Gansu Forestry Technological College

Gansu Forestry Technological College


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Introduction to Gansu Forestry Technological College

Gansu Forestry Technological College (甘肃林业职业技术学院, website) is the only independent higher vocational college in forestry in Northwest China, a national model vocational college, a domestic first-class vocational college, and a high-quality vocational college construction unit.

Gansu Forestry Technological College was founded in 1956. It was identified as a “National Key Secondary Technical School” by the State Education Commission in 1994. Obtained “excellent” results in the evaluation of talent training in higher vocational colleges and universities. In the same year, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance identified it as one of the 100 national exemplary higher vocational colleges. In 2008, it was upgraded to the department-level establishment system in 2010. The national demonstration school construction project successfully passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. In 2016, it was identified by the provincial government as a domestic first-rate vocational college construction unit, and in 2017 by the Provincial Department of Education as a high-quality vocational college construction unit. In recent years, the college has successively obtained “National Model Units for Greening”, “National Advanced Units for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization”, “Advanced Units for Vocational Education in Gansu Province”, “Characteristic School Units for National Defense Education”, “The First Civilized Campus of Gansu Province”, and “The Sixth Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Excellent School Award “and other titles.

Gansu Forestry Technological College now covers an area of 550 acres, a building area of 226,800 square meters, and a total fixed asset value of 373 million yuan. A 3,700 acre internship forest farm has been built in Maijishan Scenic Area, and a 55 acre campus has been built on campus. Comprehensive training base. There are 87 on-campus internship training rooms with distinctive professional characteristics, and 183 off-campus training bases have been jointly established by the school and the enterprise. The college has 9 secondary colleges of forestry engineering, garden engineering, environmental engineering, surveying and mapping engineering, information engineering, construction engineering, economic management, mechanical and electrical engineering, and transportation engineering, Marxist College and the Ministry of Basic Education, the Ministry of Physical Education, the Ministry of Continuing Education, and the undergraduate There are 4 teaching departments, more than 9,200 full-time students, including 393 undergraduates, and 49 majors. At present, there are 323 full-time teachers, 21 professors, 97 associate professors, 154 “double-teacher” teachers, and more than 300 part-time teachers outside the school. Nine college-level teaching teams were established, and 6 teaching teams including forestry technology majors were rated as provincial teaching teams.

Gansu Forestry Technological College is based on the hard forestry industry, innovates higher vocational education in forestry, and relies on key forestry construction projects. It has established four key professional and related professional groups of forestry technology, soil and water conservation, environmental monitoring and treatment, and engineering measurement. The difficult industries such as soil and water conservation have trained and transported a large number of highly skilled personnel. Innovating specialty construction, constantly optimizing the professional structure, taking specialty specialty as the leader, and leading the national model school major construction specialty as the lead, and strengthening the connotation construction of each specialty; signed agreements with the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Forestry Department to jointly build the Gansu Forestry Vocational and Technical College To obtain support for the college’s professional construction, entrepreneurship and employment; build a vocational education overpass, and actively promote the integration of modern vocational education in secondary, higher, and undergraduate education; the College of Landscape Engineering of Gansu Agricultural University was established in our college; Gansu Province Modern Forestry Vocational Education Group, relying on China (Northern) Modern Forestry Vocational Education Group and the National Higher Vocational “School-enterprise Integration Alliance”, gives play to the advantages of group-based education, promotes the cultivation of professional talents and the demand for jobs, the talent cultivation chain and the industry The chains are fused. Strengthening the cultivation of production, teaching and research, teachers have completed more than 70 productive scientific research projects.

Gansu Forestry Technological College will take the opportunity to build first-class and high-quality schools, and closely follow the requirements of national ecological civilization construction, national ecological security barrier construction, and regional economic and social development, unswervingly follow the road of connotation construction and characteristic development, and accelerate the construction of domestic The pace of first-class vocational colleges meets the needs of the province’s ecological environment construction and economic and social development, innovates the talent training model, improves the quality of talent training, and improves the level of social services, and makes new changes for the comprehensive construction of a well-off society and the construction of a happy and beautiful new Gansu Great contribution.


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