Guangdong Vocational College of Post and Telecom

Guangdong Vocational College of Post and Telecom

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Introduction to Guangdong Vocational College of Post and Telecom

Guangdong Vocational College of Post and Telecom (广东邮电职业技术学院, website) was founded in 1949. It was formerly known as Guangdong Post and Telecommunications School. In 2002, it was approved by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and upgraded to an ordinary higher vocational college. It is the only full-time public school in Guangdong Higher vocational colleges in the field of communication and communication were selected as the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot units in the country, the first national top 50 vocational college service contribution, and the Guangzhou innovation and entrepreneurship (incubation) demonstration base.

The school is located in the cultural district of Tianhe University in Guangzhou, with convenient transportation, elegant environment and superior conditions. There are more than 400 faculty members, a campus area of more than 100,000 square meters, and a building area of more than 90,000 square meters. It has modern teaching, scientific research equipment and advanced network system platforms synchronized with those of the information and communication industry enterprises, as well as comprehensive training, Software, hardware and other resources such as teaching, experiments, practical training, conferences, room and board, and sports.

Relying on the information and communication industry, Guangdong Vocational College of Post and Telecom adheres to the school-running concept of integration of production and education and collaborative innovation, is committed to advocating and practicing the concept of lifelong education, with the mission of “cultivating communication talents, enhancing customer value, and serving lifelong education” to create The ecosystem of academic education and on-the-job training co-existing and co-prosperous, integrated development, strengthening its own hematopoietic function, stronger and better academic education, strengthening and expanding on-the-job training. The “dual-track” schooling model has gradually built a high-tech talent training base integrating education, training, and service and a new high-land for life-long education and training of in-service personnel.

Guangdong Vocational College of Post and Telecom diploma education takes the new generation of information technology as the core, and builds three major professional groups including a new generation of information technology professional group, mobile Internet professional group, and information service professional group. It has a mobile communication college, information and communication engineering Colleges, Colleges of Computer, School of Economics and Management, College of Modern Apprenticeship Education, and School of Entrepreneurship, train high-quality technical and skilled personnel who have “high professionalism, strong execution, technical skills, hard work, and good communication”, and build a “school Enterprise integration, engineering and family ”, professional skills training system with equal emphasis on technical skills and comprehensive quality, unique industry characteristics. The school deepened the school-enterprise-enterprise cooperation and cross-regional cooperation, led the establishment of China Communications Service Vocational Education Alliance and Guangdong Communications Vocational Education Group to jointly train talents with enterprises, implemented “2 + 1” order-based training, modern apprenticeship, middle and high school Cooperate with “3 + 2”, “3 + 2” books, “3 + 1” books between China and France, and Finland, and cooperate with domestic famous universities to carry out “upgrading to undergraduate” and “upgrading to undergraduate” adult education promotion cooperation Cultivation mode, and actively expand the channel for international talents training.

Guangdong Vocational College of Post and Telecom makes full use of the functions of higher vocational colleges to serve the society, and builds a diversified social service model focusing on on-the-job training. A lifelong education platform for on-the-job vocational learning, helping to enhance customer value. For many years, the school has been based on the information and communication industry, facing various industries in the society, based on Guangdong, and radiating all over the country, and has organized diversified training services. The training business courses are complete, the training forms are diverse, the planning ability is outstanding, and the teacher lineup is strong. In 2001, it passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. The school has undertaken many national and provincial large-scale projects. In addition to the information and communications industry, the cooperative customers also include government, education, banking, insurance, electricity, tobacco, transportation, postal and other enterprises and institutions. The service training amounted to 665,000 person-days.

Since the start of the school, Guangdong Vocational College of Post and Telecom has trained nearly 50,000 full-time graduates, more than 40,000 students in correspondence education and modern distance information education, and jointly run schools to train nearly 7,000 postgraduates. Man-day provides strong talent output and service support for social and economic development and industrial upgrading.


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