Guangxi International Business Vocational College

Guangxi International Business Vocational College


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Introduction to Guangxi International Business Vocational College

Guangxi International Business Vocational College (广西国际商务职业技术学院, website) is a national public full-time college that aims to train international application talents that meet the needs of the development of modern business. It is also the cradle of Guangxi business industry manager talents. The college is affiliated with the Department of Commerce of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The predecessor was Guangxi Foreign Economics and Trade School, which was founded in 1965. It was upgraded to a higher vocational college in 2002 and renamed Guangxi International Vocational College of Business.

In the course of 50 years of running a school, Guangxi International Business Vocational College has successively won the national advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction, the outstanding level of talent training work evaluation of higher vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education, “the national graduate employment typical experience colleges”, the first batch of ” “National Youth Entrepreneurship Demonstration Park”, the national advanced collective of foreign trade and vocational education, the national top 50 vocational colleges “top 50 international influences”; Autonomous Regional Model Higher Vocational Colleges, Autonomous Region Vocational Education Key Model Vocational Colleges, Guangxi Higher Education Advanced unit of reform and management, Guangxi university student entrepreneurship demonstration base, foreign economic and trade entrepreneurial talent training base; In addition, it has been awarded the Guangxi University Safe and Civilized Campus for 8 consecutive years, and it has been awarded the “Guangxi University Graduate Employment Advanced Collective” for 15 consecutive years. Received the “China-ASEAN Expo Volunteer Service Advanced Unit” and the “Ten Years of Support, Ten Splendid” Volunteer Outstanding Contribution Award for the 10th Anniversary of the China-ASEAN Expo. Organization “, won” Guangxi University “for many years May Fourth Red Flag League Committee “and other honorary titles.

Guangxi International Business Vocational College was founded in 1965. It was formerly known as the Guangxi Foreign Trade Part-Time School. It was named Guangxi Foreign Trade School in 1978, and the site is set at 30 Mingxiu West Road, Nanning. In 1984, it was renamed Guangxi Foreign Economics and Trade School, and in 1994 it was relocated to No. 168 Dadong East Road, Nanning. In 2002, the college was upgraded to a higher vocational college and changed its name to Guangxi International Business Vocational College.

School scale: The college currently has three campuses: University Road Campus, Fangchenggang Campus, and Wuming Campus (under construction) in Nanning, covering a total area of more than 1,800 mu. As of July 2019, there were 11,716 students at school, including 9356 full-time vocational students and 2360 adults.

Conditions for running the school: The library has a collection of 837,400 books, an e-book capacity of 25,600 G; 1,394 teaching computers, 4,587 multimedia classrooms and language laboratory seats; 3 central financial support training bases, and 10 autonomous regional demonstration training bases. There are 1 vocational education base for inheritance and innovation of Guangxi national culture, and 121 off-campus training bases.

Faculty structure: There are 609 faculty members, including 32 with high professional titles, 97 with deputy high titles, 1 national outstanding teacher, 3 autonomous regional teachers, 2 autonomous regional teaching teachers, 3 autonomous regional teaching teams, and Guangxi In the Zhuang Autonomous Region, there are one candidate for the second level of the “hundred-thousand talents project in the new century”, one postdoctoral fellow, three doctoral candidates, five PhD candidates, and 181 master candidates. A number of foreign teachers and a number of high-level experts from enterprises and professional and technical personnel with rich practical experience are hired as part-time teachers throughout the year.

Professional setting: The professional setting has distinctive characteristics, and the professional construction has achieved remarkable results. The college is characterized by modern business. There are 47 majors (including directions) in 7 departments, 2 teaching departments, including international trade, applied foreign language, accounting, market circulation, tourism management, information engineering, and finance. Department, public basic teaching department, social science teaching department. Among them, there are 4 majors supported by the central financial fund, 8 high-quality majors in the autonomous region, 7 specialty majors and curriculum integration construction projects, 4 demonstration specialty majors and training base projects in Guangxi vocational colleges; national quality resource sharing courses 2 15 excellent courses at or above the autonomous region level; 15 national planning textbooks for vocational education during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan and 12th Five-Year Plan period; 2 national excellent textbooks; 7 provincial and ministerial-level excellent textbooks; 21 national-level teaching courseware awards ; 13 teaching achievement awards in the autonomous region.

