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Introduction to Dalian University

The history of Dalian University (website) can be traced back to Dalian University, which was founded in April 1949. (Dalian University was abolished in July 1950, Dalian University of Technology was established in October 1978, and then Dalian Institute of Technology Branch, 1983, 11 The Dalian Institute of Technology Dalian Branch was renamed Dalian University), the Guandong grammar school established in March 1948 (later Dalian Teachers College), and the Dalian City Health School established in October 1950 (later Dalian Health) school). In October 1987, Dalian University, Dalian Teachers College and Dalian Health School were merged to form the new Dalian University, Dalian University School of Engineering, Teachers College, and Medical College. In December 2008, Dalian Railway Health School was merged into Dalian University.

Over the years, Dalian University has been adhering to the core concept of “making everyone successful and making everyone happy” under the guidance of advanced university culture, and carrying forward the “Lide Tree People, Chong Xue Li Xing, Inclusive and Innovative Surpass” Spirit, advocating the excellent school spirit of “advocating academics, advocating science”, uniting and struggling, adhering to “support and development with contribution”, and achieving leap-forward development, has now developed into a law, economy, education, literature, art, History, science, engineering, medicine, management 10 university subjects, major school-running indicators and comprehensive school strength into the comprehensive colleges and universities in Liaoning Province. In the 2019 Chinese University Rankings published by iResearch China Alumni Association, our school ranked 178, ranked 7th in the province and 4th in Dalian.

The school has more than 6,400 faculty members (including 2 affiliated hospitals). There are more than 1600 faculty members in the school, 179 high-ranking teachers, 35 doctoral supervisors, 473 teachers with doctoral degrees, and 1014 full-time teachers. The school adheres to the strategy of strengthening the school of talents, implements the “Jinpu Scholars” series of programs, and vigorously strengthens the function of the “Dalian Talent Reserve Base”. At present, the school has 1 candidate for training academician of Liaoning Province, 1 scholar from Changjiang, 2 winners of National Outstanding Youth Fund, 1 winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund, and 3 candidates for national “100 million talent project”. The State Council has 11 special allowance experts, 1 Liaoning climbing scholar, 11 Liaoning special professors, 18 provincial university teachers and 18 scholars, and Liaoning Province 100 million talents project, 32 people, and outstanding teachers in Liaoning Province. People, 6 outstanding experts in Liaoning Province, 1 leading talent in Liaoning Province, 8 teachers were selected as members of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, and 39 teachers were selected as members of the undergraduate teaching steering committee of the provincial higher education institutions.

Dalian University has 21 first-level academic master’s degree awarding points, 4 second-level academic master’s degree awarding points, and 5 professional master’s degree awarding points. The school has a total of 7 provincial key (cultivating) disciplines, and 8 disciplines have been selected into Liaoning Province’s “Promoting the Core Competitiveness of Discipline Construction Projects of Higher Education Institutions”. Two disciplines have been selected as the first-class featured disciplines in Liaoning Province, and one discipline has been selected as the first-class discipline in Liaoning Province. . The school has 25 colleges, 64 undergraduate programs, and 2 third-grade A hospitals. The school has more than 16,000 full-time students (including more than 1,000 graduate students).
The school covers an area of 1.246 million square meters, with a construction area of 565,000 square meters and a collection of more than 1.7 million books. The stadium consists of a comprehensive gymnasium, a central gymnasium, a tennis hall, a swimming pool, etc., with an area of 20,700 square meters, and sports facilities meet international competition standards.

The school takes personnel training as its fundamental task and continuously deepens the reform of the talent training model. It has 6 state-level specialty and excellent planning projects, 1 national university student quality education base, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, 2 national quality online open courses, 1 national bilingual demonstration course, and national quality video. 3 open courses, 2 national 12th five-year planning textbooks, 1 national-level practical education base; 12 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers (including construction units) and provincial virtual simulation experiment centers, 12 provincial-level 10 off-campus practice education bases, provincial demonstration majors, specialty majors, brand majors, comprehensive reform pilots, key support majors, engineering talent training model reform pilots, transformational development pilots, and international pilots 23, provincial level There are 27 quality courses, 7 provincial 12th Five-Year Plan textbooks and 6 provincial teaching teams. It is a provincial microelectronics communication and IT industry talent training and training base.

