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Guangdong Songshan Polytechnic College


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Introduction to Guangdong Songshan Polytechnic College

Guangdong Songshan Polytechnic College (广东松山职业技术学院, website) is a full-time ordinary higher vocational college hosted by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and directly under the management of the Guangdong Provincial Education Department.

The college is located in the southern suburbs of Shaoguan City, adjacent to the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, close to the Guangshao Highway, and adjacent to the famous Nanhua Temple in the northern part of Guangdong. “Wide, thick, flat, and peaceful” reading fertile soil.

Guangdong Songshan Polytechnic College adhering to the school-oriented philosophy of “people-oriented, education innovation, administering the school according to law, and all-round development”, carrying forward the school motto of “request, dedication, pragmatism, and innovation”, taking Lide as the fundamental task and service development as its purpose Oriented to promote employment and strive for excellence, in 2005 passed the Ministry of Education’s assessment of the level of talent training in higher vocational colleges, the overall employment rate of graduates in recent years have been above 99%, among the top universities in the province.

The college consists of 7 secondary teaching units including the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Economic Management, the Department of Foreign Languages, the Basic Teaching Department, and the Teaching Department of Ideological and Political Theory. There are 9,468 full-time college students; 509 faculty members, including 140 with graduate degrees or master’s degrees; 90 full-time teachers with a associate degree or higher, and 180 double-qualified teachers; National Excellent Teachers, Guangdong Province 1 Labor Medal, 1 Red Flag Carrier in Guangdong Province, 4 Excellent Teachers in Nan Yue, 1 Excellent Education Worker in Nan Yue, 4 Technical Experts in Guangdong Province, 3 Talents Enjoying the Special Allowance of the Municipal Government in Shaoguan City in the First Phase, Guangdong Province ” The “Thousands and Tens” project trains 13 people, 2 outstanding young teachers in Guangdong universities, and 33 middle and young teachers visiting scholars at home and abroad. The college currently has 98 part-time teachers, and has hired a group of outstanding technical talents represented by the National People’s Congress, National Technical Expert, and Craftsman Luo Dongyuan as guest professors and moral education mentors, creating a group of professional leaders, backbone teachers and High-quality faculty with dual teachers as the main body and a combination of specialized and combined teachers. In recent years, teachers in our college have repeatedly achieved good results in various skills competitions, and have achieved fruitful teaching and research results.

Guangdong Songshan Polytechnic College adheres to survival by quality, seeks development by characteristics, and has achieved fruitful school results: the college was awarded the 2008-2010 Excellent School of Public Security Comprehensive Management in Guangdong Province, the National Advanced Unit of Higher Vocational Education in Metallurgy, and National Higher Education Advanced Collective of Educational Management, Advanced Collective of Mental Health Education in Guangdong Province, Advanced Unit of Guangdong University Graduates Enlistment, Advanced Unit of Guangdong University Student Recruitment Work, Guangdong College and Secondary School Student Volunteers Summer Social Practice of “Three Going to the Countryside” The advanced unit of the activity, the advanced collective of Guangdong education system concerned about the next generation of work, and other honorary titles; the party committee of the college was awarded the provincial education system excellent organization award, the solid foundation and strong foundation engineering innovation award, 2018 Shaoguan City Party Branch Organizational life innovation case outstanding organization award; the college employment guidance work won the fourth place in the province in the evaluation of employment guidance work for ordinary college graduates in Guangdong Province, and the national student loan work won the excellent level in the provincial education department assessment.

Guangdong Songshan Polytechnic College adheres to the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and promotes the integration of professional settings and industrial needs, the integration of curriculum content and vocational standards, the connection between teaching processes and production processes, the connection between graduation certificates and vocational qualification certificates, vocational education and lifelong learning The concept of “docking” actively explores talent training models such as order-type talent training, mid-to-high-level vocational training, three-two-segment talent training, and modern apprenticeship, forming a professional group with a reasonable layout and prominent features that closely combines local economic development and job needs . Among them, the major of electrical automation technology is a demonstrative major of higher vocational education in the province; the three majors of numerical control technology, software technology, and logistics management are key majors of higher vocational education in Guangdong Province; the majors of mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and management, marketing, and planning are: The central government supports higher vocational colleges to enhance the professional service industry development capacity of key construction majors; digital electronics and information technology is the key construction specialty of provincial higher vocational education; mechatronics is the first batch of provincial higher vocational education specialty specialty construction projects.

