Chongqing Three Gorges Vocational College

Chongqing Three Gorges Vocational College


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Introduction to Chongqing Three Gorges Vocational College

Chongqing Three Gorges Vocational College (重庆三峡职业学院, website) is a full-time general public college run by the Chongqing Municipal Government. It is located in Wanzhou District, Chongqing. After 83 years of profound cultural accumulation and super-conventional and leapfrog development since the establishment of the college, the college has been established as a higher education institution with a long history, rich culture, modern facilities and beautiful surroundings. It is the first batch of high-quality vocational project construction units in Chongqing. It is a demonstration higher vocational college in Chongqing. It is one of the top 50 colleges and universities in China for graduates. The honorary title of the Hongqi Youth League Committee.

Chongqing Three Gorges Vocational College has excellent school running conditions, complete infrastructure and beautiful campus environment. The campus covers an area of 553 acres, with a construction area of more than 200,000 square meters, and investment of more than 59 million yuan in teaching and research equipment. The college has 118 on-campus internship training centers and more than 200 off-campus internship bases; it has a post-doctoral scientific research station in Chongqing and a “National Specialized Occupational Skills Appraisal Station” named by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and “Computer Information Hi-tech Training” Test station. ” It is a training base for high-end application talents of agricultural machinery in Chongqing, a training base for migrant labor skills in Chongqing Three Gorges Reservoir area, a rural labor transfer training base in Wanzhou District, and a training base for agricultural professional managers in Wanzhou District. The college is equipped with standardized track and field stadiums, basketball courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts, and tennis courts. There are 2 standardized student cafeterias and Islamic halal restaurants. The school has complete supporting facilities to meet the needs of teachers and students.

Chongqing Three Gorges Vocational College has a full-time and part-time teaching team with high quality and reasonable structure. There are currently more than 460 faculty members, including 1 expert from the State Council special allowance, 1 famous teacher in Chongqing, 2 models of teaching and education in Chongqing, 3 backbone teachers in Chongqing, 27 professors, associate professors and other associate senior titles 80 There are more than 150 doctoral and master degree students; many senior technicians have been hired from factories and enterprises as internship instructors. There are 87 senior appraisers of national vocational skills appraisal, more than 60 professional leaders and backbone teachers.

Chongqing Three Gorges Vocational College offers 46 majors in 8 teaching units including Marxism College, College of Agriculture and Forestry Technology, College of Animal Science and Technology, College of Intelligent Manufacturing, College of Automotive Engineering, College of Economics and Management, College of Artificial Intelligence, College of General Education More than 8,000 students are enrolled in the school, and it recruits foreign students from Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar. In 2012, it passed the second round of talent training in the country’s higher vocational colleges and universities. It is a civilized unit in Chongqing, a safe and civilized campus in Chongqing, a garden-like unit in Chongqing, an advanced collective of vocational education in Chongqing, and a graduate of Chongqing technical college. Advanced group of students in employment and employment. Students have won 12 first prizes and 34 second prizes in the National Vocational Skills Contest for 7 consecutive years. In 2018, the medal list ranked 11th in the country, and the total number of gold medals ranked 12th in the country. Entered the top 20 nationwide. Won the Outstanding Organization Award of the National Small Animal Clinical Skills Competition for two consecutive times. Participated in the National Vocational College Teachers Teaching Ability Competition and won two second prizes. Ranked 11th in the country in the statistics of the three national awards for higher vocational education. Successfully entered the top 50 vocational colleges in the 2014-2018 national college competition.

Chongqing Three Gorges Vocational College holds high the open school concept of “school-enterprise cooperation, work-study combination”, pays attention to foreign exchanges and cooperation, pays attention to the cooperation in running schools with enterprises, and led the establishment of Chongqing Modern Agricultural Vocational Education Group and Three Gorges Reservoir Vocational Education Group. With the United States, Canada, Belgium, Australia and other countries and regions at home and abroad more than 30 similar institutions and social institutions to establish inter-school cooperation links, and more than 1,000 companies have established school-enterprise cooperation relations. Based on the market demand for talents and the country’s counterpart support to the Three Gorges Reservoir area, the college has opened up talent resettlement channels and established long-term stability with more than 30 provincial and municipal talent exchange centers and nearly 100 famous enterprises, multinational companies, and large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises. The supply and demand relationship of graduates, in cooperation with the Chinese third-party educational data consulting and educational quality assessment organization Maxis, has established a “social needs and employment results tracking and evaluation system” to guide the college to run schools scientifically, the graduate employment rate reached 98.6%, The society has cultivated more than 50,000 high-end technical application professionals with sufficient theory and strong practical ability. The college has become an important base and cradle for training high-end technical talents in the Three Gorges Reservoir area.

Chongqing Three Gorges Vocational College actively responds to the national “Belt and Road” strategic initiative, leading education to internationalization with open schools, and in 2017 took the lead in recruiting full-time diploma students in higher vocational colleges in the city. At present, it has enrolled 25 students with a total of two academic degrees. People are studying 2 majors in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine and garden landscape design. The college extensively participates in international vocational education cooperation and exchanges, actively connects with the Sydney agreement construction standards, vigorously implements overseas exchange projects, and cultivates technical and technical personnel with an international perspective and knowledge of international rules. Introduced the Australian agricultural vocational education course package, invited Dutch experts to school to exchange modern horticultural vocational education, participated in the Sino-British Higher Vocational Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course Reform and Construction Project, joined the Sino-German and Sino-Thai Vocational Education Alliance to try Chinese and foreign vocational education courses Co-construction, signed an international certification program for automotive courses with the University of Nottingham IMI. Conducted cultural exchange activities with the visiting delegation of teachers and students of the University of Conduce, Belgium and the University of Attari, Indonesia.

The teachers and students of Chongqing Three Gorges Vocational College are adhering to the school motto of “Honesty, diligence, high technology, professionalism, inheritance, and aspiration to innovation”. Under the correct leadership of the college ’s Party committee administration, they are vigorously strengthening the construction of connotations and continuously strengthening modern agriculture The characteristics of running a school, give play to the role of demonstration and leadership, cultivate high-quality technical and skilled personnel required for modern agriculture, and work tirelessly to build Chongqing’s forefront, industry-leading, and national first-class high-quality vocational college!


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