Gansu Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Gansu Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


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Introduction to Gansu Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Gansu Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (甘肃机电职业技术学院, website) is located in Tianshui City, Gansu Province, known as “Longshang and Small Jiangnan”. Ordinary institutions of higher learning are affiliated to the Education Department of Gansu Province. In 2011, the provincial government approved the establishment of the Gansu Equipment Manufacturing Technician College, which mainly trains middle and senior skilled personnel and reserve technicians, and implements a “one team, two brands” management and operation system with the Gansu Mechanical and Electrical Vocational and Technical College.

The Gansu Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering currently has 467 faculty members (including the Lanzhou campus), including 69 professors and associate professors, 95 “dual teacher” teachers, and 77 doctors and masters. The college covers an area of 636 acres, with a construction area of 171,540 square meters. The total value of fixed assets is 327 million yuan, of which the total value of teaching equipment is 62.085 million yuan. The library has a collection of 279,100 books. There are 7,856 students in all categories, including full-time ordinary students. There are 6018 students in higher vocational schools, 670 students in technical colleges, and 1168 students in adult colleges.

Gansu Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has 5 teaching buildings, 9 student apartment buildings, 1 gymnasium, 2 track and field stadiums, 15 volleyball courts; 3 national levels including CNC machining, electrical and electronics, electromechanical technology, etc. Training bases, 6 on-campus practice bases, 1 shared training base in Southeast Longnan, more than 60 professional training laboratories; 1 modern student dining center with 13,000 square meters, 4 specialty restaurants; 1200 The computer center of multiple computers and 20 multimedia classrooms forms a modern campus network with gigabit optical fiber as the backbone, which integrates teaching, management, and teacher-student life services, with complete infrastructure.

Gansu Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has a department of mechanical engineering, a department of electrical engineering, a department of intelligent control, a department of vehicle engineering, a department of information engineering, a department of economic management, a teaching department of ideological and political theory, a basic teaching department, a sports work department, and a continuing education department. , Industrial centers, computer centers and other teaching institutions, 36 higher vocational majors have been set up; the 41st National Vocational Skills Appraisal Office, the National Computer Rank Examination Sites; is a high-skilled talent training base in Gansu Province; Cooperation with other universities has opened a green channel for independent undergraduate promotion, which provides a good environment for cultivating technical and skilled personnel.

Gansu Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering attaches great importance to employment work, strives to improve the employment service system, and strives to improve the employment rate and quality of employment. Through years of hard work, it has cooperated with enterprises, institutions in the province and the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Chengdu and Chengdu. More than 300 households in Chongqing, Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone, and Xinjiang have signed targeted employment agreements. On this basis, the college has carried out in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, innovated the talent training model of the school-enterprise linkage, and focused on enhancing students’ vocational skills and social adaptability. Graduates were welcomed by employers.

Gansu Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering focuses on nurturing characteristics, and has established 6 major professional groups, including intelligent processing technology, intelligent control technology, electrical and electronic technology, vehicle applications and services, information technology services, and manufacturing and supply chain management. Among them, “Mold Design and Manufacturing” and “Electrical Automation Technology” are the majors supported by the central financial department, and have been rated as the national specialty of the machinery industry; “Mold Design and Manufacturing” is a provincial key specialty. 15 construction training rooms with advanced level in the province, including 3D printing experience center, reverse engineering center, numerical control multi-axis machining simulation, and industrial robots, have been completed under the condition of difficult construction funds; Gansu Mechanical and Electrical Department has established Gansu Mechanical and Electrical Vocational Education Group, Gansu Intelligent Manufacturing Vocational Education Group, and Gansu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology established the “Gansu Provincial Mould Industry Technology Center” and “Gansu Provincial 3D Printing Application Industry Technical Center” based on the college; determined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences as “ The “National High-skilled Talent Training Base” has been identified by the National Civil Affairs Commission as the “National Model Unit for National Unity and Progress and Creation Activities”. It is the National Advanced Unit for Teaching and Scientific Research and the National Model Unit for National Unity and Progress, the National Machinery Industry Civilized Unit, and the Provincial Civilized Unit 2. The province’s advanced unit of employment and work, and the National Machinery Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee approved the college to take the lead in setting up a machinery industry intelligent equipment manufacturing (Northwest) vocational education group with increasingly distinctive school running characteristics.

Gansu Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering made breakthroughs in the construction of special high-quality schools in 2017, and the college was selected as a project cultivation unit of high-quality vocational colleges in Gansu Province. Demonstration specialty of school equipment manufacturing industry ”, the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship base based on the construction of industrial robot training center was listed as the 2017 innovation and entrepreneurship education reform project of colleges and universities. In 2018, the college hosted a large-scale event “Skills to China 2018-Enter Gansu” sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs.

The college will be guided by the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, learn and implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, adhere to the “three benefits” standard, and follow the “how to improve quality, how to cultivate characteristics, and how “College development” to creatively carry out various tasks, take the road of connotative development and unique school establishment, promote the coordinated development of scale, structure, quality, and efficiency, and strive to achieve the goal of “bright features and domestic first-class”!


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