Fujian Vocational College of Bio-engineering

Fujian Vocational College of Bio-engineering

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Introduction to Fujian Vocational College of Bio-engineering

Fujian Vocational College of Bio-engineering (福建生物工程职业技术学院, website) was born in response to the trend of the times. It was formally established in May 2005 on the basis of the former Fujian Medical School. Since the establishment of the school, more than 30,000 professionals in the health industry have been trained. Many graduates have become elite backbones in the biomedical industry and enjoy a high social reputation.

Fujian Vocational College of Bio-engineering is located on the banks of the Min River in Fuzhou. It has two campuses, Hongshan Bridge and Tongpan, covering a total area of 190 mu. The new campus covers an area of 306 mu and is located in Jinan, Fuzhou. District May Fourth North, adjacent to Fuzhou National Forest Park, Beifeng and Guling Scenic Area, has beautiful environment, convenient transportation and complete living facilities.

The Fujian Vocational College of Bio-engineering is closely connected with the “Healthy China” strategy and the short-term deployment of supplementary livelihoods in Fujian Province, focusing on the construction of five major professional groups of health food, biomedicine, rehabilitation, medical technology, and health management, serving the province’s health and pension industry In the development, it will play a demonstration and radiation role.

Fujian Vocational College of Bio-engineering has 4 departments: Department of Pharmacy, Department of Food and Biological Engineering, Department of Rehabilitation and Health Care, and Department of Business Management. Elderly Health Care and Management, Community Rehabilitation, Food and Drug Supervision, Cosmetics Operation and Management, Rehabilitation Technology, Traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Technology, Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care, Medical Device Maintenance and Management, Food Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Food Quality and Safety, Food Nutrition and testing, biological product inspection and quarantine technology, pharmaceutical production technology, food biotechnology, health product development and management, pharmaceutical quality and safety, pharmacy, Chinese medicine and other 23 urgently needed majors, of which there are 2 national key construction majors, 1 national-level teaching reform pilot program, 2 provincial-level demonstration programs, 1 provincial-level professional group, 3 provincial-level dual-system pilot programs, and 2 provincial-level modern apprenticeship programs. There are more than 5,000 students of all types.

Fujian Vocational College of Bio-engineering was selected as the first batch of 100 “modern apprenticeship” pilot units in the country, and the first batch was selected as a “binary system” talent training reform pilot specialty with Fujian characteristics; 2 provincial demonstration majors were approved, 1 Provincial Demonstration Productive Training Base, 1 Provincial Characteristic Professional Group; Editor-in-Chief of 16 national “13th Five-Year Plan” textbooks for food and medicine; Hosted the development of national “Drug Service and Management” professional teaching standards and “Food inspectors” “The formulation of national vocational skill standards was approved by the Ministry of Education; presided over the course construction of the” Traditional Chinese Medicine Transfer Technology “course of the Ministry of Education’s professional teaching resource bank; served as the chairman of the National Food and Drugs Banking Committee Skills Competition Working Committee and organized 2 national foods Pharmaceutical industry vocational skills competition; hosted 7 provincial vocational college skills competitions; won 1 provincial teaching achievement award 1st prize, 3 second prizes; participated in provincial vocational college skills competition and won 13 first prizes 8 times for the second prize and 19 times for the third prize; participated in the national industry skills competition and won 2 times for the second prize and 5 times for the third prize; participated in the national competition and won 1 first prize , 3 times for the second prize and 3 times for the third prize, this year achieved a historic breakthrough in the first prize of the national competition team.

Fujian Vocational College of Bio-engineering has a strong faculty and currently has 258 faculty members, including 168 full-time teachers and 3 provincial-level teaching teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are a total of 81 doctors and masters, accounting for 48.21% of the total number of full-time teachers, 53 full-time teachers of “dual teacher” type, accounting for 43.44% of the total number of full-time teachers of professional courses and professional basic courses. There are 125 full-time young teachers under the age of 45, and 102 have a graduate degree or a master’s degree or above, accounting for 81.60%. The school has hired biology, medicine, food, health products, cosmetics professionals as visiting professors and part-time teachers from industry, enterprises and institutions for a long time. Among them, 88 are part-time and part-time teachers outside the school, and 30 are visiting professors and researchers. Professional teachers with superb business, reasonable structure, and adapted to higher vocational education.

Fujian Vocational College of Bio-engineering teaching experiment training facilities are complete, and built a compound verification type, simulation type, production and scientific research type internal and external experimental training system. There are 46 professional laboratories that can meet the needs of experimental teaching of various professional courses, such as health food, drug and food testing, traditional Chinese medicine identification, electrochemistry, and microbial fermentation; there are GMP teaching experimental plants for pharmaceutical production, traditional Chinese medicine processing experimental plants, and traditional Chinese medicine specimens , Chinese herbal medicine Baicaoyuan, biopharmaceutical training center (provincial financial support project), medicine stores and 10 provincial and municipal drug inspection centers distributed throughout the province, Wuyishan Qiyunfeng Natural Museum training base, and Nanwuyi Medicine Expo Park. The training base cooperates with more than 170 biomedicine and health food companies and institutions. The productive training base of Nanwuyi Medicine Expo Park has been established as a national star creation world, a pioneering base for science and technology commissioners, and the first batch of health tourism demonstration bases in Fujian.

