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Chongqing Real Estate College

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Introduction to Chongqing Real Estate College

Chongqing Real Estate College (重庆房地产职业学院, website) is a full-time higher vocational school approved by the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, registered by the Ministry of Education, and under the supervision of the Chongqing Education Commission.

The college was founded in 1984. It was formerly known as Chongqing Advanced Institute of Technology, founded by the Chongqing Association of Higher Education Senior Retired Workers. Organized by the company, and changed its name to Chongqing Real Estate Vocational College in 2008. The school is located in Chongqing University City, covering an area of 903 acres, with a building area of about 300,000 square meters and a library collection of more than 680,000 books. The campus interior corridor pavilion is shaded by trees, and the building has a grand atmosphere, forming a landscape feature of “one ring, two roads, three squares, four pavilions, and five corridors.”

Chongqing Real Estate College currently has 7 secondary colleges including the School of Civil Engineering, the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, the School of Artificial Intelligence, the School of Information Engineering, the School of Real Estate Business, the School of Management and the School of Art and Design. Ministry and College of Continuing Education. At present, there are more than 7,100 full-time students; 478 faculty members and 412 full-time teachers, including 270 masters and above, and 150 senior titles. Jiang Huancheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and other experts and scholars have been introduced as specially-appointed professors, and an academician expert workstation has been built.

The college focuses on building modernization, focuses on green building intelligence, new building industrialization, and construction industry informatization. It builds civil engineering (characterized by assembled building technology), equipment manufacturing (characterized by industrial robots), The five major professional clusters are information technology (characterized by BIM and VR technologies), modern service industry (characterized by Internet finance), and design arts characterized by environmental and cultural creativity. There are 34 majors such as architectural design.

Chongqing Real Estate College has first-class teaching and experimental training conditions. It has built civil engineering, fabricated buildings, industrial robots, virtual reality technology, built environment and energy saving, building equipment and intelligence, building information technology, art and design, economic management, and foundation There are 10 experimental training centers including experiments, and 145 experimental training rooms on campus.

The college actively promotes the reform of the talent training model, adheres to the talent training path of “school-enterprise cooperation, work-study integration”, vigorously promotes the integration of school positioning with industry development, the integration of training objectives and market demand, the integration of teaching staff and professionals, and teaching content The “five integrations” talent training model is integrated with professional requirements, theoretical practice and industry transformation and innovation. Vigorously promote quality education and innovation and entrepreneurship education, focus on cultivating students’ good professional ethics, skilled vocational skills, and scientific and innovative spirit, and the quality of talent training has improved significantly. The registration rate of freshmen and the employment rate of graduates have consistently ranked at the forefront of higher vocational colleges in Chongqing. .

Chongqing Real Estate College continues to deepen the integration of production and education, and cooperates with Yangdi Steel (Beijing) Fabricated Design and Research Institute, ZTE Education,, Alibaba, Huashu Robotics Group, and the American Word Viz Company (the movie “Avatar” provides technical support. Companies), Shenzhen Leader House Technology Co., Ltd. and more than 100 large enterprises have established production-study-research cooperation. The school vigorously promotes international cooperation and exchanges, and cooperates with the Saxony State Building Association, the Southampton Solent University in the UK, and the University of Debrecen in Hungary to implement schooling and joint training of academic qualifications or skills such as “2 + 2”.

After more than 30 years of development, Chongqing Real Estate College has been widely recognized in all aspects of its work. The school has developed into a backbone vocational college in Chongqing, a characteristic school for vocational education and moral education in Chongqing, a model school for governing schools in accordance with the law, a pilot school for constitutional construction of universities, a pilot school for intellectual property “implementation of standards”, and a pilot project for Chongqing informatization of education School, Chongqing Smart Campus Pilot School; the school has been identified as Chongqing University Creative Space, Chongqing Shapingba District Business Incubation Base, Chongqing’s Third Batch of University Student Startup Demonstration Bases, Chongqing Virtual Reality Application Training Center, Chongqing Virtual Reality Content production and somatosensory equipment research and development engineering technology research center (provincial and ministerial level center), etc .; was rated as Chongqing’s advanced unit of civilian-run education, 2016 Chongqing education industry statistical work outstanding results collective, the fifth Huang Yanpei vocational education outstanding school, Ping An Campus, etc .; won the third prize of Chongqing Municipality’s First Comprehensive Education Reform Pilot Achievement and the first prize of Chongqing’s teaching achievement.


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