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Guangdong Nanfang Institute of Technology


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Introduction to Guangdong Nanfang Institute of Technology

Guangdong Nanfang Institute of Technology (广东南方职业学院, website) is a full-time general college approved by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. Since the start of the school, the school has insisted on employment orientation and put the quality of talent training as the top priority of school work. It has continuously adjusted and optimized the professional structure in response to the economic development needs of Guangdong Province, especially the Pearl River Delta region, and emerging industry trends in artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing. , Formed a professional layout of comprehensive development of engineering, economics, management, literature and other disciplines. College admissions code: 14265.

Guangdong Nanfang Institute of Technology is located in the scenic area of Jiangmen City. The green road is 6 kilometers long and covers an area of more than 1,400 acres. The current building area is more than 300,000 square meters and there are more than 10,000 full-time students. The overall employment rate of graduates is more than 98% each year. Intelligent systems and big data research centers, Guangdong Nanda Robotics Co., Ltd., Guangdong Zhigong Machine Tool Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangdong Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, and Guangdong University Collaborative Innovation Incubation Center are set up on campus , Guangdong Province robot application technology innovation base, science and technology creation space and other practice bases.

The school has secondary schools such as the School of Construction Engineering, the School of Intelligent Manufacturing, the School of Management, the School of Economics and Trade, the School of Information and Computer, and the School of Marxism, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the School of International Education. There are 591 faculty members in the school, and professors, associate professors, engineers, lecturers, doctors, masters and other teachers are proportionately allocated, of which 25% are teachers with associate titles or higher, 41.13% are teachers with intermediate titles, and graduates have graduates. 34.66%, the proportion of dual-teacher teachers was 61.37%. The teaching facilities are complete, and the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is RMB 65,469,300. All classrooms are equipped with multimedia teaching equipment, and all majors are equipped with corresponding experimental training rooms. There are VBSE virtual social business environment training centers, Industry 4.0 simulation production workshops, CNC machining centers, accounting manual simulation training rooms, ERP sandboxes. Simulation comprehensive laboratory, computer training laboratory, business operation training room, simulation guide room, logistic operation sandbox training room, circuit basic training room, soil mechanics training room, PLC technology training room, communication engineering practice More than 50 large-scale training laboratories such as training rooms, intelligent integrated production lines for industrial robots. The school library building contains functions such as libraries, reading rooms, technological innovation and entrepreneurship, and international academic exchanges. It has comprehensively introduced artificial intelligent management. The library has 1.2 million volumes of books, more than 1,000 types of periodicals, and the reading room is equipped with more than 5,000 seats.

Guangdong Nanfang Institute of Technology has a full range of living facilities. There are provincial-level safety demonstration canteens, supermarkets, banks, medical centers, mobile communication service halls and other living facilities. The student apartments are equipped with independent air conditioning, hot air, direct drinking water, and free internet. The campus environment is bright, mountains, birds and flowers, is a good place to study and study. The school has convenient transportation, and there are multiple buses from the city center to the college, the Pearl River Delta intercity light rail and the Shenmao high-speed rail within easy reach. It can reach Guangzhou and all parts of the province, achieving a two-hour living circle in the province.

Guangdong Nanfang Institute of Technology has built recreational and sports facilities such as artificial lakes, sightseeing kiosks, dance gyms, large performing arts stages, lighting courts, standard sports fields, and indoor gyms. It also has more than 40 clubs such as roller skating, basketball, football, martial arts, badminton, table tennis, taekwondo, literature club, animation club, love club, drama club, English salon, and popular frontline. The rich community activities provide students with an opportunity to develop themselves, show themselves, and challenge themselves.

Since the school started, the school has fully implemented the party ’s education policy, serving the society as its purpose, employment-oriented, a combination of production, teaching, research, and incubation. The talent training model has adopted “inspiring the morals, ending with the best” as the school motto to cultivate moral Talents with comprehensive development of wisdom, body, and beauty emphasize emphasizing morality, building morality, and putting moral education first before they are subordinate to morality. Based on the philosophy of “seeking morality, seeking knowledge, energy, and career”, to train students to develop good social morals, professional ethics, family virtues, and personal morality. On this basis, cultivate professional skills and innovative abilities as the core. Various capabilities. In order to deepen teaching reform and strengthen students’ practical ability in practice, the school founded high-tech school-run enterprises such as Guangdong Nanda Robotics Co., Ltd., Guangdong Zhigong Machine Tool Equipment Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Xinyu Investment Co., Ltd., and incubated with school-run enterprises and technological innovation. Based on the base, the introduction of the “new modern apprenticeship” teaching model, creating a platform for training innovative talents, and training technical and application-oriented comprehensive talents for enterprises. In 2017, Guangdong Nanda Robot Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “National High-tech Enterprise”.

In order to stimulate students’ enthusiasm for knowledge exploration and quickly grow them into high-quality skilled talents, Guangdong Nanfang Institute of Technology actively organizes students to participate in vocational skills competitions at all levels. The skill competitions organized within the school alone exceed RMB 1 million each year. Since running the school, students have won more than 1,000 awards in skills competitions. In 2018, our students won the national third prize in the National College Student Robot Competition, the first prize in the 14th National Vocational College “New Road Cup” Sand Table Simulation Operation Competition, and the professional ability of financial accounting in national vocational colleges. Won the second and third prizes in the contest (higher vocational group), won the first prize in the national professional skills “Southern Surveying and Mapping Cup” contest, and won the first prize in the seventh “Blue Bridge Cup” national software and information technology talent contest. prize. In addition, it has won nearly 300 awards in national, provincial and municipal professional skill competitions.

Guangdong Nanfang Institute of Technology has cooperated with South China Normal University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangdong University of Finance and Economics to organize communication and promotion colleges; set up Wuhan University of Technology online education college promotion colleges to create conditions for students to advance colleges Cooperation with internationally renowned universities such as the University of Newman in the UK and the Regent University in London to provide students with the opportunity to study abroad. The school has established school-enterprise cooperative relations with more than 1,000 enterprises, creating training, internship and employment platforms, and cooperates with some large enterprises to set up scholarships to train outstanding talents for enterprises.


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