College of Technology and Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology

College of Technology and Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology

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Introduction to College of Technology and Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology

College of Technology and Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology (兰州理工大学技术工程学院) was established in 2002 with more than 8,000 students. It is a full-time undergraduate institution approved by the Ministry of Education and the first batch of pilot universities for the transformation and development of applied technology universities in Gansu Province. The school is firm in the direction of running a socialist school, always adhering to the school motto of “seeking truth, being ambitious, and carrying out dedication”; Orientation for running schools; Always follow the school running philosophy of “educate people with parents and help students achieve their dreams”; always apply “talents with basic theory, strong practical ability, high comprehensive quality, social responsibility, international perspective and innovative spirit” The goal of personnel training has achieved comprehensive development in personnel training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage and innovation, and has grown into a reasonable scale structure, coordinated development of disciplines, excellent teaching quality, distinctive school characteristics, and high social reputation. Regional well-known application-oriented university.

College of Technology and Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology opened 37 undergraduate majors, and formed an application-oriented professional system with engineering characteristics and industry characteristics that suits the needs of society. Established mechanical, electrical, information, materials and chemical engineering, characteristic cultural management disciplines and special professional directions with their own advantages and characteristics, including mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, electrical engineering and automation, and metal materials engineering 2. Electronic information engineering is a specialty of Gansu Province. The school now has 9 secondary teaching units including the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the School of Information Engineering, the School of Civil Engineering, the School of Materials and Chemical Engineering, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Foreign Languages, the General Education Center, and the Engineering Training Center .

College of Technology and Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology has formed “China-Germany School of Excellence Engineers”, “Automotive Manufacturing Engineer (Young Goose Project)”, “Wistron Excellence Engineer Class”, “Jeep Software Orientation Class” and other high-quality Excellent talent training programs featuring employment. The school has established out-of-school training and employment bases with more than 200 companies, including State Grid, China State Construction Group, China Railway Group, and Zhejiang Geely Group, including more than 500 companies, forming a new school-enterprise cooperation and collaborative education system. The school is the “Advanced Unit for Employment of Graduates from Non-normal Normal Colleges and Universities in Gansu Province”. The employment rate of graduates is stable at more than 95%, ranking the forefront of universities in the province. A certain amount of influence, a large number of graduates have grown into unit management backbones and technical elites.

College of Technology and Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology has a pleasant school environment and first-rate infrastructure. The new campus is located in the state-level new district — Lanzhou New District Vocational Education Park. There are many colleges and universities in the park, and the cultural atmosphere is strong. It is an ideal place for self-cultivation and education. The new campus strives to create a “hundred-year campus, a humanistic campus, a beautiful campus, an ecological campus, and a smart campus”. It has 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 provincial key laboratory, 5 school-enterprise collaborative engineering technology R & D centers, More than 30 professional laboratories. The school has all kinds of infrastructure and complete living service facilities, and provides comprehensive care and services for students’ comprehensive growth and talents.

College of Technology and Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology more than 40 student associations provide a broad platform for students’ personality development and interest cultivation. Among them, three special sports teams including sports dance, taekwondo and basketball have achieved excellent results in national competitions; college students are innovative and entrepreneurial. The college has a number of “double innovation” studios to stimulate students’ innovative spirit and practical ability. Students have won accumulatively in the “Challenge Cup” national college student extracurricular academic scientific and technological works competition, the national college student mechanical innovation design competition, and the national college student electronic design competition. More than 300 important awards; the school attaches great importance to shaping students ‘healthy personality and good mentality, and has established a high standard of psychological health education guidance and service center for college students to escort students’ physical and mental health; the school has established a comprehensive “reward, assistance, loan, And supplement “student funding system and system, to help aspiring students realize Dream University, to ensure that students can be rewarded, help and help, the school was awarded” Gansu Province advanced units of student funding work. ”


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