Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College

Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College


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Introduction to Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College

Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College (重庆水利电力职业技术学院, website) is a public full-time ordinary college approved by the Chongqing Municipal Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The school is a national high-skilled talent training base, a national water conservancy higher vocational education model college, a Chongqing backbone higher vocational college, a Chongqing high quality vocational college and a national high quality water conservancy higher vocational college construction unit.

The college was founded in 1964, and has gone through the name change of Jiangjin District Water Resources and Electricity School, Yongchuan Area Water Resources and Electricity School, and Chongqing Water Resources and Electricity School. The college completed the overall relocation of the new campus in 2012, covering a total area of 936 acres and a total construction area of 310,000 square meters. It has built 272 in-house and out-of-school practice bases, a total of more than 61 million yuan of experimental training equipment, nearly 600,000 books, and fixed assets The total amount exceeded 700 million yuan.

The College currently has 539 faculty members, including 268 full-time teachers, more than 200 with deputy or higher titles, and 35 doctors. There are 1 municipal-level excellent teachers, 4 outstanding young and middle-aged backbone teachers; 6 new vocational teachers, 2 vocational teachers, and 155 dual-teacher teachers.

Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College has more than 9,200 students, and the student base has expanded to 26 provinces (cities, districts) across the country. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 96%, the employment counterpart rate has reached above 80%, and the career expectation has reached 80%. Graduates ‘satisfaction with schools is 94%, and employers’ satisfaction with graduates is 90%.

Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College offers 47 vocational education majors, covering 8 major categories: water conservancy, resources, environment and safety, energy power and materials, civil construction, transportation, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, culture and art.

The college closely follows the national and Chongqing development strategies, adapts to the needs of the big data and intelligent manufacturing industry, cooperates with the central enterprise China Putian Group to form the big data industry college; cooperates with the German Industry and Commerce Conference (AHK) to introduce the German dual vocational education training model The Sino-German Institute of Engineers was established to create a professional group of electronic information and equipment manufacturing, and form a professional structure layout of “one special, one excellent, three supports, and eight similar developments”. Focus on deepening the integration of production and education, and further promote school-enterprise cooperation. Chongqing Water Conservancy and Hydropower Vocational Education Group is established. It is a pilot unit of the Ministry of Education’s modern apprenticeship system and a “one school, one product” demonstration base in higher vocational colleges across the country.

College students’ professional quality, professional quality and comprehensive literacy have been developing day by day. In the past three years, students have participated in vocational skills competitions and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, and have won 97 national awards and 108 provincial and ministerial awards.

Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College has a full-featured entrepreneurial incubation park for university students, and has cultivated 69 innovative and entrepreneurial projects. It is the first batch of “Double Hundred” demonstration construction units for Chongqing’s innovation and entrepreneurship, Chongqing University Students’ Pioneering Demonstration Base, Chongqing Pioneering Incubation Base, Chongqing Chongchuang Space, and Chongqing University Chongchuang Space. Students participated in “Challenging Cup”, “Internet +” and other city-level innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, and won 2 national silver awards, 2 bronze awards, 5 municipal gold awards, and 4 silver awards. Among them, the “travel emergency treasure” and “Bashan Laotan exclusive flavor Chen Xiancai” projects won the “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Chongqing Gold Award, as the only vocational college in the city was shortlisted for the National Finals project, both projects won National bronze medal.

In the past three years, the college’s foreign technical service account exceeded 10 million yuan. Successfully approved as a national high-skilled talent training base, a major breakthrough in social service capabilities. Established more than 40 kinds of continuing education and training programs, and had more than 70 occupational skills appraisal jobs. It has qualifications such as the nation’s construction industry-skilled talent training project implementation colleges, the national professional skills appraisal station for water conservancy industries, the Chongqing Water Conservancy Industry Cadre Training Center, and the Chongqing Hydropower Industry National Vocational Skill Appraisal Agency.

Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College has distinctive cultural characteristics, promotes the school motto of “Upcoming Good Water, Learning to Compete in Rivers”, constructing an environmental education system of water culture, celebrities and water, and water philosophy, and combining water culture construction with the cultivation of talents and personality. The school is a civilized unit in Chongqing and a model school in Chongqing that governs the school by law. In the past three years, students who have participated in cultural and sports activities at or above the municipal level have won more than 30 collective honors and more than 200 individual awards.

The college has extensive international exchanges and cooperation. It is the vice-chairman unit of the China-Thailand Vocational Education Alliance. It organizes more than 10 foreign cooperation projects, and conducts international education cooperation with 5 universities such as Lampang Vocational College in Thailand. The first batch of 17 foreign students came to the school. Entered the school and co-founded Dayu College with Thailand’s Leytech College to actively serve the country’s “Belt and Road” strategy.

Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Engineering College will tightly seize the three historical opportunities that the country attaches great importance to vocational education, water conservancy development, and Chongqing economic development. Based on Yongchuan, serving Chongqing, facing the west, and radiating the whole country, adhere to teaching and research Simultaneously, the four-in-one strategy of “stabilizing scale, strengthening connotation, highlighting characteristics, and cultural leadership” will be used to simultaneously advance the development strategy, and strive to reach the national demonstration higher vocational school level, and become the leading vocational college in the western and influential water conservancy colleges.


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