Chongqing Industry and Trade Polytechnic

Chongqing Industry and Trade Polytechnic


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Introduction to Chongqing Industry and Trade Polytechnic

Chongqing Industry and Trade Polytechnic (重庆工贸职业技术学院, website) is a full-time general vocational school organized by the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government. Since its establishment in 1936, it has trained more than 70,000 technical and management personnel for the country. The college occupies an area of 278,500 square meters, the school building covers an area of 145 thousand square meters, fixed assets of 456 million yuan, a collection of 548,000 books, teaching and experimental equipment and equipment with a total value of 65.02 million yuan, 9 production training bases on campus, 151 Training room.

Chongqing Industry and Trade Polytechnic currently has 339 faculty members and 275 full-time teachers. 1 teacher, 70 masters, 12 professors, 106 associate professors, 173 dual-qualified teachers, 3 young and middle-aged backbone teachers in Chongqing universities, 4 members of the National Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee, and national technical product documents There is one member of the Standardization Technical Committee, two well-known teachers in Fuling District, and 25 top talents in science and technology in Fuling District. A group of part-time teachers with rich practical experience have also been hired.

The college has a department of mechanical and electrical engineering, a department of finance and trade, a department of biochemical engineering, a department of architectural engineering, a department of automobile and electronic engineering, a department of arts and cultural communication, an international teaching department, and offers mechatronics technology, accounting computerization, and pharmaceutical production technology. 38 majors, such as construction engineering technology, automobile inspection and maintenance technology, preschool education, etc., 4 training bases supported by the central finance, 2 vocational schools supported by the central finance, and 2 professional service industry development capacity improvement projects, Chongqing Education Reform Pilot Program 1 、 Chongqing Municipal Financial Support Higher Vocational Schools to Improve Professional Service Industry Development Ability Project 1 、 Chongqing Higher Vocational Colleges Professional Capability Construction (Backbone Major) 5 Projects, Chongqing Higher Vocational Colleges Application Technology Promotion Center 1 There are 4 municipal excellent courses (excellent video public courses) and 1 municipal teaching team. The college has more than 7,000 students, and the graduate employment rate is more than 95%.

Chongqing Industry and Trade Polytechnic cooperates with 134 companies to run schools, establishes a stable off-campus internship training base, and co-hosts “Chong’an Class”, “Jialing-Honda Class”, “Aokang Class”, “Fuling Mustard Class”, “Huafeng Chemical Class” Order training classes such as “Guanlan Lake Class”, “Youngor Class” and “Wangjiang Class”. The college is a training base for high-skilled talents in Chongqing. The first batch of dispatching units for Chongqing’s “Enterprise Special Commissioner-One Hundred Talents Plan Action”, Fuling District Rural Labor Transfer Training Base, Resettlement Training Base, Reemployment Training Institution, Vocational Skills Training Appraisal Base. , Carrying out vocational skills appraisal for 41 types of work.

Chongqing Industry and Trade Polytechnic is a demonstrative higher vocational college in Chongqing, a high-quality vocational college construction project construction unit in Chongqing, a “good” school for assessing the level of talent training in higher vocational colleges, a national safety and harmonious campus, and a national moral education management Advanced schools, national second-level units of archives management, Chongqing civilized units, Chongqing Municipality Demonstration School, Chongqing Ping’an Campus, Chongqing Municipality Standardization Model School, Chongqing Garden-style Units, Chongqing Vocational Education Advanced Collective, New China has established 60 years of vocational colleges in Chongqing with meritorious features.


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