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Chengdu Industry and Trade College


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Introduction to Chengdu Industry and Trade College

Chengdu Industry and Trade College (成都工贸职业技术学院, website) is a full-time public vocational college hosted by the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and supervised by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education. Provincial-level high-quality vocational teacher training bases in Sichuan Province have successively won honors such as the Advanced Collective of the National Education System, the National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education, and the Outstanding Contribution Award for the Tenth National Skilled Talent Cultivation.

Chengdu Industry and Trade College is located in Hongguang Town, Badu District, Chengdu. It covers an area of about 507 acres and has a building area of 268,000 square meters. Created a national-level intelligent manufacturing production training base, a Sichuan province industrial robot virtual simulation training center, a communication laboratory (Chengdu Key Laboratory), an aviation precision parts innovation laboratory, a rail transit training center, and new energy vehicle technology laboratory. There are more than 50 “shop-based” and “platform-based” training venues, with a variety of sophisticated production equipment, valued at more than 100 million yuan. There are 7 teaching departments and 1 ideological and political education center including mechanical engineering, electrical and automation, information engineering, economic and trade management, rail transportation, railway engineering, automotive engineering, etc., and numerical control technology, industrial robot technology, Internet of things application technology, There are 23 majors such as new energy vehicle technology, urban rail transit signal technology, engineering measurement technology, and e-commerce. Among them, three are modern pilot apprenticeship programs of the Ministry of Education (NC technology, electrical automation technology, and e-commerce).

Chengdu Industry and Trade College currently has 4,072 full-time students, 107 teachers with titles of associate high school and above, 30 national coaches and referees, 3 outstanding contribution experts from Sichuan, 7 provincial and municipal masters, and won the provincial award. 7 outstanding teachers, May Day Labor Medal, Model Workers, etc. The college closely focuses on national strategies such as “Made in China 2025” and “Belt and Road”, and comprehensively connects Chengdu’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry, modern service industry, and serves Chengdu’s new economic development. Through the implementation of “education and teaching reform”, the professional-industry connection rate is achieved. Up to 100%. In recent years, college teachers and students have participated in various national and provincial competitions and won 17 first prizes and 21 second prizes.

Chengdu Industry and Trade College implements the “three completes” education with the five pillars of thought-led services, professional competence development, core quality enhancement, innovative practical education, and education management services. It has established an intelligent education platform, student development system, and learning “One platform and three systems” student growth system composed of workforce system and student activity system. The college vigorously promotes the style of “carefulness, diligence and diligence”, cultivates a campus culture of “selfless dedication, excellence, and the pursuit of excellence”, and forges the craftsmanship of “diligent study, master and apprentice inheritance.” Of the 502 “Chengdu artisans” recognized by Chengdu in 2019, 21 graduates from our college account for 39, and 39 corporate staff trained by our college.

Chengdu Industry and Trade College always adheres to the “school-enterprise cooperation and work-study integration” throughout the entire talent training process, attracts enterprises into campuses, integrates majors into the industry, establishes a school-enterprise dual-master sportsman mechanism, and cooperates with schools to foster high-quality technology Skilled people. Serving Chengdu’s intelligent manufacturing industry ecology, green intelligent networked automobile industry ecosystem, etc., established strategic cooperative relationships with 11 industrial parks in Chengdu, and initially realized seamless docking between higher vocational colleges and industrial parks. The affirmative instruction of the municipal party committee secretary Fan Ruiping. The college has built 11 order classes with companies such as Molex, Chengdu Metro, AVIC, FAW Toyota, etc. Since 2015, it has established metro order classes for 4 consecutive years, and has delivered more than 500 graduates to the metro company. The college has in-depth cooperation with Alibaba, Siemens, China Railway Group and other Fortune 500 companies, and jointly carried out more than 30 cooperation projects such as teaching material development, technology research and development, and laboratory construction.

Chengdu Industry and Trade College absorbs high-quality resources and vigorously implements open schools. In cooperation with the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce Economic Promotion Institute (WIFI), the “China-Austria Chengdu WIFI Vocational International Standard Training Center” and “China-Austria Chengdu WIFI Vocational International Standards Teacher Training Center” have been established. At present, there are more than 70 front-line employees in more than 30 companies. Obtained international vocational training qualification certificates recognized by the European Union, such as mechanical and electrical experts, CNC technology experts. The college and the Lincoln College in the UK have jointly established a Chinese-foreign cooperative education program for e-commerce. At present, 50 students have been recruited. In cooperation with the International Education and Training Center of the Second Railway Institute of China Railway, the School has organized a seminar for comprehensive transportation management officials in English-speaking African countries and a training course for national railway planning and construction management in the “Belt and Road” countries. There are a total of 80 rail transportation professionals from 3 continents and 13 countries Senior officials visit and study.

Chengdu Industry and Trade College has cooperated with the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Affairs, the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, the Municipal Communications Commission, Sichuan Tobacco Company, and 29 China Electronics Technology Group to develop special operations, assessors, Many training programs in high-tech computers, SYB entrepreneurship, road transportation and other fields have cultivated a large number of highly qualified technical and technical personnel in the fields of electronic information, equipment manufacturing, and modern logistics for the development of local industrial economy. Hosted more than 50 competitions at various levels including the 45th World Skills Contest Gold Medal Players’ Report, the 3rd China Youth Skills Camp, World Skills Contest National Trials, covering more than 10 types of work and serving more than 10,000 participants Player. The college took the initiative to assume the social responsibility for poverty alleviation, combined with the actual situation of poverty alleviation points, and implemented accurate measures to vigorously carry out education poverty alleviation, skills training, industrial assistance, etc., and successively invested nearly five million yuan. The Sichuan Provincial Party Committee named it “Five Ones” in the province to help the poor to overcome poverty.

In the new era, Chengdu Industry and Trade College adheres to Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guide, actively implements the “National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan”, comprehensively connects Chengdu’s “5 + 5 + 1” modern industrial system, and vigorously builds Intelligent manufacturing, rail transportation, automotive Internet +, modern service industry, four major professional groups, adhere to the virtues of people, integration of production and education, and strive to build a distinctive school characteristics, high social satisfaction, leading mid-western modern higher vocational college.


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