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Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic


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Introduction to Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic

Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic (广东机电职业技术学院, website), located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, is a public full-time engineering college that is affiliated with the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education. The college has a long history of running schools. It was formerly known as the Guangdong Agricultural Mechanization Technical School established in 1963, and has gone through the development stages of “Guangdong Agricultural Machinery Technical School”, “Guangdong Agricultural Mechanical and Electrical School”, and “Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical School”. In 2001, with the approval of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, the school was upgraded to a higher vocational college, opening a new chapter in rapid development. The college is a national “double high” plan construction unit, a national high-quality vocational college, a top-ranking vocational college construction unit in Guangdong Province, a demonstration college in Guangdong province, a demonstration school for governing schools in accordance with the law, and the third batch of occupations nationwide The digital campus construction experimental school of the university, Guangdong Province ’s safe and civilized campus, and the Guangdong province ’s energy-saving demonstration colleges were awarded the “Top 50 National Higher Vocational College Service Contributions” in 2017, and the “Education Achievement in National Higher Vocational Colleges in 2019” “Top 50”, “Top 50 for Service Contribution”, “Top 50 for International Influence”, “Top 50 for Student Management”.

Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic currently has 15,000 full-time students and more than 4,700 students in adult higher education. It has two campuses, the South Campus and the North Campus. The South Campus is conveniently located on the banks of the beautiful Baiyun Mountain and has convenient transportation. Vocational education has a strong atmosphere in Zhongluotan Vocational College in Guangzhou; the total campus area is 807 acres, and the building area of the school is 250,000 square meters.

The college includes the Advanced Manufacturing Technology College, the School of Electrical Technology, the School of Automotive, the School of Computer and Design, the School of Electronics and Communications, the School of Economics and Trade, the School of Logistics, the School of Foreign Languages and Business, the College of Marxism, the College of Continuing Education, and the Ministry of Physical Education. Ministry, actively meeting the needs of local economic and social development, and opened 44 specialties, forming a professional structure of “advanced manufacturing professional group as the main body, electronic information industry and modern service industry professional group as two wings” professional structure. The college has 1 national demonstration major, 2 central financial support construction majors, 10 national backbone majors, 3 provincial demonstration majors, 8 provincial key majors, and 2 provincial first-class brand majors. There are 9 brand majors; there are 1 national-level boutique online open courses and 22 provincial-level boutique online open courses.

Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic has more than 900 in-service faculty members and a reasonable teaching structure. Among them, there are more than 780 full-time teachers, 90% of whom have dual faculty qualities, 35% or more of them have titles of associate high or higher, and 73% or more have master’s or higher degrees. The college has one national advanced worker, one national outstanding teacher, one national technical expert, one national “Ten Thousand Plan” teaching master, one Guangdong “May 1 Labor Medal”, and one provincial special support teaching master. 2 persons, 3 provincial teaching teachers, 8 excellent teachers in Nanyue, 2 outstanding educators in Nanyue, 5 professional leaders in provincial level, 4 excellent young teachers in provincial level, and “Provincial Talent Training Project” The training target is 6 people, 5 provincial-level excellent teaching teams, and 59 provincial high-level skilled part-time teachers.

Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic adheres to the road of coordinated development of quality, scale, and efficiency, with teachers as the mainstay and students as the mainstay, actively exploring teaching reforms, focusing on improving the quality of education and teaching and the comprehensive benefits of running schools. Teachers have won 3 national teaching achievement awards and 10 provincial teaching achievement awards; participated in the construction of 2 national-level vocational education specialty teaching resource bank establishment projects. The participation rate of students participating in skill competitions has reached 100%, and the results are outstanding. In the past five years, a total of 483 awards have been won in various vocational skills competitions at all levels, including the national, provincial and municipal levels. Among them: the 2017 national vocational college skills competition award ranking 1st in the province and 13th in the country; won the “2016-2017 Special Contribution Award of Guangdong Vocational College Skills Contest” issued by the Provincial Department of Education in 2017; in the evaluation results of 2012-2016 national ordinary college competition (higher vocational education) Ranked 3rd in the province and 56th in the country, and entered the national advanced ranks. The college ranked 3rd and 2nd in the province in the construction evaluation of “Innovative and Strong Schools” in 2015 and 2018, and ranked 2nd in the province in the mid-term inspection of Guangdong’s top universities.

