities.

After more than 60 years of hardships and hardships, the college adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics, implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and established the fundamental tasks of cultivating people. He firmly grasped the new mission of the “three major positions” and the ” The historical opportunity of the “Land-sea new channel” construction, comprehensively deepen the reform of education and teaching, strengthen the construction of connotation, strive to build high-level colleges with Chinese characteristics, cultivate high-quality technical and skilled personnel with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor, and serve the country’s “Strategy of Transportation” strategy Go forward bravely with the dream of building magnificent Guangxi and rejuvenating together!


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