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Introduction to Foshan Polytechnic

Foshan Polytechnic (佛山职业技术学院, website) was formally established in June 2000. It is a full-time public general higher vocational technical college. After years of construction and development, the school has become a model higher vocational college construction unit in Guangdong Province and a first-class higher vocational college in Guangdong Province. School construction unit. The school is currently the head unit of the Foshan Vocational Technical Education Base, the chairman unit of the Foshan Vocational Education School-Enterprise Cooperation Alliance, the Park School-Enterprise Collaboration and Education Alliance, and the lead unit of the Foshan Vocational Education Association. There are nearly 10,000 full-time students.

Foshan Polytechnic has 6 secondary schools (School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Electronic Information, School of Automotive Engineering, School of Business Administration, School of Finance and Economics, School of Marxism), 35 majors, and 2 specialty groups (intelligent manufacturing, optoelectronic technology) ), 2 specialty groups (automotive technology, information technology), 5 provincial key specialties (mechanical design and manufacturing, photovoltaic engineering technology, automotive inspection and maintenance technology, logistics management, numerical control technology), 7 provincial brand specialties (Electrical automation technology, industrial robotics technology, Internet of things application technology, electronic information engineering technology, automobile body maintenance technology specialty, financial management specialty, international trade (cross-border e-commerce)), hosted two national professional teaching resource library projects National professional teaching resource library for new energy, professional teaching resource library for intelligent control technology). The professional layout focuses on intelligent manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, and modern service industries. The existing nine professional groups of intelligent manufacturing, optoelectronic technology, automotive technology, information technology, and financial services have formed a professional layout focusing on work and coordinated development of literature, management, economics, and art.

Foshan Polytechnic is located in the hinterland of Sanshui National Industrial Park. The campus covers a total area of 962 acres, with a building area of 235,000 square meters. The total government investment is 1.18 billion yuan, and the average teaching equipment value per student reaches 20,000 yuan. There are 3 central financial support training bases, 6 provincial training bases, 2 provincial public training centers, 9 provincial off-campus practice teaching bases, 24 on-campus training bases (training centers), 235 An out-of-school internship training base. Students have complete cultural and sports facilities, and have built various venues such as student activity centers, track and field courts, basketball courts, and tennis courts.

Foshan Polytechnic proactively adapted to the needs of the economic and industrial development of Foshan City and the Pearl River Delta, and in accordance with the professional construction principle of “new industries lead new professions, strong professions support strong industries,” and comprehensively implemented the reform of the talent training model of “dual-school-enterprise combination of engineering and learning”. The school-enterprise cooperative education alliance in the park, the Foshan vocational education school-enterprise cooperation alliance, and the Guangdong Province collaborative education platform—Foshan Mechanical Equipment Industry Government School-enterprise-cooperative education and education base have been basically formed, relying on FAW-VW, Qingdao Haier, Leading companies such as Changan Ford collaborate in training students, rely on Foshan Kohler, Sanshui Synthesis and other key companies to coordinate training, technology services, etc., rely on Noble robots, Nanhai additive manufacturing accelerator and other small and medium-sized enterprises to innovate and develop new products through collaborative production and education integration 3. School-enterprise cooperation model.

Foshan Polytechnic attaches great importance to the continuous education and training for enterprises and society. The annual social training and other indicators have increased significantly, with 116,130 person-days of social training, and an increase of 57.67% in 2018 compared to 2016. The school undertook the construction of the provincial science and technology department’s counterpart science and education aid Xinjiang project, the establishment of a Jiashi school-enterprise cooperation community, and the Heilongjiang Energy Vocational and Technical College jointly established the “Shuangfo Green Food R & D Center and Doctoral Workstation”; the roof was built in Dongkeng Village, Yunfu Town Solar photovoltaic power station, helping to overcome poverty; undertaking a new professional farmer training project in Yingde City-logistics and e-commerce training to help rural revitalization; vocational education to help Guangxi Hezhou Vocational College, Luoding Vocational Technical College and Jieyang Vocational Technical College; Teachers enter Malaysia and other countries along the “Belt and Road” to carry out technical services. Through scientific and technological assistance, they can promote coordinated regional development and give play to the role of the school’s demonstration and radiation.

Foshan Polytechnic has carried out extensive and in-depth international exchanges and cooperation in the fields of Sino-foreign cooperative education, teacher-student exchange, and introduction of international courses and standards. The school expands its foreign cooperation network and establishes cooperative relationships with a number of high-level overseas universities; actively introduces high-quality overseas education resources and strengthens the international construction of the teaching staff; successfully introduces advanced concepts of German vocational education and cooperates with Foshan Sino-German industrial services District cooperation, the establishment of Foshan Vocational and Technical College Sino-German Vocational and Technical Training Institute, became one of the six major brands in Guangdong Province, and took the lead in establishing a robot application technology and training center with the world-renowned company-Germany KUKA Group. The school signed the Sino-Australian Accounting Undergraduate 2 + 2 Program with Swinburne University of Technology, Australia and the French-Chinese Clermont School of Business undergraduate 2 + 2 International Management Undergraduate Program to achieve mutual recognition of credits for international classes.

Foshan Polytechnic has achieved good results in improving the quality of talent training. Students participated in national vocational college skills competitions and won 22 national awards and 196 provincial awards; 4 national (foreign) skills competition awards; 46 provincial and provincial awards in science and technology competitions; students who were the first inventors 3 patents granted. One first prize in the National College Mathematical Modeling Contest Specialist Group; 2016 graduate Zhang Zhanyao was awarded the “Top Ten Entrepreneurship Heroes for College Students in 2017” issued by the Central School Department of the League and the Secretariat of the China Federation of Students. In 2017 and 2018, our school ranked 29th and 30th in the country in terms of the total number of awards in the vocational college technical competition. School graduates are widely welcomed by the society. In the enrollment work in 2018, the first voluntary submission rate of ordinary college entrance examination and science subjects reached 100%. The employment rate of graduates is gratifying. According to the statistics of the Provincial Department of Education, the initial employment rate of graduates of our school was 97.54% in 2018, which is higher than the average level of vocational colleges and universities in the province. The final employment rate of graduates is 99.89%. The professional counterpart rate It was 90.76%.

During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, Foshan Polytechnic will continue to adhere to the main line of “cooperative education, cooperative education, cooperative employment, and cooperative development”, and in accordance with the requirements of cultivating the spirit of craftsmen, cultivate a large number of highly-qualified technical and technical talents highly praised by society , And strive to build distinctive higher vocational technical colleges with first-class domestic and international reputation.


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