The college attaches great importance to cultivating students’ ability to innovate and entrepreneurship. Through the establishment of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, it draws a map of the growth of dual-innovation talents to help students “exploit their personal potential, realize their own value, and make themselves more brilliant.” In the past five years, students have won 237 national and provincial awards and 14 provincial projects, including 33 national awards (including 1 special award and 7 first prizes) and 148 provincial awards. Items (including 9 first prizes and 27 first prizes). The college was awarded 19 projects of “Climbing Plan” for Guangdong University Students’ Special Funds for Science and Technology Innovation Cultivation, with funding of RMB 440,000. The total funding in 2017 ranked 1st in the province and 2nd in 2018. In the past three years, there have been 39 successful cases of student entrepreneurship, and innovative entrepreneurship projects have been successfully incubated, and 12 companies have been established.

Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic takes quality education as its core, and insists on training high-quality technical and technical talents with production, construction, management, and service front-line capabilities with self-management, independent learning, and self-motivated growth capabilities. Excellent graduates with excellent quality and quick job adaptation have been hired by well-known domestic companies. The employment network mainly radiates the Pearl River Delta. The initial employment rate of graduates has always been stable at more than 98%, basically achieving dignity and decent quality employment for students. The college adheres to the leadership of “craftsmanship”, relies on the national vocational skills appraisal station, and actively implements the “dual certificate” system. The rate of obtaining dual certificates for graduates is 100%, and the rate of obtaining advanced professional qualification certificates is 42.24%.

Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic adheres to the tenet of service and serves Guangdong’s economic and social development. It has been selected as the “High-quality Provincial Vocational Teacher Training Training Base” by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. Demonstration training base for skilled talents in specialized fields, training base for backbone teachers of secondary and higher vocational colleges in Guangdong Province, one of the two universities in Guangzhou’s first batch of special operation qualification units, Guangzhou’s production safety qualification Examination site, National Information Technology Examination Station of the Ministry of Industry and Information Industry. It has 3 training and appraisal qualifications including the National Vocational Skills Appraisal Office, the National Computer Hi-tech Examination Station, and the Guangdong Province Special Operator Safety Technology Training Unit. It can carry out vocational qualification appraisal for 81 types of work, including milling workers, CNC milling workers, maintenance electricians, Car mechanics are qualified as senior technicians. In 2019, the college became the first batch of “1 + X certificate system pilots” in the country. Among the first 6 “1 + X certificate system pilots”, five colleges were approved.

Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic implements the development strategy of “open school running and collaborative innovation” and conducts extensive domestic and international exchanges and cooperation. On the one hand, it has deeply cultivated the integration of production, education and school-enterprise cooperation, and achieved in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with well-known enterprises such as “FAW-Volkswagen”, “Jaguar Land Rover” and “Midland”. It has established 358 off-campus training bases and has national-level training bases. 5 8 provinces, 3 national collaborative innovation centers, 1 national skill master studio, 1 national simulation training center, 1 national public training center, and the first batch of provincial collaborative innovation in Guangdong There is one development center, one first provincial collaborative education platform, and ten practical education bases for university students above the provincial level. In 2015, it became one of the country’s first batch of 100 modern apprenticeship pilot units. The value of the college’s teaching and scientific research equipment is 156 million yuan, and it has played a prominent role in personnel training, scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship, product research and development, technology promotion, and social services. The College led the formation of Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Vocational Education Group in September 2011, and was selected as a Guangdong Model Vocational Education Group in 2018. On the other hand, it has carried out the training of international students. Currently, there are 65 foreign students studying for education; it runs overseas schools and establishes cooperative relations with Siem Reap Southeast Asian University in Cambodia, New Age University in Malaysia, Encyclopedia University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Zung Kong Independent Middle School in Malaysia. “Going out” companies carry out employee education and training.

Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic strengthened party building, based on strengthening the core role of party committee leadership, and enhanced the grass-roots party organizations’ “political guidance, ideological guidance, mass organization, and social appeal” “Building people” to build a three-round education system is the fundamental point and implement the “nine major projects” (seeking truth project, spring rain project, value project, pilot project, network project, breeze project, pacesetter project, spark project, connected heart project) In promoting the center work of the college, it has fully played the role of the fighting fortress of the grass-roots party organization and the vanguard exemplary role of party members. The grass-roots party building work has also achieved significant development achievements: the student branch of the Party branch of the Institute of Electrical Technology and the party branch of the Party branch The government-run party branch was awarded the “learning, innovative, and service-oriented” party branch of Guangdong colleges and universities in 2017 and 2018 respectively; the party branch of the School of Electrical Engineering was selected as the 2018 “Guangdong Provincial Party Construction Work Benchmarking Department” cultivation and creation unit, automobile The Party branch of the College ’s Party branch and the Labor Party branch have been selected to be cultivated in the province and the nation ’s “model party branch for party building work” Construction units.

Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Polytechnic strives to build a professional group leading reform, supporting development, Chinese characteristics, and world-class standards, building a first-class vocational college in the country, cultivating “big country craftsmen” for the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Year “makes great contribution to the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


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