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Introduction to Dongguan Polytechnic

Dongguan Polytechnic (东莞职业技术学院, website) was established in 2009 and is the only public higher vocational college in Dongguan. Since its establishment, the school has relied on local economic and social development, with the goal of “establishing a national first-class vocational and technical college with Dongguan characteristics”, condensed the school-run mode of “cooperation between government, school, enterprise, and school-industrial administration” and established ” The concept of “serving students’ growth and supporting manufacturing in Dongguan” has achieved rapid development: the school has become a university of ten thousand people in three years of establishment, and has become the third batch of provincial model higher vocational college project construction units in four years, ranking 83 in the province for six years. It is 18th in vocational colleges and 286th in 1,335 vocational colleges across the country. It has become a provincial-level vocational college project construction unit for seven years, and entered the 13th vocational college in the eight years. 166 nationwide, becoming the first echelon of higher vocational colleges in the province. Has won the “National Advanced Work Unit for Social Sciences in Large and Medium Cities”, “National Education Reform and Innovation Demonstration College”, “Safe and Civilized Campus in Guangdong Province”, “Advanced Collective of Educational Logistics in Guangdong Province”, and “Excellent Logistics Service Entity in Guangdong Universities”, “Advanced Collective of Volunteer Service Work of the World Conference on Commercial Affairs”, “Advanced Social Science Work Unit of Dongguan City”, “Garden-style Unit of Dongguan City” and other honorary titles.

Dongguan Polytechnic clearly put forward the strategic goal of “one center, two bases” to build the school into a modern industrial technical and talent training center in Dongguan, a comprehensive service base for enterprises in Dongguan, and a lifelong education base for citizens in Dongguan. . In 2019, the school thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the “National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan” and the Guangdong Vocational Education “Three-year Action Plan for Capacity Expansion, Quality Improvement and Service Enhancement” (2019-2021), and actively integrated into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay District and “Bay Area Metropolis, Quality Dongguan” construction, vigorously implement the “double promotion” action plan of school scale and level, and strive to reach the national high-quality school standards by 2022, and the number of full-time students will reach about 20,000.

Dongguan Polytechnic is located in Songshan Lake National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, with a total campus area of 637,100 square meters and a building area of 323,400 square meters. The existing fixed assets are 1.337 billion yuan, of which the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 193 million yuan. The library has more than 870,000 printed books, 59 Chinese newspapers, 1,247 Chinese periodicals, more than 20 Chinese and foreign databases, more than 30,000 Chinese and foreign electronic journals, and 1.6 million electronic books. Mega backbone, Gigabit access, 100 Megabit to the desktop.

Dongguan Polytechnic currently has more than 9,700 full-time students and more than 9,000 students in various types of adult education. There are 681 faculty members, including 485 full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 390 teachers with dual qualifications, 162 senior titles, 277 intermediate titles, and 41 doctors. At present, there are 1 expert in ideological and political theory teaching in universities in China, 4 outstanding teachers in Nanyue, 2 provincial technical experts, 2 provincial professional training talents, 4 outstanding young teachers training objects, 7 outstanding teachers in Dongguan, City talents (four categories) 7 people. School teachers have won 1 National Teaching Achievement Award and 3 Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards, and have won more than 30 awards in provincial-level information-based teaching competitions. In the 2018 Guangdong Vocational College Informatization Teaching Contest, the school’s total score ranked first in the province.

The school proactively integrated the strategy of “Dongguan Manufacturing 2025” to connect with the five pillar industries, four characteristic industries and strategic emerging industries of Dongguan, complete the layout of ten professional categories such as machinery manufacturing, electronics and transportation, and set up industrial robots. 41 majors such as technology. At present, the central government supports 2 vocational construction majors, 6 provincial key (brand) majors, 6 high-level construction majors, 23 provincial vocational education reform projects, and 1 international engineering certification major.

Dongguan Polytechnic innovates and implements the school-run mode of “coordination of government, school, business, and education” in accordance with the characteristics of Dongguan’s economic and social development and the law of running vocational education. It has established cooperative relationships with more than 400 enterprises and explored the formation of 9 school-enterprise cooperation modes. It has taken the lead in establishing the Dongguan Vocational Education “Political School, Business and Enterprise” Cooperative Education Steering Committee, and has actively expanded the practice teaching space inside and outside the school. There are 6 provinces Level college students’ off-site practice teaching base, 468 off-campus training bases, 172 on-campus training rooms and 41 on-campus training bases. According to the mixed ownership model, the School of Architecture of Dongguan Vocational and Technical College and Lingnan College of Landscape Architecture were jointly established. Carry out modern apprenticeship talent training cooperation with Huawei, NXP and other companies, and carry out order talent training with Vanke Group, Dongguan International Travel and other companies. Three national modern apprenticeship pilot programs, seven provincial modern apprenticeship pilot programs, and 29 order classes have been established.

Since 2012, Dongguan Polytechnic has achieved 3A batch of enrollment in the province’s general college entrance examination. The first voluntary listing rate for more than 3 years has exceeded 115%, and the registration rate of freshmen for the 5th consecutive year has been at the forefront of higher vocational colleges in Guangdong Province. The employment rate of graduates has always maintained. Above 98%. The local employment rate of the 2018 graduates is about 75%, and the employer’s satisfaction with school graduates is 95.7%. The school is an independent enrollment approved by the Provincial Department of Education, a pilot program for the three and two subdivisions, and a “3 + 2” graduate-level application-oriented talent training pilot institution. It has successfully launched a college-level collaborative education program, which has established a “overpass” for students. In recent years, our school’s teachers and students have won nearly 500 awards in various competitions at all levels, including more than 70 national awards. The total scores of students participating in vocational skills competitions have entered the top ten in the province, and they have won the special contribution award of the Guangdong Skills Competition. .

Dongguan Polytechnic actively responded to and served the “Belt and Road” initiative, and the international school running demonstrated its vitality. Cooperate with more than 30 universities in more than 20 countries including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in the United States, Britain, Canada, etc., and set up various projects such as Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, mutual recognition of credits, student exchange, teacher training, etc., and set up Loughborough College teaching base in the UK. Established a sustained and stable cooperative relationship with overseas.

In 2013, Lu Xin, former deputy minister of the Ministry of Education, visited the college to inspect the school-enterprise cooperation. In 2014, schools and school-enterprise cooperation units were invited by the Ministry of Education to attend “vocational colleges and enterprises to study and implement the spirit of the National Vocational Church. Symposium “to share the school’s experience with participants. In 2015, our university ranked 18th among 83 vocational colleges in the province, and ranked 286 among 1,335 vocational colleges in the country. In 2016, Academician Zhou Ji, President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and former Minister of Education, visited the college. . (June 2019)


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