Dalian Maple Leaf College of Technology

Dalian Maple Leaf College of Technology


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Introduction to Dalian Maple Leaf College of Technology

Dalian Maple Leaf College of Technology (大连枫叶职业技术学院, website) is a private general higher vocational college with higher academic qualifications approved by the Liaoning Provincial Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. Under the guidance of the development thinking focusing on higher vocational education, the college is developing in a diversified direction that integrates vocational education, diploma education, continuing education, and self-study in higher education to provide the most suitable learning solutions for students at different levels.

Dalian Maple Leaf College Of Technology is located in the beautiful Daheishi Tourist Resort in Dalian. Covering an area of more than 100,000 square meters, it is backed by green hills, facing the sea, with beautiful surroundings and picturesque scenery. There are spacious and bright teaching buildings, comfortable and tidy bedroom buildings, quiet and warm reading rooms, various experimental training, standard sports fields, volleyball courts, indoor multifunctional gymnasiums, canteens, supermarkets and other education and living facilities. The ideal place for students to study.

Dalian Maple Leaf College Of Technology aims at successful employment, focuses on capacity-building, takes school-enterprise cooperation, industry-university-research integration as a way to comprehensively improve students’ comprehensive quality as the guiding ideology, and implements “attitude + literacy + skills + knowledge” education Engineering, through various forms, organically integrates student literacy education into education and teaching, which enables students to develop their expertise while learning professional skills, improve the overall quality of students, and lay a solid foundation for successful employment. The college has a major in the market, a course in the post, a teaching in the capacity, a job in the business. Cooperate with enterprises in a variety of ways, such as “opening a professionally run company, promoting industry by profession, and promoting industry by industry”, and integrating industry and education; The flexible and diversified talent training model has truly made a talent training plan with the enterprise according to social needs, thereby ensuring the quality of graduate employment.

Dalian Maple Leaf College Of Technology has designed self-study undergraduates corresponding to majors for higher vocational college students, which meets the requirements for students to improve their education. Without extending the academic system, they can complete their undergraduate studies in three years. The partner institutions include Northeastern University , Shenyang University of Technology, Liaoning Normal University, Liaoning Engineering and Technology University, Liaoning University of Petroleum and Chemical Technology, etc. The college implements a multi-certificate system. In addition to graduation certificates, students obtain corresponding vocational qualification certificates according to their own specialties, and have the choice to obtain a variety of vocational certificates such as foreign languages and computers.

Dalian Maple Leaf College Of Technology has an advanced school running philosophy and unique talent training model, with the goal of “improving quality, creating brands, and building distinctive vocational colleges”. Currently there are 31 majors in five major professional groups: finance and trade, gems, computers, modern services and engineering. In addition, accounting, financial management and practice, applied English (children’s English), applied Korean, elderly services and management Other majors are also popular with students. There are currently more than 6,400 full-time students.

Dalian Maple Leaf College Of Technology graduates are welcomed by employers for their good professionalism and solid practical skills. The resettlement rate is 100%, and the employment rate is not less than 95%. Employment promotes enrollment, word of mouth promotes development, and the college has developed a large number of high-quality, high-skilled talents for the society from scratch, from weak to strong. It has been highly praised by leaders and employers, and has been recognized by parents and the industry. .

In order to cultivate students’ entrepreneurship and innovation ability, Dalian Maple Leaf College Of Technology has specially set up the “Entrepreneurship Academy”, whose model is: Entrepreneurship Center + Maker Space + Student Startup Company + Master Studio, so that each student will Lay a solid foundation for future entrepreneurial innovation. At the same time, the college promotes “teachers as mentors” to encourage teachers to take the lead and lead students to start business together, so that students can graduate with projects.

Dalian Maple Leaf College Of Technology is an executive member of China Customs Association, a member of China Port Association, a member of China Mould Association, a member of China Logistics Purchasing Federation, a vice president of Dalian Customs Association, and a chairman of Dalian Jewellery Association Unit, vice-chairman unit of Liaoning Private Education Association, member unit of China Private Education Association. The college is a training base for on-the-job customs officers in Dalian, a training base for the National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center-National Inspection and Jewellery Training Center, and a GIC Dalian training center for the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Jewellery Institute. It is a training base and test site for various professional skills appraisals. . At the same time, the college is also the Dalian female university student entrepreneurship training base, providing a broad platform for female university students to start a business.

Dalian Maple Leaf College Of Technology has been widely praised by all walks of life and has won many honors. In 2004, it was rated as “Excellent School” in Liaoning Province, in 2005 as “Integrity School” in Dalian, and as “Dalian Advanced Party Branch” for three consecutive years. Awarded “Excellent School in Liaoning Province” and won the “First Prize of the First National Customs Reserve Talent Skills Contest in 2011”; In 2012, it was awarded “Chinese Private Higher Education Institutions with High Quality and Featured Institutions” and Dalian Higher Education Safety and Stability Work Advanced Unit ” Title; Provincial “Safe Campus” in 2013; 2013 and 2015 “Dalian Advanced Youth League Committee” title; 2013 was awarded “Advanced Basic Unit for Ideological and Political Education of College Students” for three consecutive years; 2015 “Dalian Advanced Unit for Recruiting Work” and the Party Branch of the College were rated as “Non-public Party Construction Work Demonstration Point”, “Outstanding Achievement Award of Social Practice Activities of Liaoning Provincial College Students”, and Dalian Blood Donation Promotion Award; 2016 Private Higher Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School Practice Training Base Construction Award, Dalian Advanced Grassroots Party Organization, Liaoning Province Fourth College Student Industry Contest Finals prize, second prize Cishan Yi ran Dalian; in 2017 won the “Hong Chengwei Industry Cup” Dalian students future career Championship Award for outstanding organizations, professional quality students cultivate the skills demonstration base title.

As a private vocational college, Dalian Maple Leaf College Of Technology has gradually grown into a vocational college among the good opportunities for the vigorous development of vocational education in China. Through combing all aspects of talent training, professional construction, curriculum reform, practical training, school-enterprise cooperation, social services, etc., every reform, every breakthrough, every rectification, every progress has gradually filled the wings of the college’s connotative development. In order to make the school’s school running ideas clearer, school running conditions have improved significantly, teaching management has become more standardized, school-enterprise cooperation has continued to deepen, and service industry development capabilities have been further enhanced. Standing against the unprecedented historical background of vocational education in China and regional economic development in Dalian, Maple Leaf will also accompany greater opportunities and stand on a broader development platform. With loyalty and love for vocational education, we will work hard and be determined , Must be a banner, on the road of private vocational education, the acceleration of the backward journey, leading the way!


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