Guangdong Songshan Polytechnic College continues to deepen the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and work-study integration in accordance with the needs of development and distinctive characteristics of development. It will give full play to the advantages of relying on Shaogang, and explore the establishment of “plant-in-school” and “school-in-plant” practice Training bases, built a number of internal and external training bases that integrate teaching, training, and skill appraisal. Led by the construction of special support funds projects of central finance and provincial finance, the hardware resources for experiments and training have been further enriched, and a national, provincial and college-level three-level training base system has been initially formed.

The college has 19 facilities with advanced facilities and full-featured training bases, and a total of 83 laboratories, training rooms and computer rooms. Among them, there are two vocational education training bases supported by the central government: vocational education training bases for electronics, electrical engineering and automation technology, advanced manufacturing technology training bases for CNC technology majors; 8 provincial training bases: mechanical and electrical maintenance training bases, and electronics Information engineering technology training base, CNC technology training base, electromechanical technology public training center, mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and management high-skilled talent cultivation base, mold design and manufacturing professional and technical talent cultivation base, software technology professional and technical talent cultivation base 1 provincial public training center: public training center for electromechanical technology; 1 Guangdong youth science and technology education base.

Guangdong Songshan Polytechnic College has vigorously developed school-enterprise cooperation. It has 150 stable internship training bases in Shaoguan and the Pearl River Delta, among which 4 are off-campus practice teaching bases for provincial college students: Baosteel Group Shaoguan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Shaoguan Branch), Guangzhou Youdi Information Technology Co., Ltd., Qujiang Youth League Committee (Shaoguan). In Baosteel Group Guangdong Shaoguan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., there are 30 practical training sites.

Guangdong Songshan Polytechnic College has comprehensively promoted the construction of campus culture. The first is to strengthen the construction of material culture and promote the construction of books and information resources. There are music rooms, painting rooms, physical training rooms, Jiuling Square, Songlin Park, and standard plastic track and field athletic fields, football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and volleyball courts. Sports venues and facilities such as sports courts, badminton courts, etc .; second, the implementation of college student quality development projects, the establishment of a system of awards, assistance, loans, reductions and exemptions, relying on 95 student associations such as the College Student Employment and Lifelong Development Association, Mental Health Association, English Club, etc. Give full play to the leading role of brand activities such as Red Culture Festival, Campus Reading Festival, Business Culture Festival, Dormitory Culture Festival, Community Culture Festival, Science and Technology Innovation Competition, and vigorously strengthen mental health education, humanities education and social practice, to give students the advantage and display their talents Provided a broad space for activities, promoted “the integration of science education and humanities education”, and cultivated the humanistic spirit of “emphasis on personality, ethics, altruism, and harmony.”

With 43 years of development history, Guangdong Songshan Polytechnic College has accumulated rich experience in teaching, skills training, student management, and employment of graduates, forming a distinctive school characteristics and campus culture. Since the establishment of the school, a large number of outstanding engineering and technical talents, management backbones and a group of entrepreneurial talents represented by Huang Xiaobo have been cultivated, represented by Zhuang Qinghui, a “National Technical Expert” and “Enjoying State Council Allowance”. Our graduates are known for their solid theoretical foundation, strong professional skills, and high comprehensive quality. They also have good professionalism and innovative consciousness, and have been widely praised by employers for many years.

The college has high-quality teaching staff, advanced and complete teaching facilities, elegant campus environment and convenient transportation conditions. It has created a good learning and living environment for talented scholars, and also promotes the accumulation of technical skills for enterprises and institutions, The platform for scientific research and training of order talents has been set up, and the main function and effect of the cultural education of our college have been fully demonstrated.


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