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Introduction to Chuxiong Normal University

Chuxiong Normal University (楚雄师范学院, website) is a full-time undergraduate university in Yunnan Province. In May 2001, approved by the Ministry of Education, it was established on the basis of the merger of the former Chuxiong Teachers College and the Chuxiong Teachers College for Nationalities. In 2009, it was awarded the title of “National Civilized Unit” by the Central Civilization Commission, and it is the first school in Yunnan Province to receive this honor. In 2010, it passed the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment of the Ministry of Education. In 2014, it was listed by the Ministry of Education as a national-level project unit of “Excellent Primary School Teacher Training Plan Reform Project”. In 2015, it was approved as a pilot university for the application-type overall transformation reform of local universities in Yunnan Province. In 2016, “Pedagogy” was selected as the first-class discipline (plateau discipline) construction project of Yunnan Province. It was awarded the “National Civilized Campus” by the Central Civilization Committee in 2017, and is the only university in Yunnan Province to receive this honor. In 2018, it successfully passed the review and evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education. At present, efforts are being made to build high-level application-oriented universities with distinctive teacher education characteristics.

The university is located in Chuxiong City, the prefecture of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, which enjoys the reputation of “Hometown of Eastern Humans”, “Hometown of Dinosaurs”, “Kingdom of High Quality Wild Fungus”, and “Chinese Grand View Garden of Yi Ethnic Group”. The climatic conditions are superior. The average annual temperature is 16 ° C. There is no severe cold in winter, no extreme heat in summer, and spring is like four seasons. It is more than 100 kilometers away from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, and has convenient transportation. It is known as the “back garden” of Kunming. The campus environment is beautiful, the digital campus network is unblocked, and the mobile library is convenient and quick.

Chuxiong Normal University adheres to the orientation of application-oriented universities, highlighting the school-running characteristics of “application-based, teacher-oriented, distinctive talent cultivation, outstanding teacher education advantages, and prominent local economic and social development in border areas”. Adhering to the educational philosophy of “building morals, understanding the wisdom and power, learning and using one, and integrating knowledge with action”, we take “good morals, get started quickly, stay strong, and innovate” as the goal of talent training, focusing on local economic construction and society Career development trains high-quality applied talents.

Chuxiong Normal University currently has 12,606 full-time undergraduate students and more than 1,000 correspondence students. It recruits full-time undergraduate students from 25 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) across the country. Each year, more than a thousand non-educational trainings, and won the title of “advanced collective for graduate employment” for 13 consecutive years. The school has 743 faculty members, including 576 full-time teachers, more than 400 doctors and masters, and 284 senior and associate senior titles, including 6 second-level professors; 1 Yunling scholar, and 2 Yunling teaching teachers. , 2 young provincial top talents, 5 provincial teaching teachers, 12 provincial academic and technical leaders and reserve talents. The school currently offers 56 full-time undergraduate programs and more than 30 correspondence courses. Distributed in nine disciplines: literature, law, science, engineering, agriculture, economics, management, education, and art. At present, there are 3 master’s degrees authorized for the cultivation and construction of 3 provincial-level disciplines, 1 key discipline with provincial advantages and specialties, 1 national specialty with special characteristics, and 5 provincial specialty with special characteristics.

Chuxiong Normal University takes serving the local area as its own responsibility and actively carries out scientific research and social services. He has undertaken more than 200 national, provincial and ministerial projects, and more than 1,000 other vertical, horizontal and school projects. There are 1 provincial philosophy and social science research base, 2 provincial philosophy and social science innovation teams, 6 provincial key laboratories and engineering research centers, and 3 provincial science and technology innovation teams. Undertook one item of “National Excellent Primary and Secondary School Teacher Training Plan Reform Project”. More than 100 scientific research achievements have been awarded at provincial level or above, and nearly 50 national patents have been authorized. At the same time, adult vocational continuing education has been co-constructed with well-known universities, enterprises and institutions at the grassroots level, and has established national basic education teacher training points, vocational and technical qualification training centers and other types of training bases. In the form of services for local education, enterprises and industries.

Chuxiong Normal University has vigorously strengthened its opening to the outside world. It has established cooperative relations with Singapore, Thailand, the United States, Vietnam, and many domestic universities. It has launched international cooperation projects such as joint training, scientific and technological cooperation, and overseas internships, and promoted the school to be open and international development of. The school has successively won more than 20 glorious titles such as “National Civilized Unit”, “National Civilized Campus”, “National Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization Construction”, “Civilized Unit in Yunnan Province”, and “Civilized School in Yunnan Province”. The overall level and influence of the school has been continuously improved.


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