Deyang College of Urban Rail Transit

Deyang College of Urban Rail Transit

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Introduction to Deyang College of Urban Rail Transit

Deyang College of Urban Rail Transit (德阳城市轨道交通职业学院, website) is located in Beijing Avenue, Shifang City, Deyang, adjacent to Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology, 30 minutes drive from Chengdu, Southwest Jiaotong University, near the bustling and enjoyable book. The college campus covers an area of 803.9 acres, and the construction planning and design is carefully designed by the first-class domestic architectural design—Tianjin University Architectural Design and Research Institute. The college’s overall design philosophy combines the use of modern architecture science and technology with traditional cultural concepts, and uses the Chinese space concept of unity of heaven and humanity, advocating nature, to create a comfortable, friendly, natural, warm and colorful learning life for teachers and students.

Deyang College of Urban Rail Transit is located on the campus of Lu Lake. The more than 20,000 square meters of library with central air conditioning, advanced facilities of teaching buildings and training buildings are a good place for students to read, study and practice. Four to six-person student dormitories equipped with independent air-conditioning, central hot water system, fully-automatic laundry room, and independent toilets provide excellent living conditions for students. People-oriented architectural design, advanced facilities and equipment, smart campus construction, and campus cultural environment And landscape construction, presenting to the society a beautiful campus, advanced facilities, strong cultural atmosphere, convenient life, and a people-oriented university campus.

Deyang College of Urban Rail Transit invested huge sums of money to build the “Urban Rail Transit Management and Control Integrated Training Base” which is domestically leading, higher than the site. The nation’s largest and most integrated urban rail transit comprehensive dispatching and commanding training room, the electric bus driver driving training room covering the mainstream platforms of national enterprises, the urban rail transit vehicle training room equipped with the company’s real production equipment, and the urban rail transit Communication signal training room, station service training room, and the internationally renowned Southwest Jiaotong University Makers’ Experiment Center co-built innovation and entrepreneurship laboratory and other first-class experimental training rooms in the school are the strong hardware support of the university’s first-class urban rail transportation specialty.

Deyang College of Urban Rail Transit has a strong faculty, not only experts who have international reputation and rich experience in running schools internationally, but also experts who have long worked in overseas urban rail transit industry, as well as a group of urban rail transit professionals from Southwest Jiaotong University. Authority, more engineers from the production line of the enterprise. With its clear characteristic development direction, broad career development platform, and trust and respect for talents, the college has become a gathering place for high-level talents who are interested in urban rail transportation vocational education.

Deyang College of Urban Rail Transit is based on Sichuan, radiates the west, and faces the whole country. It serves the urban rail transportation industry, the national “Belt and Road” strategy, the “Made in China 2025”, and serves the local economic development and poverty alleviation. It focuses on building cities Specialized in rail transit and smart logistics brands. The college adheres to the school philosophy of “founding knowledge, building skills, craftsmanship, and dedication to society”, adhering to the school motto of “dedication, professionalism, excellence, and excellence”, establishing a “rigorous and pragmatic, strict requirement” teaching style, and creating “diligent and good study” “Study hard, do good”, and strive to build an open and innovative cradle for the growth of high-quality technical and technical personnel in modern urban rail transit.


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