Scientific research: Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the college has undertaken 4 national research projects, 236 provincial, prefectural and provincial research projects, and a number of scientific research achievements have been awarded provincial or ministerial awards; published academic monographs, 37 textbooks, published papers 1271 articles.

Recruitment and Employment: The college recruits students from 12 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. College graduates have good employment prospects, and the student employment rate remains above 95%.

Campus culture: The college has built a series of cultural experience bases, cultural facilities and activity projects with the theme of “China-ASEAN Business Culture” around the characteristics of training talents for modern business applications. “Soul, excellence is the way” of modern campus culture.

International exchanges: The college has established long-term exchange and cooperation relationships with more than thirty universities in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Russia, and Taiwan. Since 2007, there have been 341 visits in 80 batches and 286 visits; 128 exchange and study teachers have been sent abroad, and 1162 students have been sent to study in Britain, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and other ASEAN countries ’deputy ministers of education, embassy counselors, consul generals, education delegations, etc. have made many exchange visits to our institute. A total of 512 teachers and students from Asia, Africa, and the Americas have come to our school to study, of which 28 have a total of educated students; established a short-term and medium-term training program such as “Chinese Cultural Experience Tour” and “Chinese business students see the world”; We have established an international academic exchange platform to improve the international awareness and level of teachers and students. In 2015, it won the title of Pilot of International Exchange Reform of Vocational Education in the Autonomous Region.

Guangxi International Business Vocational College made full use of the qualifications of the only universities in Guangxi that have the Ministry of Commerce’s “foreign aid contractor”, and the Guangxi Foreign Labor Training Center, the Guangxi Foreign Language Training Center, the foreign language training base, and the Guangxi Economic and Trade Foreign Service Company. China-ASEAN Economic and Trade Relations Training Course, training course for Jamaican sugar technical staff, China-ASEAN public management and local governance training course, China-ASEAN agricultural trade training course, China-ASEAN logistics industry development training course, Pan Beibu Gulf port logistics Cooperative training courses, China-ASEAN tourism industry cooperation training courses, Jamaican logistics technology training courses, etc., provide training services for officials and technical personnel of various foreign divisions; actively develop business systems, skills training for employees of foreign-related companies, and rural labor Transfer training; provide talent, technology, resources, information and cultural services for the open development of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. Focus on industry-university-research cooperation, actively provide translation and volunteer services for “China-ASEAN Expo” and “China-ASEAN Investment Summit”, a number of scientific research results serve the development of Guangxi’s foreign economic and trade industry, and provide intellectual support for government and enterprise decision-making.

5 training bases: Ministry of Commerce foreign aid training contractor, Guangxi foreign labor training center, Guangxi e-commerce designated training organization, Ministry of Commerce “talent strong business” base, Guangxi foreign language training center foreign language training base.

20 qualification certificate test sites and training sites: national international freight forwarding practitioners, national foreign trade documentary certificate, national foreign trade salesman certificate, national foreign trade documentary certificate, inspector qualification certificate, national accounting professional and technical qualification test site, registration National Unified Examination for Accountants Examination Sites, Alibaba E-commerce Exam Sites and Training Sites, National Cross-Border E-Commerce Operation and Promotion Specialist Certificate, National Cross-Border E-Commerce Operation Specialist Certificate, Tsinghua IT Engineer Learning and Certification Center, Mandarin Training and Testing Workstation, Vocational English Ability test (TOEIC Bridge test) test site, e-commerce teacher training site and appraisal station, national foreign trade and economic practitioner test site, Guangxi accounting qualification test site, national university English proficiency test site, national university computer joint exam Guangxi test area test site, CCFA registration Examination sites and training sites for category managers.


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