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Dalian Neusoft University of Information (DNUI, website) is a non-government-run higher education institution approved by the Ministry of Education. Situated in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, DNUI is in the core area of Dalian Software Park. With a total construction area of 399,000 square meters, it covers 905 mu. There are more than 14,000 full-time students at school and nearly 800 full-time teaching and administrative staff, with 13 teaching institutions, five disciplines of engineering, science, management, arts and literature, and 28 undergraduate programs.

As early as 2000, upon establishment, it was made clear that DNUI was practice-oriented for the service of industries and regional economic development. In the past eighteen years, under the basic guideline of creating students value through education, DUNI has relied closely on the advantages of IT service in Neusoft Group and the industrial advantages of Dalian Hi-tech Zone, accomplishing the integration of industry with education, constructing an practice-oriented school-running system, forming an operational mechanism of school-enterprise cooperation and a win-win operational system, and initiatively brought up and carried out the integrated talent-cultivating principle of TOPCARES in the whole school, through which DNUI realized the complementarity of talent training with industrial demand and enterprise needs. At present, DNUI has fostered more than 40,000 IT practice-oriented talents for the society. The average employment rate has been over 90% for years. DNUI’s talent-training quality has been well-received by employers and all sectors of society. According to the statistics of McCoth as the third-party investigation, the monthly income of graduates after they left DNUI for half a year in 2016 is 5277 yuan, 1066 yuan higher than that of non-211 colleges and universities, 76 yuan higher than that of 211 colleges and universities in China. Self-employed graduates of 2016 accounted for 4.6%, 2.3 % higher than that of non-211 undergraduate colleges and universities in China, and 3.5% higher than that of 211 universities in China. In 2015, DNUI was among the first batch of 10 experimental pioneers approved by Liaoning Province to transform to practice-oriented ones. In 2017, DNUI became one of the first batch of 10 model universities approved by Liaoning Province to transform to practice-oriented ones.

Since its establishment, DNUI has won 41 awards for teaching achievements at or above the provincial level, including one first prize of national teaching achievement award in 2005 and one first prize of provincial teaching achievement award in 2009, one second prize of national award for teaching achievement and two first-class provincial teaching achievement awards, four first prizes of provincial teaching achievement awards in 2013 and three first prizes of provincial teaching achievement awards in 2018 (including one of accomplishment as the third unit). Among the current undergraduate programs in the school, there is one national-level undergraduate comprehensive reform pilot program, four provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot programs, two provincial-level first batch of advantage and specialty programs, four provincial-level engineering talents training reform pilot programs, two provincial-level key supported programs, one provincial-level first batch of pilot practice-oriented transition program, three pilot programs of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform at provincial level, one undergraduate curriculum system internationalization pilot program, three provincial innovation and entrepreneurship education pilot program, three provincial-level demonstration program for practice-oriented transition. In the comprehensive evaluation of undergraduate programs carried out in universities in Liaoning province from 2012 to 2014, seven of the eleven programs participated in the evaluation were listed in the top 3 in the province.

In 2002, the school established the Student Office & Venture Office (SOVO) and registered a trademark in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to explore the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education into the entire personnel training process. At present, DNUI is listed in the third batch of the national college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship education practice bases, and has been accredited as one of the first 50 colleges and universities with typical experience in innovation and entrepreneurship by Ministry of Education, as one of the first 99 model universities nationwide with deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education, as the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology to create space, as the model school of entrepreneurship education in Liaoning Province, and has been listed in the first batch of demonstration bases for college students’ entrepreneurship incubation, in the first batch of practice bases for college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship education, and in the first batch of selection bases for college students’ entrepreneurship projects.

The school adheres to open education and international cooperation. At present, it has established friendly and cooperative relations with nearly 90 foreign universities including San Jose State University, University of Queensland, Australia, Loughborough University, UK, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, Konkuk University, Korea, and Moscow Transit University of Russia. There are many kinds of cooperation, including overseas academic education, cross-cultural projects, and exchange student programs. Every year, there are more than 300 overseas students coming in for either a long or short term, and about 150 DNUI students going abroad for study or short-term exchanges.

Over the years, the school has been honored by the provincial and municipal governments as provincial civilized university, provincial peace and safety demonstration campus, provincial advanced unit for the creation of spiritual civilization, the city’s advanced party committee, the city’s outstanding contribution unit in software and service outsourcing industry, and the city’s industrial science and education tourism demonstration unit; has been accredited as the Excellent University of Civilian-run Higher Education by industry associations, research associations, etc.; has won the special prize for outstanding achievements in party building and special prize for outstanding achievements in ideological and political work in “Party Construction and Ideological and Political Work in Private Colleges and Universities across China”. In “China’s Top 100 Private Universities in Terms of Overall Performance by Wu Shulian”, DNUI was ranked 8th in 2017. The school has been rated by the Xinhuanet,, Sohu, Sina, Tencent and other media for many years as “China’s Influential Private Universities,” ‘China’s Top Ten Privately-owned Brand Name Universities,” “China’s Most Powerful Private Universities,” “Typical Innovative and Entrepreneurial Universities,” etc.

On June 28, 2017, Premier Li Keqiang visited DNUI to inspect and encourage the school to play a supporting role in the Northeastern China’s transition. Facing the future, the school will stick to its fundamental mission of educating students in both skills and morals, actively integrate industrial transformation and upgrading and innovation-driven development, integrate social resources with a more open perspective, enhance the ability to run schools through continuous reform and innovation, improve the quality of personnel training, and strive to become a characteristic and high-level university of entrepreneurship and applied technology.



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As one of the 14 coastal open cities in China, Dalian (City Panorama) is an important coastal port city of Liaoning Province. It’s the second largest city of Liaoning Province and the largest port city of Northeast China. Dalian boasts superexcellent environment. In 2009, Dalian received the ultimate award as the international garden city given by United Nations Environment Programme and IFPRA.

As one of China’s most romantic and beautiful gardened city, Dalian attracts a large number of tourists from home and abroad each year, and it’s also China’s first batch of outstanding tourist city. Annually, quite a lot of popular festivals and fairs are held in Dalian, such as Dalian Cherry Blossom Festival, Dalian Software Trade Fair, China International Beer Festival, Dalian Sand Beach Culture Festival and Dalian International Fashion Festival.


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