The school promotes the development of the cause with scientific and technological innovation, and the scientific research strength is significantly enhanced. The school has 1 post-doctoral research station, 1 academician workstation, 1 innovation team from the Ministry of Education and 6 innovation teams from Liaoning Province. There are 3 national and local joint engineering laboratories, 1 key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, and universities in Liaoning Province. There are 1 major science and technology platform, 2 collaborative innovation centers in Liaoning Province, 35 provincial key laboratories, engineering technology centers and key research bases for humanities and social sciences, as well as 20 municipal key laboratories and engineering technology centers. In recent years, the school has taken national projects at the forefront of the province’s universities, and the annual full-scale research funding exceeded 100 million yuan; it has undertaken the National Natural Science Fund’s major research plan, the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund Project, and the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund Project. project. The school has been awarded 7 National Science and Technology Awards, covering the Natural Science Award, Technology Invention Award and Science and Technology Progress Award, and has been approved by nearly 100 provincial and ministerial awards. In 2018, the school won the first prize of National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award, the First Prize of Natural Science of Liaoning Province, the Second Prize of Technical Invention of Ministry of Education, the Second Prize of China Medical Science and Technology and 8 other provincial and ministerial awards. He won 3 second prizes and 3 third prizes in the 6th Philosophy and Social Science Achievement Award of Liaoning Province. The school published more than 1,300 search papers such as SCI, SSCI, EI, CSSCI, and authorized 482 invention patents. One national defense scientific research achievement in computer science and technology participated in the national “Twelfth Five-Year” scientific and technological innovation achievement exhibition, and 14 military-civilian integration. Scientific and technological innovation achievements participated in the “Liaoning Province First Military-civilian Integration Achievement Exhibition”. The school was rated as a national intellectual property pilot unit and a national technology transfer model institution. In the 2018 China University of Education Ministry of Education Science and Technology Awards list, the school ranked 57th in the national colleges and universities, the third in the province. Our school’s scientific and technological innovation ability has entered the forefront of local universities in the country.

The school takes advantage of the comprehensive local university and multi-disciplinary integration, closely focuses on the development of strategic emerging industries in Dalian, and forms an advantageous group of disciplines led by information science, life science, materials science and humanities and social sciences, and actively serves Dalian. The construction of the two pre-zones has promoted the development of information, software, manufacturing, materials, medicine, tourism, free trade, modern agriculture and other industries, and provided powerful technology and intelligence for the wisdom of Dalian, wisdom education, smart medical and other people’s livelihood projects. stand by. The school pays attention to the construction of think tanks and actively connects local economic and social development. Nearly 100 people serve as think tank experts in various industries in the country, Liaoning Province and Dalian. Each year, they undertake a number of government-appointed projects, and the submitted proposals for the government are mainly obtained from the central, provincial and municipal governments. Leadership instructions and adoption by relevant departments. Actively exploring and practicing in sending culture to the countryside, science and technology poverty alleviation, and scientific popularization have been welcomed and affirmed by all walks of life.
The school pays attention to attracting foreign intelligence and actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation. It has established friendly and cooperative relations with more than 130 universities and research institutions in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and other countries. It has jointly cultivated doctoral degrees with the University of Stirling, and achieved substantial results in international talent training and scientific research cooperation. Sexual progress. The Confucius Institute at the University of Seychelles and the Confucius Institute at the University of Comoros have been established overseas, and the “Indian Ocean Island Research Center” has been established. The school’s school-running content is constantly enriched, and its international popularity and influence are constantly improving.

At present, Dalian University has taken the opportunity of the “double first-class” construction of the Ministry of Education to enter a new stage of development to accelerate the goal of creating a “national first-class teaching and research local university”. Guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the school adheres to the party’s leadership, adheres to the direction of socialist education, comprehensively implements the party’s educational policy, and implements the fundamental tasks of the Lide tree. The school adheres to the “four comprehensive” strategy and the “five development concepts” to guide the overall work of the school, taking discipline construction as the leader, connotation development as the main line, focusing on improving education quality and serving local ability, with talent team building and cultural construction. And the construction of the party is the guarantee, with the core of “adjusting the structure, building the characteristics, strengthening the management, and promoting the service”, and fully implementing the development strategy of “culturally casting schools, governing schools according to law, strengthening schools with talents, establishing schools with quality, and promoting schools with characteristics”. Based in Dalian, serving Liaoning, facing the whole country, going to the world, cultivating high-quality applied talents with high social responsibility, innovative entrepreneurship, practical ability and international vision. In the next five years, the school will strive to achieve breakthroughs in the authorized units of doctoral degree, and several disciplines will enter the forefront of local universities in the country, and basically establish a national first-class teaching and research local university with distinctive characteristics and outstanding disciplinary advantages. (as of March 1, 2019)


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