East China University of Technology

East China University of Technology


Introduction to East China University of Technology

East China University of Technology (ECUT), referred to as ECUT, was founded in 1956 and is the first institution of higher education in China’s nuclear industry. It is jointly established by the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government and the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Chinese nuclear industry companies. It is a multi-disciplinary university with a focus on science and engineering, and a combination of economics, management, literature, law, education, and art.

The university has made essential contributions to the establishment of China’s nuclear power status, to the development of national defense science and technology industry and local economic construction. It has been hailed as “the cradle of China’s nuclear geoscience talents” and “the valuable wealth of the world’s atomic energy industry”.

The university has two campuses, Nanchang and Fuzhou, with a total campus area of over 2,500 acres. There are more than 20 teaching units: School of Earth Sciences, School of Geophysics and Measurement Technology, School of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, School of Surveying and Mapping, School of Chemical Biology and Materials Science, School of Nuclear Science and Engineering, School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Information School of Engineering, College of Science, School of Civil and Architectural Engineering, School of Software, School of Economics and Management, School of Grammar, School of Foreign Languages, School of Foreign Languages, School of Marxism, School of Physical Education, School of Art, Graduate School, National Defense Education College, National Defense Science and Technology College (Nuclear Energy Institute), Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Artificial Intelligence Institute), International Education College, Higher Vocational and Technical College, Continuing Education College. There are 68 undergraduate majors.

The university has more than 2,800 faculty members, including more than 1,600 full-time teachers and more than 600 professors and associate professors. The university has hired more than 200 domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars such as Nobel Prize winners, academicians of the American Academy of Sciences, academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Russian Presidential Advisors as part-time or visiting professor. There are currently more than 30,000 students.

In recent years, it has won more than 40 national, provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievements awards, such as the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the second prize of the National Defense Technology Invention, the second prize of the National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award, the Second Prize of the Natural Science of the Ministry of Education, Jiangxi Province First Prize of Natural Science, First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Jiangxi Province, First Prize of Excellent Achievements of Social Science of Jiangxi Province, etc.

The university has established inter-school exchanges and academic links with universities and research institutes in more than 20 countries including the United States, Canada, Russia, France, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, and Chile. It actively participated in the “Belt and Road” construction, the “BRICS” innovation action plan, established a long-term scientific and technological cooperation relationship with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, and set the first overseas offshore research center in Jiangxi Province, “Russian R&D Center for Mass Spectrometry Science and Instruments”. Cooperate with the Ministry of Agriculture of Cambodia,It has achieved the overseas transformation of science and technology.

At the same time, it has jointly carried out international research projects with India, Brazil, and Russia. It has been actively introducing high-end foreign experts to serve school teaching and research.

The university has been awarded the “National Greening Advanced Unit” and “Jiangxi Provincial Gardening Unit”. The employment rate of graduates has been maintained at over 90%.

The university adheres to innovation and development and strives to build a high-level university with all its characteristics.



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