Chongqing Science and Technology Vocational College

Chongqing Science and Technology Vocational College


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Introduction to Chongqing Science and Technology Vocational College

Chongqing Science and Technology Vocational College (重庆科技职业学院, website) was established with the approval of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education to cultivate high-quality technical and technical talents in the fields of scientific and technological information innovation technology, mechanical engineering, economic management, high-end intelligent manufacturing, and the clothing industry. Full-time colleges and universities with national qualifications.

The college is located in the world-famous hometown of stone carvings-the Shuangqiao Economic Development Zone in Dazu. It is located on the foothills of the beautiful and beautiful Baiyue Mountain and the scenic Longshui Lake. The school covers an area of more than 600 acres and runs 8,000 people. The school upholds the concept of “innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing” to create a characteristic garden campus in the Southwest. The Shuangqiao Main Campus was put into use in August 2018. The campus environment is beautiful and pleasant, with civil aviation, high-speed rail, and highways extending in all directions. The school’s teaching and living functions are perfect, and it is a great place for students to cultivate moral skills and seek knowledge.

Chongqing Science and Technology Vocational College currently has 7 departments, including the School of Economics and Management, the School of Preschool Education, the School of Engineering, the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Intelligence, the School of Information, and the School of Art. Include 22 majors and create key majors such as big data, cloud computing, fashion design, early childhood development and health management. A computer center, a clothing design and craft production training center, a construction engineering technology training center, a mechanical and electrical training center, a computerized accounting training center, and a child development training center have been established. Along with the rapid development of national higher vocational education, in order to continuously meet the professional requirements for talent training in the country and society, the market and the economy, the college has built a “double-teacher quality” with noble morality, superb business, and innovative vitality. The teaching team also employs key technical personnel of enterprises as part-time training teachers for professional courses. Supported by the school-enterprise co-construction of fashion design and plate-making technology, scientific and technological information innovation and technical personnel training base, the college has established a comprehensive technical innovation and social service system, and has cooperated with many large and medium-sized enterprises. According to the employment needs of enterprises, graduates can be recruited with priority, and the talent training mode of combining production, teaching and research in a school with an enterprise, an enterprise with a school, and a school-enterprise integration is truly implemented.

Chongqing Science and Technology Vocational College adheres to the school philosophy of “practice is the last word”, adheres to the development path of “practical and pragmatic, connotative construction, and characteristic leadership”, and implements the school motto of “cultivation of morals and strong skills, forging new ideas”; Continuously deepen the reform of higher vocational education to serve local socio-economic development; devote itself to the characteristics and level of development; with a vigorous attitude and development vitality, build schools into the cradle of high-quality skilled personnel training in southwest China.


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