Guangxi Financial Vocational College

Guangxi Financial Vocational College

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Introduction to Guangxi Financial Vocational College

Guangxi Financial Vocational College (广西金融职业技术学院, website) is based on Guangxi Bank School established by the People’s Bank of China Head Office in 1952 and Guangxi Bank Cadre School established in 1953. Directly under the management of the Education Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, it is the only full-time higher vocational education institution in Guangxi that has the task of cultivating and training financial and economic talents such as banking, securities, insurance, and credit, and enjoys the reputation of “the cradle of financial talents in Guangxi” .

Guangxi Financial Vocational College is now divided into three campuses: University East Road, Xiangsi Lake, and Changhuan. There are 6 teaching departments including Finance, Accounting, Investment and Insurance, Economic Management, Information Technology, and Tourism Management. Financial management (financial security, international finance, internet finance), accounting (international accounting, computerized accounting, management accounting), financial management, auditing, insurance (finance and insurance), investment and wealth management, securities and futures, e-commerce (international International e-commerce), marketing, industrial and commercial enterprise management (small and micro financial enterprise management), internet finance, mobile internet application technology (Internet financial platform technology, software testing and security, mobile UI design), taxation, big data applications and technology, 26 majors (directions) in hotel management and tourism management. There are 10 types of training bases including banking, securities trading, insurance business, financial accounting, foreign accounting, e-commerce, marketing, film and television design, tourism services, and business services.

The college has formulated an international school development strategy of “cooperating north, developing south, and deepening east”. Actively promote international exchanges and cooperation between schools, and have established friendly and cooperative relations with countries along the Belt and Road, such as the United States, Belarus, Poland, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, and Hong Kong and Taiwan. Exchanges, student exchanges, mutual visits of teachers, academic and teaching cooperation, and joint construction of scientific research, etc .; co-sponsored schools with multiple colleges and universities in Guangxi, and formed supportive relationships with 5 secondary vocational schools in Guangxi; relying on Guangxi economic and trade Group Vocational Education Group, the college and a number of financial institutions in Guangxi District established school bank, school-enterprise cooperation, training practical and skilled personnel.

Guangxi Financial Vocational College adheres to the school direction of “cultivating application-oriented, innovative, international financial, economic, and technical skills talents,” based on big finance, facing the big market, and implementing “demand orientation, connotation construction, reform and innovation, and open cooperation”. The big strategy is to build a high-quality vocational college that ranks first among similar institutions in the country, has distinctive talent training features in the financial industry, and has an international perspective and open cooperation.


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