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Introduction to Daqing Normal University

Daqing Normal University (大庆师范学院, website) is located in Daqing, a well-known oil industry city in China that enjoys the reputation of “the capital of green petrochemicals, the city of a hundred lakes, and the town of northern hot springs”. The school’s predecessor was the Daqing Normal School, founded in 1965. In 1980, it was upgraded to Daqing Teachers College with the approval of the Ministry of Education. In 1993, it was rebuilt into Daqing College. In May 2004, the Ministry of Education officially approved the establishment of Daqing Teachers College on the basis of Daqing College. In November 2011, it passed the undergraduate teaching qualification evaluation of the Ministry of Education. In 2017, it was approved as a master’s degree project construction unit. In June 2018, it successfully passed the review and evaluation of undergraduate teaching in ordinary colleges and universities. In 2019, the school was selected as a characteristic application-type undergraduate demonstration construction university in Heilongjiang Province; it was selected as a “Heilongjiang Province ordinary university innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration school”.

Daqing Normal University has two campuses, the main campus and the Fangxiao campus. It covers an area of 602,900 square meters, a building area of 236,700 square meters, a library collection of 1.2602 million books, an electronic book of 684,800 books, and a total fixed asset value of 419 million yuan. .

The university has 822 faculty members and 505 full-time teachers. There are 274 professors and associate professors with senior titles, 63 doctoral students and 45 doctoral students. Teachers with a master’s degree or above accounted for 86.7% of the total number of teachers. There were 131 “double-teacher” teachers and 8 foreign teachers. One person enjoys the special allowance of the State Council, two persons are granted by the Heilongjiang Provincial Government, one is a second-level professor in Heilongjiang, and one is an outstanding middle-aged and young expert in Heilongjiang. There are 5 provincial-level teaching teachers, 10 provincial-level exemplary and outstanding teachers, 1 provincial-level young teaching expert, and 18 provincial-level teachers with advanced personal ethics. Inorganic chemistry teaching team and pre-school education basic theory course teaching team are provincial teaching teams.

The university has 13 colleges and 43 undergraduate majors, covering 8 university disciplines including literature, science, education, engineering, law, management, art, and economics. English, law, and preschool education are key disciplines in Heilongjiang Province. Electronic information engineering and marketing are first-rate undergraduate specialty construction sites in Heilongjiang Province. Preschool education majors are national first-rate undergraduate specialty construction sites and national specialty specialty construction sites. Preschool education is Provincial key construction disciplines. It recruits students from 21 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) nationwide, and currently has 10,647 full-time students. Beginning in 2009, he co-trained graduate students with Northeast Normal University and Northeast Petroleum University.

Daqing Normal University has built 7 provincial-level boutique courses, 1 provincial-level boutique video public course, 4 provincial-quality online open courses, 1 provincial-level online and offline mixed first-class course, 2 provincial-level offline first-class courses, 1 class social practice first-class course, 1 provincial first class virtual simulation course. There is a provincial chemistry and chemical engineering virtual simulation experiment teaching center. There are 214 off-campus internship, training and practice bases, including 1 provincial off-campus practice education base for college students, 23 school-level demonstration practice bases, and 6 school-level practice teaching base alliances. Won 26 national-level collaborative education programs. Since its establishment 54 years ago, it has cultivated more than 50,000 talents of various types, and a large number of outstanding graduates have emerged, represented by the national moral model Zhang Lili, who are rooted in the grassroots, serving basic education and local economic and social development. Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, students have won more than 1,800 prizes in various discipline competitions, including 15 national special prizes and 188 first prizes. The initial employment rate of graduates has remained above 80%.

Daqing Normal University has 11 humanities and social science research bases, 6 science and technology research laboratories, and 2 engineering technology research and development centers. The Daqing Spiritual Research Center is a provincial research base for philosophy and social sciences and a key research base for humanities and social sciences in provincial universities. The Key Laboratory of Applied Chemistry and Technology of Heilongjiang Oilfield is the Key Laboratory of Heilongjiang Province. The Oilfield Applied Chemistry Laboratory is a key laboratory for universities in Heilongjiang Province. The sub-centers of the National Energy Terrestrial Sandstone Old Oilfield Continuous Mining R & D Center, the Basic Education Research and Teacher Training Center in the western region of Heilongjiang Province, the Daqing Research Base of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wetland Research Center, and the Ministry of Education National College Ideological and Political Course Teacher Social Practice Training Base are located in the school. Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the school has undertaken 250 provincial and ministerial-level projects, including 11 projects of the National Social Science Fund, 7 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, 1 sub-project of the National Social Science Fund Major Project, and the National Art Fund. 1 item, 5 items from the Ministry of Education, 1 item from the Ministry of Culture’s cultural and art scientific research item, and 1 item from the Ministry of Education’s Ministry of Law. It also undertakes 453 municipal-level projects. It has won 764 scientific research achievement awards at the municipal (bureau) level or above, including 35 first-class awards for outstanding achievements in social sciences in Heilongjiang Province and second-class awards for scientific and technological progress in Heilongjiang Province. The University’s Daqing Spirit and Longjiang Western Economic and Social Development Research Center were selected as the second batch of key cultivation think tanks in Heilongjiang Province and CTTI think tank in Nanjing University. “Daqing Spirit Research Center”, “Daqing Economic Association” and “Daqing Tourism Development and Management Research Center” were selected as the first batch of key cultivation think tanks in Daqing. “Daqing Oil Pottery” was included in the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” key cultural industry projects in Heilongjiang Province.

The university has established inter-school friendly relations with some universities in the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and other countries. The areas of cooperation include joint training of students, exchange of teachers, exchange of students, exchange of interns, Carry out academic exchanges and other aspects. Since 2012, more than 300 students have studied and exchanged abroad, and nearly a hundred international students from Russia, Ukraine, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Canada, Congo, Cameroon and other countries have studied in our school.


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