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Introduction to Chengde Medical College

Chengde Medical College (承德医学院, website) is a full-time undergraduate medical college under the leadership of the People’s Government of Hebei Province.

Chengde Medical College was founded in September 1945. It was then called the Jidong Military Region Health School. It was renamed as the Fourth Branch of China Medical University, Rehe Medical College, and Chengde Medical College. It was named Chengde with the approval of the Ministry of Education in 1982. Medical school. It moved into the new campus in 2006 as a whole.

Chengde Medical College currently has 9,853 full-time students, including 7,449 undergraduates, 1067 college students, 827 graduate students, and 240 foreign students. Since its establishment 73 years ago, the school has always taken root and served the society, and has trained more than 40,000 graduates, and has made positive contributions to the development of medical and health undertakings in South-Asian and African countries along the “Belt and Road” in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and surrounding areas. .

Chengde Medical College has 12 undergraduate majors and 4 specialized majors; 2 existing national specialty specialty construction sites, 1 professional comprehensive reform pilot, and 2 outstanding pilot (traditional Chinese medicine) education training plan reform pilot projects; there are Hebei Province 2 undergraduate education innovation highlands, 2 brand specialty majors, 3 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilots, 9 provincial quality courses, 1 quality resource sharing course, 2 quality online open courses, and provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers , One provincial excellent teaching team, and one provincial college students’ off-school practical education base. There are 3 first-level disciplines authorized by master’s academic degrees, covering 24 second-level disciplines; 5 first-level disciplines authorized by master’s degree, covering 32 professional fields. There are 8 provincial key (development) disciplines, 4 provincial key medical (development) disciplines, 1 national key TCM specialty, and 17 provincial clinical key specialty construction (cultivation) units.

Chengde Medical College has 1 Hebei Key Laboratory of Chinese Medicine Research and Development, 1 Hebei University Applied Technology R & D Center, and 1 Hebei Key Laboratory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since 2013, it has been approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and other 14 national level projects and 99 provincial (ministerial) level projects, and has secured 14.463 million yuan for vertical research funding; 18 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards; and 2,917 academic papers, of which The three indexes include 116 articles and 1,466 Chinese core periodicals. The editor-in-chief compiles 67 national planning textbooks and 19 provincial and ministerial level planning textbooks.

Chengde Medical College currently has 2,274 faculty members (including the directly affiliated hospitals), including 1,917 professional and technical personnel, 205 senior professional titles, 439 associate senior professional titles, and 1,362 doctoral and master staff. There are more than 70 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council, national outstanding teachers, outstanding contribution experts from Hebei Province, provincial teaching teachers, provincial youth subject leaders, special experts from the 100 Talents Program, provincial “Three Three Three” talent project and middle and young key teachers. There are 704 master supervisors and 5 doctoral supervisors.

Chengde Medical College covers an area of 7.662 million square meters, with a building area of 189,700 square meters. The total value of fixed assets is 771 million yuan, of which 206 million yuan are teaching and scientific research equipment. The library has 793,500 printed books in Chinese and foreign languages, 696 titles of Chinese and foreign periodicals, 1.6 million electronic books, 11 databases including China Knowledge Network and Wanfang Database. There are 1 directly affiliated hospital, 23 non-affiliated hospitals, 15 teaching hospitals, and more than 40,000 teaching beds. The affiliated hospital of Chengde Medical College has a construction area of 250,000 square meters, total assets of 1.8 billion yuan, total value of equipment and equipment of 480 million yuan, and 2,400 open beds. It is a medical, teaching, scientific research, health, and rehabilitation center in the region.

Chengde Medical College has established friendly exchanges and cooperation with more than 10 foreign universities, such as the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, and more than 10 well-known domestic universities and medical institutions. Good results. The school employs 28 well-known scholars at home and abroad as visiting professors, of which 5 Chinese and foreign academicians are special professors, and Professor Hans Hultborn of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Norwegian Academy of Sciences, won the Chinese Government Friendship Award. The “Academician Workstation of Chengde Medical College” was established in July 2013, which promoted the rapid development of the school’s scientific research work.

Chengde Medical College has established long-term scientific and technological promotion and collaborative relationships with a number of enterprises and units to promote the latest scientific and technological achievements. The Hebei University ’s major technical innovation special project “Demonstration Research on the Construction of Hebei Province ’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry System” has achieved direct social benefits. 450 million yuan. In July 2014, he took the lead in establishing a “Hebei Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance” with 39 companies, universities and research institutes. As the president unit of Hebei University Red Ribbon Association, the school has formed a unique “OTT” model in guiding medical students to participate in the practice of AIDS prevention and education, and the audience of AIDS education has reached 248,000. Each year, the school dispatched a village working group to the rural areas of Kuancheng, Fengning, and Luping County to carry out docking assistance work, and actively provided scientific and technological and intellectual support to help the village. The affiliated hospital had 1,400,600 outpatient visits, 71,200 discharged patients, and 21,600 operations during the 2017 affiliated hospital. It insisted on organizing citizen health schools, running programs on radio stations and newspapers to provide health promotion and education, and conducting voluntary services and free clinic activities in communities. The service scope covers northern Hebei, western Liaoning, and southern Inner Mongolia.

Chengde Medical College has been awarded the title of “Provincial Civilized Unit” 10 times; it has been awarded the “Top Ten Units” for campus culture construction in Hebei Province, “Civilized Courtyard” in Hebei Province, and “Civilized Campus” in Hebei Province; the party committee of the school has been awarded The advanced collective of party building work in universities in Hebei Province “; the school won the title of” National Civilized Unit “in 2015, and in 2017 won the title of” National Civilized Unit “after review and review after the first” Civilized Campus “in Hebei Province. The Youth League Committee was named “National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee”; college students’ social practice was commended 6 times by the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Education and the Youth League Central Committee; the Basic Medical College was awarded the “National Advanced Collective of the Education System”; The National March Eight Red Flag Collective “; the affiliated hospital was rated as” National Advanced Unit of Health System “,” National Advanced Unit of Ideological and Political Work of Health System “and” National Civilized Unit “.


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