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Introduction to Chifeng University

Chifeng University is a full-time undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education of China in 2003, with a history dating back to the Chifeng Normal School founded in 1957. The school is located in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, the birthplace of the famous “Red Mountain Culture”.

The university covers an area of 935 mu and has 18 party and governmental management institutions, 5 teaching and auxiliary institutions, 2 group institutions, 25 secondary colleges and 3 affiliated units (affiliated hospital, second affiliated hospital and affiliated high school). There are now 60 undergraduate majors, including 10 first-class undergraduate majors in the autonomous region and 7 first-class majors, covering 11 disciplines such as economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and art. The university is a master’s degree granting unit, and there are 9 master’s degree authorization points. There are 13,515 full-time students, including 12,408 undergraduates, 808 specialists, 153 postgraduates and 146 international students.

There are 1010 full-time teachers, 128 with senior titles, 414 with associate titles, 210 teachers with doctoral degrees, 504 teachers with master’s degrees, 213 “dual-teacher” teachers, 102 master’s degree instructors, 4 teachers receiving special allowances from the government of the State Council, 1 national outstanding teacher, and 1 regional excellent teacher. 1 national outstanding teacher, 6 candidates for the first and second levels of the “New Century 321” Talent Project, 1 Chinese Arts and Crafts Master, 1 Western Young Scholar, 6 candidates for the “Grassland Talent” project of the autonomous region, and 3 candidates for the “Grassland Talent” team of the autonomous region. There are 3 “Grassland Talent” teams, 7 teaching teams of autonomous regions, 11 teaching masters of autonomous regions, and 8 new teaching talents of autonomous regions.

The university has 1 national specialty construction site, 1 autonomous region comprehensive reform pilot specialty, 1 autonomous region key cultivation discipline, 2 autonomous region key construction majors, 9 autonomous region brand majors, 18 autonomous region quality courses, 2 autonomous region experimental teaching demonstration centers, 3 autonomous region key laboratories, and 7 autonomous region social science research bases. “Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, more than 4300 papers have been published, including 720 papers in Chinese core journals and 147 papers in international high-impact and high-quality journals, 831 scientific research projects with funding of more than 61 million yuan, more than 200 monographs, edited books and textbooks, more than 210 invention patents approved, and various outstanding achievements at all levels. In 2020, 10 new projects of National Social Science Foundation and Natural Science Foundation were established, with funding of more than 2.4 million yuan, 133 projects at provincial and municipal levels, with funding of more than 3.2 million yuan.

In 2011, as the first university to be evaluated in the new round of national qualified assessment of undergraduate teaching, the university successfully passed the assessment and was selected as a national database of advanced typical cases of universities using assessment to promote construction. In the same year, the university was approved as a pilot unit of bachelor’s degree-granting units to cultivate master’s degree postgraduates, which filled the gap of master’s degree postgraduates education in the autonomous region. In 2018, the university became a new master’s degree-granting unit. In 2019, the university successfully held the third party congress, which put forward the development strategy of “three steps” and made the strategic deployment of building Chifeng University and high-level applied university, drawing a beautiful blueprint for the future development of the university.


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