Dalian University of Science and Technology

Dalian University of Science and Technology


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Introduction to Dalian University of Science and Technology

Dalian University of Science and Technology (大连科技学院, website) is located in the university town of Dalian Lushun Economic Development Zone, the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula. Its predecessor was the School of Information Engineering, Dalian Jiaotong University (formerly Dalian Railway College), which was established in 2002. It is a general undergraduate university. In 2016, it was approved as a pilot university for applied transformation and development in Liaoning Province.

Dalian University of Science and Technology has an existing land area of 878,800 square meters, a building area of 295,900 square meters, a total value of 90,387,700 yuan of teaching and scientific research equipment, and a collection of 976,000 books. Mega backbone, Gigabit to the building, 100M to the desktop, to achieve full wireless network coverage; the school has built a rail transit signal and control experimental training center (Liaoning Province Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center), engineering training center and other 99 experimental training places ; Together with CRRC Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., Dalian Metro Operation Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have established 87 off-campus practice bases.

Dalian University of Science and Technology includes 10 colleges of mechanical engineering, college of transportation, college of electrical engineering, college of digital technology, college of economics and management, college of foreign languages, college of design and art, college of software technology, college of innovation and entrepreneurship, and PEIM new education college The second-level college, as well as the three teaching departments of the teaching department, basic department, and physical education department of ideological and political theory; the school now has 30 undergraduate majors, and has formed a coordinated development of engineering, management, literature, law, and art. Basic pattern. The superior geographical environment, good school running conditions, and advanced and complete teaching facilities have provided excellent learning and living conditions for more than 12,000 students from various provinces (cities, districts) across the country.

Dalian University of Science and Technology currently has 667 faculty members, of which 450 are full-time teachers, 41.78% have associate senior titles and above, 86.22% have master’s and doctoral degree teachers, and have professional (industry) professional qualifications and There are 121 professional teachers in the “dual-teacher and dual-energy” professional course, and 30 of them have received special allowances from the State Council, provincial teaching teachers, one-hundred-thousand-person talent project in Liaoning province, ten-thousand-thousand-man talent project in Liaoning province, High-level leaders in Shenyang and other honorary titles.

Dalian University of Science and Technology has strengthened innovation and entrepreneurship education, and has been approved as a typical model base for entrepreneurship and innovation in China and a college student innovation and entrepreneurship education base in Liaoning Province. In the past three years, a total of 6 people have won the honorary titles of advanced individuals in entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities in the country, experts and training experts in the Top 50 Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Education, 10,000 outstanding entrepreneurship mentors nationwide by the Ministry of Education, and the first batch of outstanding innovative entrepreneurship mentors in Liaoning Province; Obtained 258 provincial and national innovation and entrepreneurship awards; in the “Internet +” competition (Liaoning Division) for two consecutive years, the total number of gold medals and medals ranked first in private universities in Liaoning Province, and students’ dual innovation capabilities and levels ranked among the same in the province Forefront of universities.

Dalian University of Science and Technology has become the “Internet + Made in China 2025” production-education integration promotion plan construction college of the Ministry of Education, a typical demonstration base for entrepreneurship and innovation in China, the first batch of party-built characteristic project construction bases in private schools across the country, outstanding private universities in Liaoning Province, Dalian Municipal People’s Education Demonstration School for Party Construction. In the past three years, the school has won 5 teaching achievement awards at or above the provincial level; 2 majors in Liaoning Province ’s innovation and entrepreneurship education pilot program; has been approved by Liaoning ’s Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Liaoning ’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Education Base, and Liaoning ’s Virtual Simulation Experiment Project And 7 provincial-level experimental practice projects including Liaoning Provincial University Off-campus Practice Base.

The quality of university personnel training and social reputation continue to improve. The school strengthens the construction of connotation, builds the characteristics of educating people, and improves the quality of talent training and social reputation year by year. In the past three years, the school’s undergraduate admission rate, registration rate, and initial employment rate have been among the forefront of private universities in Liaoning Province. In the latest round of national university rankings officially released by Cuaa.Net in 2019, Dalian University of Science and Technology successfully ranked among the top 30 private universities in China, becoming the fastest-growing private university in China in 2018.


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