Gansu Agriculture Technology College

Gansu Agriculture Technology College

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Introduction to Gansu Agriculture Technology College

Gansu Agriculture Technology College (甘肃农业职业技术学院, website) is located in Lanzhou. It was founded in 1907 by the “Gansu Government Agricultural and Forestry School” created by Peng Yingjia of Lanzhou Daozhou. It is a public higher vocational college approved by the Gansu Provincial Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. More than 110 years of school running. Now it is the National Vocational Education Planting Professional Demonstration School, the National New Vocational Farmer Training Base, the National Advanced Unit for Research and Practice of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Higher Education, the National Advanced Unit for Adult Education, the Vice-Chairman Unit of China Modern Agricultural Vocational Education Group, and Gansu Province Modern The chairman unit of the Agricultural Vocational Education Group, the training base for rural cadres in Gansu Province, the provincial demonstration base for leaders in entrepreneurship and prosperity in poor villages in Gansu Province, the top ten outstanding vocational colleges in Gansu Province, and the first batch of high-quality higher vocational colleges in Gansu Province.

Gansu Agriculture Technology College has two campuses, the Headquarters and Heping, which covers an area of about 280 acres and the building area of the school is about 132,000 square meters. There are more than 8,300 students. There are 7 departments (departments) of the Agricultural Engineering Department, the Garden Engineering Department, the Animal Husbandry Engineering Department, the Economic Management Department, the Food and Environmental Engineering Department, the Information Engineering Department, and the Basic Course Teaching Department. 2 secondary colleges, 2 institutes of vocational education and crop breeding, 2 teaching and scientific research institutions, 1 vocational skill appraisal institute; agricultural engineering, garden engineering, environmental engineering, surveying and mapping engineering, information engineering, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, food and medicine, finance and economics Wait for 29 majors in 8 majors (groups). Established 4 national key majors, including animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, food nutrition and testing, garden technology, and crop production technology; established a school-enterprise joint crop production training base, food safety testing and processing production training base, “Agriculture +” productive training base 3 national productive training bases; a country-level collaborative innovation center for rural revitalization and recreational agricultural application technology; 1 national-level collaborative innovation center. Established 4 backbone specialty programs at provincial vocational colleges, 2 pilot programs for innovation and entrepreneurship education reform at provincial universities, and 5 specialty programs at provincial universities. 4 modern apprenticeship programs including garden engineering technology and environmental detection technology were established. 1 National professional teaching resource library, 12 provincial-level boutique and resource sharing courses. There are 6 production training bases, 39 comprehensive training centers on campus, 10 virtual simulation training rooms, more than 110 off-campus productive internship employment bases, and 2 vocational education group branches. Collaborated with 35 secondary vocational schools and 3 applied undergraduates to build a middle-to-high school interconnected system, and established 2 mixed-owned secondary schools and 2 provincial collaborative innovation centers. Established a cooperative relationship between the eastern and western regions with Tianjin Light Industry, Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry, Jiangsu Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, and Fujian Agriculture. Signed an exchange agreement with the Ministry of Education of Singapore and the International Academy of Ukraine for cooperation and training of international talents and employment agreements. An agreement was signed with the “Belt and Road” country, Kyrgyzstan, for the training and education of international students in the field of Chinese medicine health care, and a research and training center for agricultural vocational education in Central Asia was established.

Gansu Agriculture Technology College currently has 270 faculty members, of which 90 are professors and associate professors, 2 enjoy special government allowances, and 6 are provincial teaching backbones and teaching masters. There are 2 provincial famous teacher studios and 2 master studios. There are 4 provincial-level college teaching teams; 5 college-level “dual-teacher” teaching teams; and 1 college-level crop breeding master studio. Introduced 23 experts from large-scale industrial enterprises such as Gansu Agricultural Reclamation and skilled artisans, and employed 136 technical experts from scientific research institutes and local industries.

Gansu Agriculture Technology College has successively undertaken national and provincial scientific research and promotion of wheat and flax breeding, selected 62 new varieties of wheat and flax, promoted an area of 180 million mu, and created economic benefits of over 3 billion yuan. Undertake 863 research, 948 introduction, licorice and matrine cultivation, “Spark Technology” training, farmer entrepreneurship training, sunshine project and other projects. Established with the United States, Italy, Canada, Israel, Austria and the International Corn and Wheat Improvement Center A long-term relationship. Scientific research and promotion projects have won 2 national science and technology progress awards, 4 agricultural, animal husbandry and fishery harvest awards, 25 provincial science and technology progress awards, and 56 provincial-level awards. There are 6 provincial first and second prizes for teaching achievement, 12 department-level prizes, 11 national agricultural vocational education achievement prizes, and 1 Gansu province outstanding achievement prize in philosophy and social sciences. Students participated in the skills contest and won the special prize of the National Seed Skills Competition, the second prize of the National Accounting Skills Competition, 7 “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Awards, 36 “Challenge Cup” Competition Awards, and Provincial Vocational College Skill Competition Award 26 items. The two majors of garden technology and crop production technology have been established as the backbone of vocational education in Gansu Province. Comrade Zhou Xiangchun, former researcher of the college, was named the first science and technology hero in Gansu Province.


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