Chongqing Vocational College of Art and Engineering

Chongqing Vocational College of Art and Engineering

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Introduction to Chongqing Vocational College of Art and Engineering

Chongqing Vocational College of Art and Engineering (重庆艺术工程职业学院) is a full-time general higher vocational college established with the approval of the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. It undertakes the task of unified national enrollment, recruits students nationwide, and independently issues qualifications recognized by the state.

The college was founded by Chongqing Gangxin Architectural Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. (a national top 100 enterprise in the decoration industry), relying on the advantages of the construction and decoration industry, it focuses on training high-end technical talents who have both artistic and engineering literacy. There are 7 teaching units including the School of Art and Design, the School of Architectural Engineering, the School of Engineering Economics and Management, the School of Visual Media and Modeling, the School of Fashion and Performance, the Department of Public Education, and the Department of Continuing Education. There are 24 majors and 36 majors. The direction has formed four major professional groups: art design, construction engineering, visual media, and information technology.

The college is located in Xuefu Avenue, Tongliang District, Chongqing, covering an area of more than 500 acres. The campus has a beautiful campus environment, unique architectural design, rich artistic atmosphere, and complete functions. It is a good environment for students to learn and grow. The college has built a building decoration engineering practice base in the old campus of Chayuan New District, Nan’an District, Chongqing.

In December 2015, Chongqing Vocational College of Art and Engineering passed the evaluation of national higher vocational education talent training experts; In December 2016, it passed the return visit inspection of the national higher vocational education talent training expert evaluation team; in August 2016, the college’s environment The major of art design was approved as the backbone of Chongqing Municipality. In July 2017, the college won the provincial and ministerial level teaching achievement award of higher education.

Chongqing Vocational College of Art and Engineering, known as the “Bauhaus Design Institute of China”, has been praised by experts as a “temperature and emotion” college for its unique cultural atmosphere.

Since the establishment of the school, the college has adhered to the school philosophy of “the close integration of art and engineering, the deep integration of the college and the enterprise, teaching and production training, highlighting professional skills and improving the comprehensive quality”, and implemented it in specific education and teaching links, achieving good results. Effect.

Chongqing Vocational College of Art and Engineering takes “enterprise special classes” and “expert studios” as carriers to promote the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and actively explore new education and teaching models such as modern mentorship. Through the use of two different educational environments and teaching resources of colleges and enterprises, the combination of classroom teaching and production practices, to cultivate technical and technical talents that are compatible with industry development. Through the implementation of the talent training model of “combination of production, teaching and research, project + theme teaching, and strengthening of vocational post skills”, the industry is externally connected and the teaching is internally connected, so that each major has at least one leading enterprise supporting professional development, and each major has many In 5 production training programs.

Chongqing Vocational College of Art and Engineering specializes in systematically developing courses based on industry production processes and implements “three-stage” talent training: the first stage is the learning of basic knowledge; the second stage is the strengthening of professional skills; the third stage is the actual combat And integrated applications. The practical teaching process runs through the entire process of talent training, in order to cultivate technical and technical professionals with artistic and engineering literacy who can engage in design, management and service in the production line.


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