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Introduction to Chaohu University

Chaohu University (巢湖学院, website) is a full-time undergraduate university in Anhui Province. Founded in 1977, it was formerly known as Chaohu Teachers College. In April 2002, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was upgraded to an undergraduate college and has a more current name. In June 2013, it successfully passed the qualification assessment of undergraduate teaching by the Ministry of Education. In December 2018, the school was reviewed and evaluated by the Ministry of Education for undergraduate teaching.

Chaohu University is located in the scenic national tourism resort area-Chaohu Bantang Hot Spring Resort in Hefei. It covers an area of 1324.5 mu and a total construction area of 330,000 square meters. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 177 million yuan. The total number of books and literature resources is 3,327,700, of which more than 1,411,100 are printed papers. There are 13 second-level colleges and 53 undergraduate majors, which belong to 9 colleges of economics, law, teaching, literature, history, science, engineering, management, and art. There are 1 national specialty specialty construction site, 8 provincial specialty specialty construction sites, 6 provincial specialty comprehensive reform pilots, 6 provincial demonstration experiment training centers, and 4 provincial outstanding talent education training programs. There are 16,617 full-time students.

Chaohu University currently has 890 faculty members, including 251 with a deputy senior title or above and 748 with a master’s degree or above; 1 Wanjiang Scholars Distinguished Professor, 4 provincial academic and technical leaders and reserve candidates, and a provincial high-level teaching team 8 teachers, 11 provincial-level teaching teachers, 19 new talents in provincial teaching. In the past three years, teachers have undertaken more than 40 provincial and ministerial teaching and research projects, 153 vertical scientific research projects, published more than 1,000 academic papers, published 22 monographs, edited and translated books, and won nearly 20 provincial teaching achievement awards. Obtained 759 national patents, including 44 invention patents. In recent years, he has won more than 30 city-level or higher-level scientific research awards such as the National University Humanities and Social Science Research Outstanding Achievement Award, Anhui Social Science Award, and Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award. More than 30 works have been selected by the Ministry of Culture and the China Artists Association. Art works exhibition, more than 10 works won art awards issued by China Federation of Literature, China Book Association and so on.

At Chaohu University in recent years, students have been awarded 599 provincial-level and above innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, and won 2,532 prizes at various provincial and ministerial level competitions, including the “Siemens Cup” China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge, the National College Student Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, It won first prizes in major events such as the National Information Technology Application Level Contest, the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” National Management Decision Contest, the National College Aesthetic Education Achievement Exhibition, and the National College Student Beach Volleyball Elite Competition. The initial employment rate of fresh graduates has remained above 90%, and employers have higher satisfaction. Two students have been listed in the People’s Daily’s “National Scholarship Winning Student Representative List”.

As a local applied undergraduate college, Chaohu University takes the responsibility to serve regional economic and social development, seeks support with services, and promotes development with contributions. Actively make use of the location advantages to create a highland economic and cultural research area around the Chaohu Lake, set up a key research base of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Anhui Province, the “Round Chaohu Culture and Economic and Social Development Research Center”, and the Provincial Department of Education ’s key engineering research center “Industrial Ceramics Preparation and Application” “Engineering Technology Research Center”, “Water Environment Research Center” and 21 university-level scientific research institutions. Integrate the talent team and carry out special research around the historical and cultural and tourism industries, ecological environment and ecological civilization, creative culture and economic development in the Chaohu Lake area. In recent years, 106 national, provincial, and city-level projects have been approved and made public. He has published 240 related papers and 10 related monographs, including one each in the second prize of the Anhui Social Science Award in 2018 and the second prize of the National Outstanding Ancient Books Award in 2011. At the same time, it will take advantage of scientific research and take the initiative to connect with local government enterprises in policy consultation, cultural heritage excavation and arrangement, tourism route development, water environment management, product design, and personnel training, and provide intellectual support to improve the ability to serve society.

Chaohu University has maintained stable and long-term cooperative relations with more than 100 enterprises and institutions such as Huawei, HKUST Xunfei, Whirlpool (China), Anhui Fuhuang, Wanwei Group, Anhui Huaxing Chemical, Chaohu People’s Court, and so on. There are currently one national school-enterprise cooperative practical education base and five provincial bases.

Chaohu University relies on the “Understanding Alliance” of applied undergraduate universities in Anhui Province, and continuously deepens inter-school cooperation to realize credit recognition and resource sharing. Actively promote international exchanges and cooperation, establish cooperative relations with 15 universities in South Korea, the United States, Ireland and other countries and Taiwan, carry out visual communication design undergraduate education 2 + 2 cooperation project with Hanray University in South Korea, and start with Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland Hospitality Management Undergraduate Education 3 + 1 Cooperation Project.

In 2009, Chaohu University was the first to win the title of “National Civilized Unit” among universities in Anhui Province. In recent years, it has successively won the titles of “National Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization Construction”, “Advanced Party Building and Ideological and Political Work University”, “Garden-style School”, “Civilized Unit”, “Civilized Unit Model” and “Advanced Health Unit” in Anhui Province. It has been continuously rated as an advanced collective and pacesetter for graduate employment in ordinary colleges and universities in Anhui Province. In 2014, he was appraised as a model university of innovation and entrepreneurship education for university students in Anhui province. In 2014-2018, he was awarded 4 times as a national outstanding unit for social practice activities of the “Three Going to the Countryside” summer volunteers for national college and technical secondary school students and an excellent unit for the “Three Going to the Countryside” activities in the national lens industry. In 2016, he was awarded the advanced unit of student funding in Anhui Province. In 2018, it was appraised as the first batch of “easy classes” in China to cooperate with today ’s campus platform to build pilot universities, the province ’s first batch of “three comprehensive education” comprehensive reform pilot universities, and the province ’s online ideological and political work pilot construction universities.


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