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Chongqing Information Technology College


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Introduction to Chongqing Information Technology College

Chongqing Information Technology College (重庆信息技术职业学院, website) was founded in 1995. In 2001, Chongqing Information Technology Vocational College (Ministry of Education Code 12755) was formally established with the approval of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government and the filing of the Ministry of Education. The school is approved by the Ministry of Education as a national computer and software technology shortage talent training college, Chongqing Model Software College, Chongqing software talent training base, Chongqing laptop computer base talent training college, and Chongqing high-skilled talent training base. 2. Chongqing Aesthetic Education Experimental School.

Since its inception, the college has adhered to the service-oriented tenet, employment-oriented, and the school-running philosophy of combining production, learning, and research. Quality makes the school develop rapidly. The school currently has two campuses, Jinlong and Tiancheng, covering a total area of 726 acres, and has 390 faculty members, including 8 people with professors and other senior titles, and associate professors, senior engineers, senior technicians, and senior experimenters There are 60 people with professional titles and 96 people with doctoral and master degrees. The school has 8 secondary colleges including software college, electronic engineering college, film art college, college of economics and trade, health education college, applied technology college, continuing education college, international college, etc. It also offers electronic information, civil engineering, equipment manufacturing, 43 majors in 9 majors, 20 majors including finance and commerce, culture and arts, journalism, education and sports, public management and services, and tourism. There are nearly 10,000 students of all types in school.

Chongqing Information Technology College designs and develops professional courses based on the requirements and specifications of personnel training, and takes professional abilities as the guide. It explores professional basic courses, professional core courses, and professional internship practices that correspond to the general literacy of the industry, professional core abilities, and job skills. The application-oriented curriculum system of the curriculum, restructuring the construction of the curriculum system. The major of software technology is the municipal specialty, the three majors of computer network technology, computer information management, and business English are the majors of the municipal education reform pilot. The software technology teaching team is the municipal teaching team, and the JAVA course and the traditional cultural classics guide course are the municipalities. Level Excellent Course.

Chongqing Information Technology College innovates the ways and methods of school-enterprise cooperation. There are 5 production-type, simulation-type training bases and 58 training rooms in the school, including Kite Shadow Valley, rehabilitation center, film and television production center, car repair center, and IoT training center, and stable internship training outside school There are more than 230 bases; a “dual-subject” cooperative school running system has been formed in schools and enterprises, which fully meets the needs of practical teaching. The school also led the establishment of the Chongqing Internet Industry Vocational Education Group, using various social resources within the group, focusing on improving the quality of high-quality technical and technical personnel training and social service capabilities, and initially constructing a training level covering 3 + 2 secondary and higher vocational training The five-year one-system continuous training, three-year higher vocational training, vocational skills training, and other vocational education personnel training “overpass”, to promote the integration of student chains, industries, teachers, information, results transformation, employment and other cooperation chains. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has stabilized at more than 95%, and the quality of employment has steadily improved, and has been well received by employers and society.

Chongqing Information Technology College vigorously implements the innovation-driven development strategy. Invested huge sums of money to establish a “three giants innovation center” for college students, promoted the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education into curriculum teaching, scientific research training, and discipline competitions, and built a five-in-one innovation and entrepreneurship education system of “curriculum, training, practice, guarantee, and service.” In recent years, the quality of school personnel training has been steadily improved. Students have won 279 person-times in provincial and ministerial-level skills competitions and campus cultural and sports activities. They have won 4 national first prizes, 13 national second prizes, and national third prizes. There are 14 prizes; 24 first prizes in Chongqing, 26 second prizes in Chongqing, and 40 third prizes in Chongqing.

Chongqing Information Technology College advocates respect for the love of the heavens, loyalty, filial piety, and adheres to the school motto of “loyalty, professionalism, teamwork, responsibility, honor, and country”, and conducts in-depth education on students’ outlook on life, values, and moral cultivation to shape professionalism. The school has won the title of Chongqing Party Construction Demonstration Unit and Chongqing Student Education Management Advanced Unit.

Chongqing Information Technology College actively responds to the national “Belt and Road” development strategy and strengthens exchanges and cooperation. Has successively cooperated with more than 10 foreign universities such as California Baptist University, Box Hill University in Australia, University of the Philippines, Manuel University of the Philippines, University of Indonesia, Boren University of Thailand, College of Business Management of Pakistan, Kyungsung University of Korea and Alibaba. , Geely Group, Chang’an Leap, and more than a hundred well-known enterprises and educational institutions have established academic exchanges, teacher training, joint school running, student internship training and other cooperative relationships, and the school’s characteristics have become increasingly prominent.

At present, the college is taking the opportunity of the national vocational education reform, actively exploring “Internet + education”, continuously innovating the vocational education and talent training model, realizing in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, integrating production and education, further improving the quality of talent training, and striving to achieve a high level in China. The goal of high-quality vocational education institutions is moving forward.


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