Fujian Vocational College of Bio-engineering 1 existing national education system reform pilot project, 2 national financial support for higher vocational schools to improve professional service industry development capacity 2 projects, 1 provincial productive training base, provincial excellent specialty and demonstration 3 majors, 1 provincial-level excellent course, 3 provincial-level scientific research platforms, and were selected into the first batch of modern mentorship pilot units of the Ministry of Education, the first batch of “dual system” talent training reform pilot projects in Fujian Province, and TCM healthcare services National standard R & D and professional talent training base. Established national teaching standards for the development and management of health products, edited more than 10 textbooks and monographs (1 national “11th Five-Year Plan” textbooks for colleges and universities), and edited 26 national medical vocational education pharmacy planning textbooks and 23 School-based teaching materials (including 3 national-level excellent teaching materials). There are “innovation classes”, “paid order classes” and corporate title classes, and we continue to promote innovation and reform of the employment-oriented talent training model. The supply of graduates is in short supply, and the employment rate has been among the highest in vocational colleges for many years.

Fujian Vocational College of Bio-engineering has established an academician expert workstation, and has a Fujian public service platform for biomedical product technology test and analysis (the only provincial scientific research platform in vocational colleges in the province). Cooperative Innovation Centers of Applied Technology for Health Food, Marine Biological Products Fujian University Applied Technology Engineering Center Platform (University Scientific Research Innovation Platform) and “Health Care and Pension Industry Fujian University Applied Arts Research Center”. Approved to build the Fujian Health Industry Research Institute, Fujian Biomedical Product Analysis and Testing Center, Fujian Biomedical Technology Pilot Base, Fujian Chinese Herbal Medicine Research Institute, Fujian Health and Pension Industry Research Center, etc. Relying on the strength of the school’s technical team, in conjunction with scientific research institutes and enterprises in the province, vigorously promote the close combination of production, education, and research, the transformation of technological achievements, the analysis and testing of health products, the promotion of health product operations, and technical training, and strive to build the technology development and Public platform for services. Among them, the joint testing center for food and drugs jointly established by the school and the enterprise has passed the Fujian Provincial Inspection and Testing Agency Laboratory Qualification Accreditation (CMA) assessment and obtained third-party inspection and testing service qualifications. Currently it has obtained 7 major categories of 77 testing project authorizations. In recent years, it has undertaken 231 national and Fujian science and technology plan projects and prefecture-level (department-level) technology projects, including 12 provincial-level projects and 109 department-level projects. Dozens of results have been transformed.

Fujian Vocational College of Bio-engineering adheres to the development strategy of “One Body and Two Wings” and continuously expands the breadth and depth of opening schools. “3 + 2” five-year higher vocational education co-organized with 7 secondary vocational schools including Fujian Industry and Trade School, Fujian Architecture School, and Fujian Business School; Jointly co-organize adult undergraduate education and self-study courses; introduce advanced education concepts and high-quality teaching resources from overseas (overseas), and cooperate with Taiwan’s Zhongzhou University of Science and Technology, Taiwan’s Jianan Pharmaceutical University, Yuanpei University of Medical Science and Technology, and Albert Ai Instein School and other 6 overseas universities signed cooperation agreements to carry out teacher exchanges and send students to study in Taiwan; strengthen industry exchanges, participate in the establishment of the National Medical Vocational Education Alliance, and participate in the formulation of the National Food and Drug Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee “Thirteenth Five-Year” Planning is the only unit in the province to cooperate with the National Health Standards Commission. Establish adult teaching outlets covering 9 prefectures and cities in the province; set up the first Red Cross on-site ambulance training center teaching outlets in colleges and universities in the province; and vigorously promote public nutritionists, psychological counselors, rehabilitation therapists, and health management in and outside the school Teachers and other vocational skills training appraisal, the school vocational skill appraisal station has been rated as the outstanding unit of vocational skill appraisal in Fujian Province for 10 consecutive years; forming a teacher team to promote pre-examination training for licensed pharmacists, GSP and GMP certification officer training, etc. Education is connected with continuing education, various types of vocational skills training are infiltrated, and middle and higher vocational and undergraduate courses are directly connected to the modern vocational education system.

In August 2018, the school grandly held a party member conference, which clarified the goals of the province’s status, domestic influence, and characteristics of running higher vocational colleges, and the strategic arrangement of the “three steps.” “The” four breakthroughs “,” six tasks “and the” seven major requirements “of party building work deployment have pointed out the direction, provided compliance and injected momentum for the school’s reform and development in the next five years, especially in the next five years.

Flock of geese fly high heads and goose collars. The school has a strong, strong, united and pragmatic leadership team. With their superb school running ability, advanced vocational education concept, and pragmatic entrepreneurial style, they are uniting to lead the entire school staff and students, and work hard to promote “Internet + health” ( Education, science, technology, industry, and culture) project construction, striving forward to stride forward in the construction of higher vocational colleges with status in the province, domestic influence, and distinctive school running!


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