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Introduction to Chongqing Institute of Engineering

The Chongqing Institute of Engineering (重庆工程学院, website) is a full-time general undergraduate university based on engineering that is mainly approved by the Ministry of Education. It features computers, software, and electronic information, and specializes in the coordinated development of economic management and humanities. The school adheres to the “school-enterprise cooperation, production-education integration” school running model, actively serves the national and regional economic and social development strategies, and focuses on the fundamental task of “building people with morality” in order to cultivate “good theoretical foundation, high comprehensive quality, and strong professional ability”. Students aim to cultivate a large number of computer science and technology, software engineering, Internet of Things engineering, network engineering, electronic information engineering, digital media art, game animation, environmental design and marketing, e-commerce, financial management, engineering High-quality application-oriented senior professionals in professional fields such as cost.

Chongqing Institute of Engineering is located in Chongqing, an important national central city, an important strategic fulcrum for the development of the western region, and the only municipality directly under the central government in the central and western regions. The school now has two campuses, with a beautiful campus environment and convenient transportation. Nanquan campus is located in Nanquan, the main cultural and scenic area of the main city, and Shuangqiao campus is located near Longshui Lake in Chongqing Shuangqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone. The campus covers an area of 763 acres, the building area of the school building is 306,000 square meters, and the library has 1.65 million books (including 690,000 electronic books). The school has a computer school, a software school, a school of big data and artificial intelligence, a school of electronic information, a school of digital art, a school of civil engineering, a school of management, a school of general education, an engineering training center and a college of continuing education. National enrollment, there are more than 15,000 full-time college students.

Chongqing Institute of Engineering currently has more than 820 full-time teachers, including 327 teachers with senior professional and technical positions (64 professors and 263 associate professors), accounting for 40.5% of the total full-time teachers; 615 full-time teachers with master’s degree or above (PhD 66 People, 549 masters), accounting for 76.1% of the total number of full-time teachers; more than 540 “double-teacher” teachers, accounting for 65.8% of the total number of full-time teachers. In addition, the school employs more than 100 front-line part-time internship trainers, 5 experts who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council, 1 national model teacher, and 1 provincial (municipal) academic and technical leader.

The Chongqing Institute of Engineering has modern teaching buildings, internship training buildings, innovation and entrepreneurship buildings, and university student service center buildings, standardized plastic track and field sports courts and basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts and other student teaching centers, as well as digitalization of all-fiber access Campus service system, etc. More than 30 public basic teaching laboratories including information technology, university physics, language teaching, etc .; 14 software, artificial intelligence and big data, computers, electronics and internet of things, art engineering, civil engineering, and business management Experimental (practical) teaching center with PLC technology, Internet of Things synthesis, FPGA technology, automotive electronics, network protocol analysis, cloud storage and virtualization, cross-professional business management, architectural BIM, engineering measurement and information processing, photography There are more than 60 professional experiment (training) rooms such as cameras, and a network comprehensive wiring laboratory, a building materials laboratory, and a network security laboratory are jointly established with the enterprise. The school has organized project-based, post-based, practical training and teaching activities for senior students. It has built project-based engineering training centers such as software engineering, electronic information engineering, Internet of things engineering, digital art engineering, and civil engineering engineering, and introduced Tencent Well-known companies, such as Alibaba Group and 360 Information Security Group, have settled in the school, and established a new secondary college of Chongqing general undergraduate colleges-Software and Artificial Intelligence College and Industry College to provide students with internship training conditions and employment services. The university also has a number of municipal-level scientific research bases. The “Chongqing University Engineering Research Center for the Intelligent Application of Financial Big Data” is a technological innovation platform for Chongqing’s intelligent field, and the “Chongqing Digital Film and Television and New Media Engineering Technology Research Center” is a municipal engineering technology. The research center, the “Chinese Cultural Animation R & D and Communication Center” is a municipal science popularization base, and the “Virtual Reality (VR) Applied Technology Research Team” is a municipal university innovation team, which provides strong support for the discipline and professional construction and scientific and technological development of our university. It has demonstrated the school running level and social service ability of our school.

The Chongqing Institute of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park is a governing unit of the Chongqing Incubator Association, a vice chairman unit of the Chongqing University Creative Space Alliance, a vice chairman unit of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance, a Chongqing university entrepreneurial demonstration base, and a Chongqing university student micro Enterprise entrepreneurship incubation park, Chongqing’s first batch of creative space; At the same time, it was identified as “Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Training Base” and “Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship College Teaching Base” by the Communist Youth League Central Committee and the Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League. Entrepreneurship and employment have established a better platform. In addition, the school focuses on Chongqing’s industrial layout and economic development strategy, and uses the professional advantages of software and electronic information disciplines to establish cooperation mechanisms with relevant government agencies, enterprises and institutions, and cooperate with Changshou Industrial Park, Xiantao Data Valley, Zunyi Software Park, and Yongchuan Robot. Industrial parks and other 10 large industrial parks and the enterprises in the parks establish the relationship between supply and demand of talents and joint training, and improve the economic capacity of the school’s service area (industry). In response to the training needs of various professional talents, the school has jointly established training bases and innovation centers with 360 Enterprise Security Group, Alibaba, Xushuo Technology, Zhejiang Zhongkeshichuan and other well-known enterprises to jointly train talents. Among them, the School of Computer, School of Software and 360 Enterprise Security Group jointly established a “Order Order for Security Operations Service Engineers” to jointly train talents in the field of information security; the School of Computer and Acer Computer (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. jointly established a cloud computing laboratory; Digital Arts The college and Zhejiang Zhongkeshichuan Technology Co., Ltd. jointly established a “industry-university-research joint research and development base” to train teachers, collaborate and educate people, and jointly build a talent training base for the VR industry based in Chongqing and nationwide; the School of Management and Alibaba Group jointly Establish a new retail talent training base to jointly train e-commerce talents.

The Chongqing Institute of Engineering revolves around the orientation of running a school and the training target of high-quality applied innovative talents, and has effectively improved students’ comprehensive and professional qualities through “promoting teaching through competition and promoting learning through competition.” In the past three years, the school has organized students to participate in university bio-network design competitions, Chinese college student computer design competitions, national college student mobile communication technology innovation competitions, national college digital art competitions, national college building information model application skills competitions, and Chinese “Internet +” college students National and provincial-level discipline competitions such as the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest and the Cross-border E-commerce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest for Chinese University Students won more than 600 awards, ranking among the top in similar institutions. In addition, the school actively carries out international educational exchanges and cooperation, and has established friendly relations and cooperation with universities in dozens of countries, such as the United States, Britain, and Australia, to improve the international level of discipline construction and talent training quality, and to provide students with an international development platform.

Chongqing Institute of Engineering’s beautiful campus environment, modern digital campus, unique production-education integration talent training model, and over-supply orders for employment each year attract thousands of students across the country to pursue further education in schools. As assessed by a third-party social organization, the one-time employment rate of graduates of the school has averaged over 95% in the past five years. Among them, a large number of outstanding graduates have been recruited by many Fortune 500 companies and well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and troops, and some graduates continue to Postgraduate studies, and some independent entrepreneurs have become outstanding entrepreneurs.

The Chongqing Institute of Engineering is solidly advancing the quality improvement plan for undergraduate education in the new era. It is taking the construction of new engineering as the starting point, seizing the historical opportunity of the country to vigorously develop intelligent technology and the electronic information industry. The goal of the level engineering university is striding forward.


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