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Introduction to Gansu Medical University

Gansu Medical University (甘肃医学院, website) is a full-time medical undergraduate college with a long history of running a school and an excellent tradition of running a school. Its predecessor was the Health School of Pingliang District, Gansu Province, which was founded in 1958, and was upgraded to Pingliang Medical College in 2003. 2015 Upgraded to a medical undergraduate institution with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

The university covers an area of 805 acres, with a building area of 221,500 square meters, and fixed assets of 560 million yuan. There are 28 Party, government, teaching and scientific research institutions, 302 teaching and administrative staff, and 8018 full-time students, including 4938 undergraduates .

Gansu Medical University currently has 250 full-time teachers, 105 senior titles (of which 26 are high-ranking titles), 104 teachers with master’s degree or above, including 6 doctors. At the same time, the college also hired 10 academicians and 49 doctors as adjunct professors from our well-known medical schools in China, such as Peking Union Medical College and Tianjin Medical University, to come to the school regularly for lectures and academic exchanges. 184 teachers have won the honorary titles of “National Advanced Individual in Health System”, “Professional Teacher of Teaching”, “Gardener Award”, “Advanced Individual in Moral Ethics”, and “Model Educator in Moral Ethics”. In the past 5 years, it has undertaken a total of 64 scientific research projects at the department or bureau level or above; published 658 academic papers and 101 core journal papers; published 14 monographs, 131 textbooks, and 89 invention patents; won first-class provincial teaching achievements 1 award, 5 awards for prefecture-level teaching achievements, 22 awards for various scientific research.

The university currently has 8 teaching units including the Marxism College, the Basic Medical College, the Public Course Teaching Department, the Department of Clinical Medicine, the Department of Nursing, the Department of Pharmacy, the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Information Center. There are 8 undergraduate majors in clinical medicine, nursing, pharmacy, medical testing technology, Chinese medicine, rehabilitation therapy, pediatrics, and midwifery. There are clinical medicine, stomatology, nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, medical testing technology, There are 11 specialties in health inspection and quarantine technology, Chinese medicine, rehabilitation technology, acupuncture and massage, and medical imaging technology. Admissions are offered to 16 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) nationwide. Among them, the teaching team of clinical medicine, nursing, Chinese medicine, medical inspection technology, health inspection and quarantine technology was rated as the provincial teaching team; the majors of nursing, midwifery, medical inspection technology, and clinical medicine were rated as provincial specialty; basic Nursing, pathology, human anatomy, cell biology and medical genetics were rated as provincial excellent courses. Basic nursing, pathology, human anatomy, cell biology and medical genetics, and diagnostics were rated as provincial quality resource sharing courses. Clinical Medicine and Nursing is listed by the Ministry of Finance as a major for improving the professional service industry development capacity of higher vocational colleges.

Gansu Medical University has a total value of 66.667 million yuan in teaching instruments and equipment. It has established 89 modern medical laboratories and information technology laboratories such as a network medical diagnostic room, a nursing training room, a digital interactive microscope room, and an oral training room; Pingliang was established. 5 city-level research institutes in Huangfu’s Research Institute of Pingliang City, Pingliang Academy of Economics Research, Pingliang City’s Research Institute of Health Preservation Culture, Pingliang Huangfu’s Qianlong Medicine Research Institute, Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Center of Gansu Medical College There are 911,600 books and 816 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals. Relying on modern digital technology, the college has also built a comprehensive online public service platform such as literature resources, online video teaching, and electronic reading.

Gansu Medical University currently has 1 Grade III A-level affiliated hospital, 10 non-directly affiliated hospitals, and more than 60 teaching and practice bases in and outside the province, including the Lanzhou Army General Hospital, the First University Hospital, and the Second University Hospital. It has a general medical training branch center in Gansu Province and the 11th National Vocational Skills Appraisal Office in Pingliang City.

The University fully implements the Party’s education policy, and has established full-time clinical, nursing, pharmacy, medical testing technology and related medical textbooks, and specialized education as the main body, continuing medical education, adult undergraduate education, self-study exams, and rural medical and health technician training. To complement the school structure. Established a cooperative relationship with Lanzhou University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other acupuncture colleges, and cultivated a large number of excellent medical ethics for Gansu Province and the country. Applicable medical and health personnel. The college has successively won provincial and national honorary titles such as the “Advanced Collective of the Red Cross Society of Gansu”, “Provincial Civilized Campus”, and “Advanced Collective of Employment in Gansu Province”.

Gansu Medical University will continue to promote the academic spirit of “hard work and selfless dedication”, adhere to the strategy of strengthening the school by talents, focus on the construction of connotation, improve the quality of education, and strive to build a harmonious campus with a broader vision, a more open attitude, and a more dedicated Efforts will create a new situation in the development of the college’s career, and make new and greater contributions to the development of health services and social construction in the western region, the development of medical higher education in Gansu, and people’s health.


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