Guangling College of Yangzhou University

Guangling College of Yangzhou University

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Introduction to Guangling College of Yangzhou University

The Guangling College of Yangzhou University (扬州大学广陵学院) is an undergraduate-level private secondary college organized by Yangzhou University in December 1998 with the approval of the former Jiangsu Provincial Education Committee. In May 2005, it was established as an independent college with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

The college is located in the core area of Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and Yangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, two national parks in Yangzhou. The campus covers an area of more than 800 acres, surrounded by water on three sides, and adopts a garden-like layout. The center is prominent, the environment is elegant, the landscape is harmonious, and people and nature live in harmony. The teaching facilities are complete, the experimental equipment is advanced, the library resources are abundant, and the campus network is perfect. Green, campus-oriented, ecological, open, and human-friendly green campus.

Guangling College of Yangzhou University currently has 38 undergraduate majors and more than 10,000 students. Since enrollment in 1999, the college has always adhered to the “people-oriented, mechanism innovation, quality and efficiency, and distinctive characteristics” school philosophy. More than ten graduates have been welcomed by employers, and many outstanding alumni have emerged in their respective schools. At the same time as the post is established, it also adds glory to the college. The employment rate of college graduates has remained above 97%.

The college insists on administering the school strictly and has formed the characteristics of student education and management in which strict management and humanistic care, service first and cultural influence are integrated. Encourage students to participate in practice, students organize 48 societies on their own; and carry out a variety of colorful activities such as the “Cultivation in Guangling” science and culture festival, student community culture festival, architectural culture festival, clothing and leather goods culture festival, nurse culture festival, grammar culture festival, etc. Campus activities, the college has been rated as the advanced unit of the Communist Youth League of Jiangsu Province.

The college now has a variety of scholarships, including national scholarships, national inspirational scholarships, special scholarships, principal scholarships, Zhu Jingwen scholarships, and national scholarships. The awards are more than 40%. Annual, student, national inspirational scholarship 5,000 yuan / year, student, special scholarship 6,000 yuan / year, student. The college also provides social scholarships such as the “National Scholarship Scholarship”, “Yangzhou Wutingqiao Cylinder Liner Scholarship”, and “Optimus Prime Scholarship”, with annual grants exceeding 1 million yuan. The amount of work-study grant is about 3 million yuan.

Guangling College of Yangzhou University aims at cultivating applied talents and attaches importance to innovation and entrepreneurship. There are many innovative entrepreneurship funds such as the “University Entrepreneurship Incubation Fund”, “Aiwen Entrepreneurship Fund” and “Yangjie Electronic Innovation Fund”, which provide a good platform for students to carry out scientific and technological innovation activities, participate in entrepreneurial practices, and participate in various competitions. . Has successively participated in the national “Challenge Cup” college students extracurricular academic scientific and technological works competition, the national “creating youth” university entrepreneurship competition, the national “Internet +” university student innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the national university student computer design competition, the national university student modeling innovation competition, the national university student advanced achievement Figure technology and product information modeling innovation competition, national luggage design competition and other competitions have achieved good results. Efforts to build school characteristics, continuously improve core competitiveness, and take practical measures to help students take the postgraduate entrance examination. Each year, graduates from Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Southeast University, and Yangzhou University have a higher rate of graduates at home and abroad. 32.5%, 38.9% in gardening majors, 30.6% in microelectronics majors, etc. Many other graduates have been recruited to the national civil service team, national grassroots projects, and institutions at all levels.

As the first independent college of Jiangsu Province, Guangling College of Yangzhou University, Guangling College of Yangzhou University, 20 years after its founding, has shown the vitality of “advanced school running concept, distinctive teaching features, comprehensive strength, good social credibility and broad development prospects”. Centuries of self-reliance, great vitality, Guangling pioneering and innovation, let us work together to create glory in the new historical journey.


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