Gansu Vocational College of Architecture

Gansu Vocational College of Architecture


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Introduction to Gansu Vocational College of Architecture

Gansu Vocational College of Architecture (甘肃建筑职业技术学院, website) is the only public institution of higher vocational college in the architectural category approved by the People’s Government of Gansu Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college is located in No. 200, Yanjiaping Village, Qilihe District, Lanzhou City. It was founded in 1958 and originally belonged to the Gansu Provincial Construction Engineering Corporation. In 2001, the three colleges of Gansu Construction Staff Engineering College, Gansu Construction Engineering School, and Gansu Construction Staff Secondary Professional School merged to form Gansu Construction Vocational and Technical College. At the end of 2004, the college reorganization system was transferred to the management of the Gansu Provincial Construction Department and became a school owned by the whole people. At the end of 2008, it successfully passed the assessment of the personnel training level of the Ministry of Education. The construction unit of higher vocational colleges “successfully passed the second round of evaluation of talent training by the Ministry of Education and the acceptance of the construction project of provincial demonstration schools at the end of 2013. It is now the” Gansu Model Higher Vocational College “. In June 2017, it was successfully selected as one of the “13 high-quality vocational college training schools in Gansu Province”.

Gansu Vocational College of Architecture is mainly full-time higher vocational education, and it also has adult higher education, job training, vocational skills training and other forms of school running. There are more than 7,000 full-time higher vocational students. The college has 8 teaching departments: Department of Architectural Engineering, Department of Transportation Engineering, Department of Environmental and Municipal Engineering, Department of Architecture, Department of Building Economic Management, Department of Surveying and Mapping Geography Information, Department of Basic Courses, and Department of Political Science. Construction engineering technology, engineering cost, road and bridge engineering technology, heating ventilation and air-conditioning engineering technology, and engineering measurement technology are featured, forming civil engineering, transportation, water conservancy, equipment manufacturing, resources and environment and safety, electronic information, finance and commerce The professional structure of 39 majors in 7 categories is coordinated and developed. Relying on the Gansu Institute of Construction, “Gansu Construction Vocational Education Group” and “Gansu Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Vocational Education Group” were established. Established 2 central financial support projects to enhance the professional service industry development capacity key construction majors, 6 provincial-level specialty majors, 5 provincial-level model colleges key construction majors, 2 college-level specialty majors, forming a stable development of traditional majors, Characteristic specialty has obvious advantages, and key specialty construction is outstanding.

Gansu Vocational College of Architecture currently has 465 faculty members, 394 full-time teachers, 227 “double-teacher” teachers, 6 professors, 73 associate professors, 4 senior engineers, and 17 senior engineers. The college also employs more than 136 high- and intermediate-level engineering and technical personnel with rich practical experience as part-time teachers and instructors for internship training.

The college now covers an area of 312 acres, with a building area of 182,000 square meters; the library has more than 448,500 books and 1705GB of e-books; 14 central and provincial training bases have been built, and there are labs and simulations on campus There are 34 simulation training rooms, of which 4 are large-scale laboratories for school-enterprise cooperation; 64 long-term stable out-of-school practice training bases have been established.

Gansu Vocational College of Architecture has established the National 81st Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute, and has established a national construction industry project manager training base, a builders continuing education training base, a construction and real estate enterprise business management training base in Gansu Province, and a professional in Gansu Province. Technical staff continuing education base, Gansu province construction industry farmer industrial surplus school, Gansu province dispatched labor training center, Gansu province construction industry special operation training base, Gansu building construction enterprise technical worker training base, Gansu building and municipal engineering construction site Educational training bases such as paperless examination sites for professionals are mainly engaged in vocational training education, special job training and skills appraisal for the construction industry.

Gansu Vocational College of Architecture has cultivated and delivered nearly 50,000 highly qualified and popular construction talents for the construction of the motherland. Graduates have spread all over the country. In Gansu Province, “where there are construction sites, there are graduates of the institute.” Situation. In the past three years, teachers and students of Gansu Jianyuan have participated in national, provincial, prefectural level lecture competitions, engineering surveys, landscape architecture, engineering cost, BIM applications, financial accounting, electrical skills, computers, English and other skills competitions. Teachers received 9 awards at the prefectural level and above, students received 63 awards at the prefectural level and above, and 6 national awards. The employment rate of college graduates has reached more than 90% for many years. The enrollment score line and graduate employment rate are among the highest in the province’s vocational colleges.

After several generations of unremitting efforts, the school has achieved outstanding results. It has successively been awarded “Advanced Collective of Educational Work of the Ministry of Construction”, “Advanced Collective of Ideological and Political Work of the Ministry of Housing and Construction”, “Civilized Unit of Gansu Province”, and “Gansu Provincial Standardization Model School of Language and Character” , “Gansu Province Vocational Skills Appraisal Advanced Unit”, “Gansu Province Teachers Moral Construction Advanced Collective”, “Gansu Province Support Advanced Work Collective”, “Lanzhou Safe Campus”, “Lanzhou Green Campus”, “Lanzhou Health School” And so on.


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