Guangdong Eco-Engineering Polytechnic

Guangdong Eco-Engineering Polytechnic

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Introduction to Guangdong Eco-Engineering Polytechnic

Guangdong Eco-Engineering Polytechnic (广东生态工程职业学院, website) is a full-time public higher vocational college established by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government in March 2014 and approved by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government. Its predecessor was the first batch of national key secondary technical schools established in Guangdong in 1953. Provincial Forestry Vocational and Technical School.

The college is located in Guangzhou, which enjoys the reputation of “Flower City”, covers an area of 612 acres, is adjacent to the South China Botanical Garden, and is covered by the “Longdong Station” of Metro Line 6. The college is a “civilized unit” in Guangdong Province, a “garden-style unit” in Guangzhou, a national “May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee” unit, a “national most competitive employment model college” unit, a “mass sports advanced” unit, and a national “model” The “House of Staff” is a higher vocational college with distinctive forestry ecological characteristics in South China. The college’s social popularity and reputation have been increasing year by year. It currently has 380 faculty members, with senior professional titles accounting for nearly 40%, and the number of students at school is nearly 7,000. The current party secretary is Researcher Zhang Fangqiu, and the Dean is Professor Liao Jinling.

Based on the ecological characteristics of forestry, Guangdong Eco-Engineering Polytechnic continuously strengthens the construction of connotation. Focusing on training high-quality technical and technical talents in forestry ecology as the core, and “educating people first, moral education as the first, highlighting skills, and showing characteristics” as the school running philosophy, building a school running mode of “government, school, enterprise, collaborative innovation, and deep integration” . There are 8 teaching departments including the Department of Ecological Engineering, the Department of Landscape Architecture, the Department of Horticulture, the Department of Environmental Art Design, the Department of Economics and Trade, the Department of Ecotourism and Culture, the Department of Information Engineering, and the Ministry of Basic Education. All classrooms are equipped with a multimedia teaching system, and the student dormitories and classrooms are equipped with air conditioning. The teaching and student management work is informatized. It has 400 meters of 8-track standard plastic sports field, indoor basketball court and badminton court, and has complete sports facilities for students.

Guangdong Eco-Engineering Polytechnic adheres to the integration of production and education and vigorously promotes professional construction. There are now 25 majors such as forestry technology, garden technology, horticulture technology, accounting, secretary, environmental art design, and Internet of things application technology. Relying on China (South) Modern Forestry Vocational Education Group, Guangdong Forestry Vocational Education Group, Guangdong Agricultural Vocational Education Group, National Flower Industry Technology Strategic Alliance, Guangdong Flower Association, Guangdong Wetland Association, Guangdong Garden Society, Store Manager Vocational Education Group, etc. The organization has expanded 8 collaborative education platforms. It has 3 provincial-level training centers and platforms such as Guangdong Modern Forestry Public Training Center, 6 school-level training centers such as garden technology and information technology, garden drawing, 3D simulation guides, 3D printing, 3S forestry information technology, etc. More than 20 training rooms. Established the first batch of three R & D institutions including the Forest Cultivation Research Center, the Plant Pest Control and Biological Environment Health Technology Research Center, and the Nanyue Landscape Architecture Applied Technology Research Center.

The college attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ skills and focuses on improving their professional ability. Implement the skill development incentive mechanism of “promoting learning through competition, promoting teaching through competition, promoting reform through competition”, encouraging teachers and students to participate in various skill competitions, and the award-winning projects have hit record highs. Promote and implement the “double certificate” system, and have established skill appraisal test sites covering forestry, garden and other industries. Curriculum teaching highlights the course’s foresight through the introduction of enterprise work tasks, production projects, typical new technologies, vocational skills competition projects, college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship projects, vocational skills training and appraisal projects, and product skills or other practical teaching achievements in the form of skill packages to highlight the course’s forward-looking Vocational, professional, innovative, open and practical, and constantly improve students’ comprehensive professional ability. With more than 120 enterprises and institutions to build off-campus practice bases, more than 2,000 practical skills are sent to the society each year. Graduates are widely welcomed by employers for their adaptability, strong hands-on ability, and high comprehensive quality.

Guangdong Eco-Engineering Polytechnic actively creates a cultivating atmosphere, and an ecological culture is gradually formed. The school attaches importance to integrating “ecological” elements into the colorful campus cultural and sports activities. It has nearly 50 social organizations and associations, and organizes second class activities such as music, calligraphy, painting, photography, dance, flower arrangement, and social etiquette. After 65 years of hardships and hardships, several generations of educators have persevered, formed and inherited a good school style of “unity, diligence, dedication, and innovation”, and shaped the quality culture concept of pursuing “high teaching quality, high service quality, and high talent training quality.” , Creating a “livelihood-oriented, teaching students based on their aptitude, talent for everyone” cultural atmosphere, formed a “self-discipline-based, innovative and brilliant” quality culture prototype and “campus culture + professional culture + corporate culture + quality culture + dual innovation culture “Five layers of docking culture and education system.

The college is based on the forestry industry, connects green industries, builds ecological brands, increases innovation pace, expands the scale of running schools, follows the road of industry characteristic development, adopts the strategy of opening doors and running schools, and strives to build a green cradle for southern Guangdong, for the ecological civilization construction of Guangdong, economic society Develop and cultivate more and more highly qualified technical and technical personnel.


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