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Introduction to Ganzhou Teachers College

Ganzhou Teachers College (赣州师范高等专科学校, website) was approved by the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government in 2013 and approved by the Ministry of Education for the record. It was reorganized into a full-time ordinary college on the basis of the former Gannan Education College. The school’s predecessor dates back to the Qiannan Normal School, which was founded in 1903. It has integrated and absorbed Ganzhou Normal School, Gannan Education College (Gannan Normal College Teachers College), Gannan Literary and Art School, Ningdu Normal School (Jiangnan Education College, Gannan Branches) and educational resources such as Longnan Normal School, Ruijin Normal School, and Xingguo Normal School are full-time colleges focusing on teacher education and covering professional subjects such as arts, science, physical education, and art.

Ganzhou Teachers College is located in Ganzhou City, in the high campus area of Rongjiang New District. The school is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with a patchwork and elegant atmosphere. The overall building adopts a post-modern European style and incorporates the elements of the Gannan Hakka square enclosure. The campus is planned and designed according to the standard of undergraduate colleges with a scale of 10,000 students. It covers a total area of 1034 acres and has an existing building area of 226,000 square meters. It has a library, network center, teaching building, experiment building, music building, gymnasium, and art building. Educational and teaching building groups such as schools, hospitals, swimming pools, college student activity centers, etc. have advanced laboratories, computer rooms, micro-classrooms, multimedia classrooms, speech classrooms, Mandarin training and testing centers, Chinese character writing training centers, and early childhood education training centers. The total value of facilities and equipment such as college students’ mental health education and consultation centers and teaching and scientific research equipment is 59.92 million yuan. There are 80 stable internship training bases, including 69 primary school education practice bases and 11 preschool education practice bases (kindergartens). The school has a Putonghua test station with 6 national Putonghua testers and 10 provincial Putonghua testers.

Ganzhou Teachers College currently has 480 on-the-job faculty members (380 full-time teachers), including 36 professors and 144 associate professors; more than ten teachers have been awarded as teaching master teachers in Jiangxi Province, young and middle-aged key teachers in Jiangxi universities, Provincial Teacher Ethical Model, Model Teacher in Jiangxi Province, Top Ten Sports Stars in Jiangxi Province, etc.

Ganzhou Teachers College currently has 11,640 full-time students and more than 800 adult education students. There are 12 majors including language education, mathematics education, English education, business English, preschool education, computer application, science education, music education, art education, art design, physical education, special education, etc. There are 10 teaching departments (departments) including the Department of Ideology and Politics, the Department of Chinese, the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Foreign Languages, the Department of Education, the Department of Preschool Education and Special Education, the Department of Natural Sciences and Computers, the Department of Music, the Department of Fine Arts, and the Department of Physical Education.

Ganzhou Teachers College takes “learning with lofty ideals, honours good morals” as its school motto, adheres to the school-based philosophy of “based on teacher education and serves basic education”, and cultivates excellent professional ethics, broad cultural knowledge, solid professional skills, and outstanding personal specialties to adapt to primary education and preschool Qualified teachers and other applied talents needed for education.

In recent years, Ganzhou Teachers College has achieved great results in the field of education and teaching, with professional features highlighting its effectiveness, and its training effectiveness gradually showing up. School students have repeatedly achieved good results in various competitions. In the National Standard Chinese Character Writing Contest held by the Ministry of Education in 2011, it won five first prizes, four second prizes, and one third prize, ranking among the best in similar schools across the country. In 2010 and 2011, in the province’s professional group sound, physical and beauty vocational skills competitions, the school won 4 first prizes for groups, 8 first prizes for all-round and single events. In 2012, the large Gannan tea-picking opera song “Eight Children Joining the Army” starring school graduates and participating in school students won the “Five One Project” award of the Central Propaganda Department. Chinese student He Xueyao was named the 2013 “Central Youth League” National Excellent Communist Youth League. ” In the 2016 National College Student English Contest, school students won good results in the “group second prize” and three single “first prize” and two single “second prize”. In the 2016 “Foreign Research Institute” Cup National College Students’ English Writing Competition and Speech Contest (Jiangxi Division), school students won the “Special Award” in the professional group, and participated in the national summary competition on behalf of Jiangxi Province. School students participated in the Jiangxi Provincial College Student Badminton Competition and won second place in the men’s doubles in the specialist group.

Ganzhou Teachers College has excellent academic style and academic style, and has been repeatedly rated as a “civilized unit” at the provincial and municipal levels. Department “Advanced Unit for Continuing Education for Primary and Middle School Teachers”, Jiangxi Provincial Education System “Standard Management Year”, “Innovative Development Year” Activity Advanced Collective, Jiangxi Advanced Collective of Legal System and Safety Publicity and Education for Students, Jiangxi Provincial College “Student Apartment (dormitory)” “Advanced Management Unit” and other honorary titles.

Since 2017, students from Ganzhou Teachers College have participated in the final of the 4th “Dream Cup” National Youth Calligraphy Contest. Two students won the top prize in the youth category, and 16 students won the gold prize in the youth group (there are 25 gold prizes in the youth group) ); Students from our school participated in the “Chinese Dream · Siluqing” National Youth Calligraphy Competition. One won the first prize, two won the second prize, and four won the third prize. Our aerobics team participated in the finals of the 6th National Fitness Exercise and Dance Competition 2017, sponsored by the General Administration of Sport of China, the Chinese Aerobics Association and the National Fitness Exercise Promotion Committee, and won five special awards. The dance “Spring” created by the teachers of our school was selected and sent by the China Education Television Station as the “2017 Mid-Autumn Festival”, and won the 2017 “Top Ten Most Popular Programs” of Song and Dance China. Our school’s figure skipping team won the second place in the professional team of the 15th Jiangxi Provincial Games and Figure Rope Competition.


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