Guangxi Eco-engineering Vocational and Technical College

Guangxi Eco-engineering Vocational and Technical College

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Introduction to Guangxi Eco-engineering Vocational and Technical College

Guangxi Eco-engineering Vocational and Technical College (广西生态工程职业技术学院) is a full-time ordinary college run by the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and managed by the Guangxi Forestry Bureau and the Education Department. Characteristic colleges and universities, Guangxi’s precious native tree species breeding center, and the chairman unit of China (South) Modern Forestry Vocational Education Group. The school is located in the beautiful Liubei District of Liuzhou City. The campus is surrounded by green trees, the lake is reflected, and the scenery is beautiful. It is a “green university” in the autonomous region. The school was founded in 1956. By 2019, the school has trained nearly 60,000 graduates of various types.

The school covers an area of 18,000 acres, a campus area of more than 1,100 acres, a building area of over 300,000 square meters, teaching and scientific research equipment assets totaling more than 600 million yuan, and the library has more than 700,000 books. The school has 8 departments (departments) including forestry engineering department, garden engineering department, construction engineering department, automobile and information engineering department, art design department, economic and trade department, tourism and traffic management department, and the Ministry of Public Education. Training (vocational skills appraisal) center. In 2019, the school has 49 enrollment majors, including 2 national key construction majors, 3 national forestry bureau key majors, 11 autonomous high-quality pilot majors and specialty majors, and more than 12,000 full-time students.

There are more than 550 teachers in the school, including 10 doctors and 150 masters; 20 professors, more than 80 associate professors, and more than 160 teachers with “dual teacher quality”. It has two outstanding teaching teams in the autonomous region, one Guangxi innovative talent training teaching team, one teaching teacher from the State Forestry Administration, and one teaching teacher from Guangxi universities.

Guangxi Eco-engineering Vocational and Technical College has teaching and experimental forest farms, forestry survey planning and design institutes, garden companies and Junwu Forest Park and other school-run enterprises to meet the needs of related professional internships (practical training). In recent years, the school has strived to create a productive training base in the school with the characteristics of “there is a field in the school, there is a school in the field, and the school and the field are integrated.” There are 16 on-campus training bases including the center, interior design training base, and automobile training base. There are more than 100 training rooms, including 7 productive training bases. The school has 3 central financial support vocational education training bases, 5 autonomous region demonstration training bases, 1 State Forestry Administration demonstration training base, 4 autonomous regions demonstration specialty training and 4 training bases. In addition, the school also cooperates extensively with industry enterprises and institutions, and has established more than 170 off-campus training bases. As the chairman unit of China (Southern) Modern Forestry Vocational Education Group, the school has established stable school-enterprise cooperation with more than 300 large-scale enterprises such as Stora Enso of Finland, Cotai Indonesia, Guangxi Gaofeng Forest Farm, and other schools.

In recent years, the school has undertaken more than 160 national and autonomous region scientific research projects, achieved 30 large scientific research results, obtained nearly 20 provincial and ministerial awards, cultivated 1 species of forest trees, formulated 1 forestry industry standard, and obtained 24 patents, of which 24 9 invention patents; published 11 monographs, edited and published more than 100 textbooks, published more than 1,400 scientific research papers, undertook Guangxi’s precious native tree species breeding center, Guangxi forestry science and technology service platform, Liuzhou Forest Resources Protection and Utilization Key Laboratory Wait for the construction of 3 platforms. The school has established friendly cooperative relations with the Ohio State University, the Australian Science and Technology Organization, the Australian Agricultural Center, the Indonesian Teresa University, the Vietnam Forestry University, and the Northeast Agriculture and Forestry Technical College in Vietnam. Research on forest carbon sequestration, cooperating with Australian science and industry organization to carry out research projects such as eucalyptus improvement.

Guangxi Eco-engineering Vocational and Technical College cooperates with the national key university-Beijing Forestry University to develop undergraduate correspondence education, and cooperates with Guangxi University, Guangxi University of Science and Technology and other undergraduate colleges to carry out a number of “specialized connection” self-study majors. Students can choose according to their actual conditions. If you choose to study, you can get a correspondence (self-study) undergraduate diploma at the same time you obtain a college diploma. The school conducts nearly 50 vocational skills training and appraisal jobs, and students can obtain vocational skill level certificates and vocational qualification certificates.

The school has a clear thinking, clear goals, strong measures, distinctive features, and outstanding performance. Since 2004, the employment rate of graduates has been above 96%, ranking the forefront of universities in the region. Title of advanced collective for employment and employment. ”

Guangxi Eco-engineering Vocational and Technical College adheres to the development direction of “based on forestry, serves Guangxi, faces the whole country, and moves towards ASEAN”, and builds a professional development that “could take ecological technology as the leader, engineering technology as the main body, and management service as the two wings” System, adhere to the development path of “school-enterprise cooperation, industry-university-research combination”, implement the six strategies of “branded school, open school, cooperative school, quality school, talented school, and innovative school” The domestic first-class, ecological-style higher vocational and technical colleges cultivate more and higher-level talents for the construction of ecological civilization and economic and social development in Guangxi.


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