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Fuzhou Technology And Business College

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Fuzhou Technology And Business College Fuzhou Technology And Business College
Fuzhou Technology And Business College Fuzhou Technology And Business College
Fuzhou Technology And Business College Fuzhou Technology And Business College


Introduction to Fuzhou Technology And Business College

Fuzhou Technology And Business College (website) was founded in 2002, formerly known as Dongfang College of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. It is an undergraduate-level institution of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Education.

The new campus of Fuzhou Technology And Business College is located in Geling Town, Yongtai, Fuzhou, Fujian Province. The campus covers an area of nearly 800 acres. The campus has beautiful scenery and four seasons plum blossoms. The whole campus is divided into five parts: teaching administrative area, student living area, library and sports area, foreign exchange and teaching training area, and landscape lake. The new campus has complete school facilities, 10G optical network covers the whole school, and the construction of smart campus has begun to take shape. The cloud desktop system and cloud data sharing platform with leading level in the province have been built, and the cloud simulation experiment simulation has been realized. More than 20 projects have been built. The professional teaching laboratory and the school’s management and training base have created first-class learning and living conditions for students, and it is an ideal place for students to study.

Fuzhou Technology And Business College ranks first in Fujian Province in terms of comprehensive strength. The school and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University have equal sharing on teachers, teaching management experience and other comprehensive educational platforms, and carry forward “seeking truth and being pragmatic, pioneering and innovative”. Excellent academic style and school spirit, combined with the flexible advantages of the school’s own school-running mechanism, student-oriented, school-based management, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and cultivating high-level applied and research-oriented professionals for China’s economic construction and social development. Committed to building a first-class school-running level, with first-class school facilities and distinctive colleges and universities.

The College has 29 undergraduate majors, including Department of Economics, Department of Management, Department of Art and Design, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Accounting, Department of Grammar, and Department of Public Basic Education. With nearly 8,000 students, the college is an applied university with a focus on economics, engineering, literature, law and art.

The college always adheres to the direction of socialist education, takes Lideshu people as its fundamental task, aims at cultivating high-quality applied talents, continuously increases investment, perfects software and hardware facilities, and continuously enhances the comprehensive strength of running schools.

The effectiveness of talent cultivation is obvious. Continuously innovate the talent training model, have multiple provincial application-oriented disciplines, and carry out the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the whole process of talent cultivation, and actively encourage students to participate in the subject skill competition, in the “Yuanye Cup” international competition for college students, “Blue Bridge Cup” “National Software Professionals Design and Entrepreneurship Competition, “External Research Society Cup” National English Professional Competition, National Plane Public Service Advertising Competition, National College Student Human Resource Management Knowledge and Skills Competition, “Challenge Cup” College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works, Fujian Province College Students Cultural Innovation More than 200 awards were won in competitions such as competitions, college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, etc.; the “One Department, One Product” and “Cultural Arts Festival” and other carriers were used to construct a variety of campus cultural and sports activities to promote the comprehensive development of students’ moral, intellectual, and artistic development. In recent years, the initial employment rate of graduates has remained above 96%. Since the school started, more than 20,000 qualified graduates have been delivered to the society. Excellent alumni have emerged continuously, and social recognition and reputation have been continuously improved.

Cooperation in running schools continues. On the basis of maintaining a long-term strategic partnership with Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, we actively seek multi-faceted cooperation with master universities and postgraduate universities in and out of the province; continue to promote cooperation projects in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and strengthen national universities along the “Belt and Road” Exchange and cooperation; continuously explore the integration of industry, academia and research, strengthen cooperation with well-known enterprises such as Bank of China and China Telecom, prepare related industry colleges, and strive to promote the deep integration of production and education.

Talent introduction is flexible and diverse. Implement the talent strategy of “bringing in and going out”, carry out the “Fang Guangying Talents” plan, adopt high-level talents in the form of “flexible introduction” and “one person, one policy”; continuously increase the recruitment of professors and outstanding doctoral students in Taiwan; Through the “job training” and “recruitment of talents” and other means, we will build a “double-skilled dual-energy” faculty and continuously improve the faculty structure.

Beautiful environment management practices. The college covers an area of nearly 800 acres and has a planned area of 1200 acres. The geographical position is superior. It is half an hour’s drive from the urban area and 25 kilometers from the station. The Fushun Expressway passes through the city and has convenient transportation. The campus environment is beautiful, the architectural style is novel and atmospheric, all kinds of living facilities are complete, the campus management is standardized and orderly, and the civilization is clean and tidy. It is an ideal place for students to learn.

The college will always uphold the party’s overall leadership, take Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guide, take the virtue of the people as the foundation, continuously improve the quality of connotative development, further strengthen the discipline construction, innovate the education and teaching model, seize the opportunity, and build the brand. Accelerate the construction of the college to become a high-level applied undergraduate college, and better serve the regional economic and social development.


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