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Guangxi Peixian International College


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Introduction to Guangxi Peixian International College

Guangxi Peixian International College (广西培贤国际职业学院, website) is a full-time general higher vocational college with the status of an independent state-issued diploma, which is approved by the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The school is a unique international brand university founded by Hong Kong people Dr. Ho Houhuang and Dr. Shouben Qu, relying on the rich educational resources of the United Kingdom and the United States, drawing on their existing school experience, making real investments, and setting up a high starting point and high standards.

The school covers an area of nearly 1,000 acres. It is a brand-new university with a combination of Chinese and Western cultures, modern elegance, scientific rationality, and beautiful surroundings. There are currently four secondary colleges, namely the School of Finance and Economics, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Internet Marketing, and the Arts College of Engineering. The school has international business, business English, accounting, hotel management, high-speed railway passenger transport services, intelligent product development, automotive marketing and services, industrial and commercial enterprise management, construction project management, architectural interior design, broadcasting and hosting, e-commerce, business English ( 22 majors including ASEAN bilingual direction), construction project management (green building direction), and drone application technology.

Guangxi Peixian International College introduces excellent foreign teaching materials, uses the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ABE) global certification teaching materials, and implements small class teaching, hierarchical teaching and bilingual teaching. At the same time, in order to further broaden the channels for international cooperation in running schools, give full play to the advantages of running schools internationally, and expand the channels for running schools with special characteristics, the school has conducted cooperation with many overseas universities to run schools and hold international cultural exchange meetings. At present, the school has cooperated with many famous schools in the United Kingdom, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, and Hong Kong, such as the University of Amiti (London), Trinity University of Leeds, Kuala Lumpur Construction University of Malaysia, Thailand Chamber of Commerce University, Thailand Mai Royal University, Korea Songsong University, Hong Kong Open University, etc., carry out cooperation projects such as student exchange, academic exchanges, mutual teacher visits, student drop-outs, and “3 + 1” junior college upgrades to achieve mutual recognition of credits and effectively promote cross-cultural exchanges.

“Cultivating international and dual-skilled composite professionals” is the orientation of our school, and “seeing each student as the college’s quality brand” is our school’s commitment. Our goal is to train internationally-skilled professionals who are proficient in both professional knowledge and English. Since its establishment, Guangxi Peixian International College has insisted on building schools in accordance with international standards, running the school with a global perspective, adhering to employment-oriented, taking the road to combine business with education, and based on the industry to highlight the characteristics of “foreign trade, foreign languages, and foreign economics”. In order to prosper modern business in Guangxi, the construction of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area will contribute to the realization of the strategic goals of the “Belt and Road”.


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