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Introduction to Guangdong Polytechnic Institute

Guangdong Polytechnic Institute (广东理工职业学院, website) was established in 2005. It is a public institution of higher vocational education, mainly under engineering, directly under the Provincial Department of Education. It implements a “one team, two brands” management system with Guangdong Open University, sharing resources and complementing each other’s advantages.

The school has two campuses, Zhongshan and Nanhai. The main campus is located in the picturesque Wugui Mountain Scenic Area in Zhongshan City, home of the great Sun Yat-sen, covering an area of more than 1,000 acres. The campus is surrounded by green hills, shaded by greenery, and elegant and quiet. It is a green school with beautiful surroundings. It is a model school for governing schools according to law in Guangdong Province.

Guangdong Polytechnic Institute has the School of Artificial Intelligence, the School of Engineering Technology (Internet of Things School), the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (School of Standardization), the School of Robotics, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Law and Administration (School of Health Industry), the School of Cultural Communication and Design, Foreign language college, rural revitalization college, automobile engineering college, Marxism college, public teaching department and other teaching units. There are about 12,000 full-time students.

Guangdong Polytechnic Institute builds an open and shared institutional system, realizes coordinated development with industry companies, coordinated development of vocational education and open education, actively develops modern apprenticeship talent training, and establishes a model talent training base that integrates vocational education with higher education and specialization. Improve the quality of personnel training and make solid progress for the construction of high-level vocational colleges.

The school proactively adapts to the development needs of industries such as the advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry in the Pearl River Delta. It is guided by industry and vocational needs. It has established 42 majors covering electronic information, manufacturing, civil engineering, finance, tourism, public utilities, cultural education, and art design. The nine major categories of media and law have initially formed majors focusing on engineering majors such as electronic information engineering technology, Internet of Things application technology, computer network technology, and industrial robotics, with investment and wealth management, senior services and management as the support. layout.

Guangdong Polytechnic Institute has a strong faculty and a well-structured and high-level faculty. It currently has 41 senior professional titles, 119 deputy senior professional titles, 4 Ph.D./Master’s tutors, 59 Ph.D., 403 Master, “Dual teacher quality” 366 teachers. At present, there are 5 national outstanding teachers and national model teachers, 2 teaching teachers in Guangdong universities, 1 teaching teacher in the “Guangdong Special Support Program”, 19 outstanding teachers in Guangdong Province, and “Thousand, Hundred, Ten” engineering schools in Guangdong universities. Level 18 training objects, 6 teachers were hired as members of the Guangdong Province Higher Vocational Education Professional Teaching Steering Committee, 12 teachers were selected as outstanding young teacher training programs in Guangdong colleges and universities and high-skilled talent attraction in higher vocational colleges in Guangdong Province plan.

Guangdong Polytechnic Institute integrates innovation and entrepreneurship education into the entire process of talent training, and builds a “three modernizations” education system in which innovation, entrepreneurship education is popularized, integrated, and specialized; the innovation and entrepreneurship education is integrated with professional courses and teaching, and basic enlightenment classes , Interest guidance, knowledge and skills, practical training class cascade course system. The school and the Zhongshan Municipal People’s Government jointly established an educational incubation base for innovation and entrepreneurship of the Internet of Things, together with Guangzhou Maoming Chamber of Commerce and Guangdong Wanxun Agricultural Co., Ltd., jointly established a “three-in-one” college student entrepreneurship incubation base. The Undergraduate Venture Street was completed and put into use.

Guangdong Polytechnic Institute has 1 national vocational skills appraisal institute, 1 national nursing service demonstration major in vocational colleges, 2 central financial support construction majors, 1 provincial key major, 1 provincial key major construction project, and provincial brand 2 professional construction projects, 3 national planning textbooks for vocational education, 1 provincial excellent vocational education teaching team, 1 provincial excellent course, 5 provincial excellent (online) open course construction projects, and provincial excellent resource sharing 1 class construction project, 1 provincial high-quality video public class construction project, 2 ideological and political theory courses in Guangdong colleges and universities, 14 provincial education reform projects, and 1 provincial teaching standard. The school has 34 training bases of various types, including 3 provincial training bases, 2 provincial public training centers, and 7 provincial college students’ practice teaching bases. The school has signed cooperation agreements with more than 120 enterprises and has 140 off-campus internship training bases.


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